Prepositions after "infuse"

"infuse with" or "infuse into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases infuse with is used

It's fresh, it's diverse, it's infused with both tradition and progression.

These guys are playing cinematic music infused with just the right touch of rock.

Infused with 24 karat gold, this body bronzer gives you that million dollar look youve always craved for.

Tonight I'll be cooking spaghetti bolognaise and a rocket salad - infused with society garlic, of course.

We all enjoyed the lively, productive and honest conversation infused with lots of laughter and positive energy.

Working with a group of colleagues can be fun, as teams become infused with camaraderie and a shared sense of mission.

A host of conditions, qualifications and cross-considerations are infused with the diverse realities of individual lives.

The dish wasn't infused with a rich crab flavour, it didn't incorporate the crucial crab roe and the largest transgression.

Hold your arms above your head and bathe, allow yourself to be infused with all of the loving light being offered to you now.

In 16% of cases infuse into is used

Louie Tabing has continued his contributions with the same passion infused into Tambuli.

Set the fish to marinate for about an hour which will allow the flavours to infuse into the fish.

The novel feelings seemed bright and vivid - he felt as if a younger health had been infused into his frame.

When the OHM frequency is intoned by the initiate the higher vibrations are infused into their body at this frequency.

Even domesticated animals that are slaughtered for human consumption taste differently if they are allowed to roam in large fields with weeds infused into the grass.

The thing was I guess, after being under a Conservative government for the best part of eighteen years no wonder Britain was happy to have the Spice Girls infused into their lives.

In 4% of cases infuse for is used

Snakes, including cobras, are placed in rice wine, sometimes with smaller snakes and/or black scorpions and left to infuse for months.

The process does not require special equipment, and the usual dose is small (eg 400 mg per kilogram per day infused for five successive days).

Simply add one teaspoon of the dried herb or two teaspoons of the fresh herb to one cup of boiling water, infuse for 15 minutes, strain and sip.

In 2% of cases infuse by is used

The rest of the night is a blur infused by champagne and high fives and I'd feeling it today.

In 1% of cases infuse on is used

She also had anti-sickness fluids infused on the chemo day.

In 1% of cases infuse throughout is used

One can not live in a constant state of alertness, and so the chaos one feels becomes infused throughout the body.

In 1% of cases infuse to is used

Asserting that artworks are commodities in themselves, he believes his works to be mass-produced, consumerist objects with aesthetic and ideological values infused to their economic value.

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