Prepositions after "influential"

influential in, on, of, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases influential in is used

France is also very influential in the EU.

We are very influential in the Republican Party.

This was very influential in many areas of life, e.

Emigration, too, is influential in the modification of situations, as Mohammad p.

Using a newer kernel would certainly be influential in a performance increase and.

The younger Manama Dialogue is becomingly similarly influential in the Middle East.

Doing this leaves me with just three people -- none of whom are very obviously influential in the area of cats.

Wamala said Mutyaba was also influential in the preaching the word of God, which led many to love their religion.

He became quite influential in the East and wrote an enormous corpus of more than 100 works in Arabic and Persian.

In 10% of cases influential on is used

He is influential on this prakriti.

It has been very influential on climate.

Immensely influential on my own attempts.

Oil and gas prices are so influential on our national economy and families budgets.

This finding was highly influential on policy on vitamin A supplementation globally.

The foodies are evolving into a force as influential on policy as environmentalists.

I'd going to stick my neck out here &; suggest that this is likely to be very influential on younger musicians.

We now know that his ideas were profoundly influential on the development of art music in the late 20th Century.

I cant think of a manager in the history of sport who is more influential on his club and its teams performance.

This she regards as having been highly influential on her and her own path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

In 6% of cases influential of is used

The most influential of his followers was A.

Hope is one of the most influential of all emotions.

One of the most influential of these adherents was G.

Edward Thomas was perhaps the most beguiling and influential of First World War poets.

Perhaps the best known and influential of the early efforts were the classes run by R.

The Oba of Benin is one of the most influential of modern Nigeria's traditional rulers.

Book Description Publication Date: January 26, 2011 Economics is today among the most influential of all professions.

Parker, with Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, is largely considered one of the most influential of jazz musicians.

This was not James, version and, in the 1830s James Mill was the most widely read and influential of the Utilitarians.

In 5% of cases influential to is used

There are a number of influential tools out ther; i.

Even the limited Beckham was more influential to Man Utd.

That was very influential to me, because I was very insecure.

Vreeland was epic; a powerful creative mind which remains influential to this day.

Also, the two dogs from The Incredible Journey were pretty influential to 7 y/o me.

What the people from Jozi are wearing and want to wear is hugely influential to me.

It is a phenomenon that is current, valid and influential to the shaping and subsequent creation of our futures.

Misia remained influential to the end, but there was steadily less to influence -- the great days did not return.

They just aren't as popular as the Law of Attraction but they are just as important and influential to your life.

Print media, which many predicts to be on the brink of death, is still influential to about 40% of the population.

In 3% of cases influential for is used

And that can be equally influential for me.

I think Pat has been most influential for the club.

And it's massively influential for buying decisions.

Hell, the woman's far too influential for me to let that opportunity pass me by.

AI was unstuck again! And, in fact, Pengi was highly influential for a few years.

And what a great story it is -- hugely influential for me and so many other readers.

That high-school English class was much more influential for me than working on any publication, which I didn't do.

Around 1804 Laplace seems to have developed an approach to physics which would be highly influential for some years.

In providing this succinct summary of the foundations of ttradition, Andrewes was influential for all of Anglicanism.

These letterforms have been influential for centuries, but this was the first design to directly emulate the carvings.

In 2% of cases influential among is used

The most influential among three Ryabushinsky brothers.

Possibly, this accounts for Maslow being viewed as less influential among therapists.

However the quotation has been very influential among some Muslims, particularly Sufis.

He suggested that the educated and influential among the blacks should lift up the remaining blacks.

Democratic members of the Ways and Means Committee are therefore doubly influential among their peers.

It's things like how sociable they are, or how energetic or knowledgeable or influential among their peers.

Sokolsky is now the best known of the three, though he was probably the least influential among them at the time.

Influencers represent Canadians who consume a lot of news and are influential among their peers, family, and friends.

It never made the law books here, but was certainly influential among the intellectual classes of both right and left.

The magazine is influential among Chinese policymakers and under the aegis of the National Development and Reform Commission.

In 2% of cases influential as is used

I'd not saying, he himself was influential as a leader.

It was made by a man who was similarly influential as a director.

She heads our list because she is influential as well as popular.

