Prepositions after "inform"

"inform of", "inform about" or "inform by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases inform of is used

Lo! Allah is Informed of what ye do.

She is informed of all of her options.

His family have been informed of his death.

Third party distributors will also be informed of the requirement to add the erratum.

Yazid was informed of their arrival and he fixed a date for their entry into the city.

You will be informed of the outcome of the Council's investigation into your complaint.

Board members were kept informed of events throughout the colony by honorary correspondents and regional committees.

You will be kept informed of our work in the field and the UK and be given priority to forthcoming, organised events.

In 25% of cases inform by is used

Muslim who was informed by Sa'id b.

I'd informed by my creatives as much as they are by me.

Their sound is informed by jazz, latin and R &; B music.

When I was informed by my caretaker I immediately went to the land the following day.

Conservatives generally believe that history evolves with and is informed by morality.

However, it must reflect and be informed by our unchanging values and long-term perspective.

This is rock music informed by the improvisational spirit of jazz and allied with the grandiosity of the classics.

Not very famous among the people here, it still attracts a considerable number of people going there informed by locals.

Though both sides pretend to be informed by ' science ' and ' facts ' both are actually informed primarily by prejudice.

In 22% of cases inform about is used

You will inform about everything I do.

Therefore you have to be informed about it.

He keeps the Dean informed about everything.

And you are also likely to be well informed about delicacies from different lands.

The public needs to be informed about the arts in order to watch and appreciate dance.

Make sure that the staff are informed about the little things that matter to your child.

Alvira is curious on what Gary is talking about and Mamang called her informing about what happened to Amante.

They will be more understanding about missed orders or late payments if they are fully informed about what happened.

The participants were not informed about the length of the counting phase nor about the quality of their performance.

Finally, we need to ensure that our own citizens are well informed about the benefits and challenges of the oil sands.

In 7% of cases inform on is used

Ryan was actually informed on Tuesday night, not Wednesday.

Will my parents be informed on my academic progress? StudyUA.

This is helping us to keep the patient informed on real time basis.

The point is, it's not me that loses out when I don't get informed on these activities.

Many of them were ill informed on policy issues, and what has happened over the last 14 years.

Visitors will have the opportunity to get informed on the projects, through posters and small summaries.

The Prime Minister was well informed on the situation in Somalia and he discussed those developments with the delegation.

The amusing thing was the crowd of parents that had collected to witness the event despite being informed on such a short notice.

I find that most of my friends, educated people in their 50 's, and interested in public affairs, are not well informed on climate change.

Please read this data sheet so that you will be fully informed on the reasons why the WSF has taken this major step forward in eye safety.

In 3% of cases inform in is used

The hospital administration had been informed in time.

SSA Boukary Abdoul Nasser, Niger - April 30, 2011 I would have like to be informed in time.

Children and parents shall have the right to be informed in a manner appropriate to age and understanding.

Using this between subdomains are allowed as the Google Engineer mattcutts informed in one of his video tutorial.

You and/or your authorised representative will be informed in writing of the outcome of your request for intervention.

As this knowledge increases, more ethical issues will arise, and it is the responsibility of all to be well informed in the end goal of improving health.

The general public were not informed in any coherent way about what the break up and sell of of the English national universal health service meant for quality and access.

Even in those days we were so well informed in our very own town about the IT activities like it was in the IT hub (of those days) of India Bombay (Now Mumbai) and New Delhi.

In 1% of cases inform against is used

Discharge of person informed against 119.

If you land this Sramana, when I get to the land of Han, I will go to the king, and inform against you.

In 1% of cases inform as is used

Keep writing and please inform as to where to follow your articles.

Cheryl the tour director kept everyone informed as to what time we were going places and everyone responded by never being late making it so much easier for everyone.

In 1% of cases inform at is used

Admiral Hart was informed at about 3.

The families of the two babies were informed at the time of this infection.

In 1% of cases inform before is used

Looking back, I really wish I would have been better informed before getting my tetanus shot.

Obviously, it's important to be informed before making demands, which might turn out to be unreasonable and cause friction with your employer before you've even started.

In 1% of cases inform from is used

I stay informed from a variety of internet sources, radio, or going there and seeing for myself what is going on.

Countless of shoots have been informed from Palatinus's work, and some have actually completely copied his style (giving him credit, of course).

In 1% of cases inform regarding is used

Should any one fail to do so, the Medical Council should be informed regarding profesional conduct and fitness to practice.

In 1% of cases inform to is used

Khushi says, they informed to police.

As per some news reports the accused have also made advances earlier on Sharmila which was duly informed to the police but no action was taken.

In 1% of cases inform with is used

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