Cardiff grew rich, prosperous and influential as the middleman in all of this trade.

And that made it especially influential as a model for how American English should be written.

He has since become increasingly influential as an essayist, short story writer, blogger and novelist.

He may not be as talented or influential as the Catalan, but he has shown he can be as important as his compatriot.

It was so influential as a political model that it was exported to the US and found its zenith in the Democratic Party.

Classical Latin, then, remained hugely influential as a standard for the language down to the medieval period and beyond.

Arsene Wenger has since played Coquelin, Jenkinson, Koscielny and Yennaris at right-back, but no one has been as influential as the dreadlocked Frenchman.

In 2% of cases influential at is used

But his suggestions will be influential at any rate.

Comment navigation Akmal is quite influential at PCB.

They, we believe, will also be influential at the national political arena.

His views were shared by the dvots who were becoming more and more influential at court.

It remains that older/richer/better educated people are most influential at the ballot box.

Sandel's legendary ' Justice ' course is one of the most popular and influential at Harvard.

Among these artists were women, African Americans, and the Mexican muralists who were so influential at the time.

If young Bryan was exemplary on the left side of defence, Taylor was just as influential at the other end of the pitch.

I would love it if YESH! can pull a PSH, but PYC fans are prolly a lot more influential at this point, so I am only hoping.

In 2% of cases influential with is used

She is highly influential with the ear of nearly all Americans.

But I just think he's influential with the same core group of people.

Unless you are influential with money backing it up, you have no say.

His power derives from his newspaper, which is influential with the sans culottes.

Many forms of American-born Dance music were extremely influential with British bands.

Brash and Banks are highly influential with a lot of very powerful political connections.

Though not as influential with the ball as Shakib, Marlon Samuels is as effective, if not more, with the bat.

I just hope she can be more influential with her current beliefs as she was with her previously held convictions.

Being influential with your mom and high school friends really doesn't mean anything in the big scheme of things.

In 1% of cases influential about is used

For example, Klout tells me that I am influential about football, gym, steak, rugby and burritos (amongst other things).

I may be influential about the gym, but of my followers, I know for a fact that only a small proportion are interested in this.

In addition, they make 42% of the agricultural production decisions and are most influential about seed selection and fertilizer use.

People Who Know: Beyond friends, Bing can help you find people who are influential about the topic you're searching, based on what they've publically blogged or tweeted about.

Mandy also started a bit early, you can find her first scary read review here (it's one I've decided to skip, based on her review -- she's totally influential about what I read).

In 1% of cases influential during is used

Just look at the Tea Party movement that was so influential during the 2010 midterms.

Preston, Margaret (1875 -- 1963) An Australian artist influential during the 1920s -- 1940s.

Just as influential during the 90s in Hamburg was Mojo Club which opened in 1989 on the Reeperbahn.

The Jewish socialist tendencies that suggested a bi-national state were quite influential during the 1940s.

The Ballets Russes of Sergei Diaghilev and its successors were particularly influential during this period.

This is not disimilar to how Bill Clinton's Democratic Leadership Council became influential during his administration.

The group was especially influential during the rocksteady era in the 60s, and it reunited in the 1990s during a ska and rocksteady revival.

MISS Juan Sebastian Veron The Argentine midfielder was influential during his time in Italy at first Sampdoria, then Parma and Lazio (as well as Inter in a later loan spell).

Musically was there someone quite influential during your youth? When you're growing up, playing music in itself is incredibly inspiring, and your influences change pretty much hourly.

City are scoring less and conceding more than they did last season and are yet to see the best of David Silva or Sergio Aguero, both of whom were so influential during last season's triumph.

In 1% of cases influential over is used

Therefore his views were very influential over much of Europe for over 30 years.

Geach (1980 ), but Unger's presentation has been the most influential over recent years.

Instead, User Behaviour seems to be mroe influential over the past year than it was before.

The 24-year-old Argentine has grown increasingly influential over the last couple of seasons.

The ESREA Life History and Biography Network The network has been active and influential over many years.

Now to say that he has become so influential over the WB that he can dictate its policy is difficult to swallow.

Wealthy and influential over almost all aspects of town life, he is creepy, intimidating and definitely not to be trusted.

Besides being a man of great integrity, Peter Sauber has been quite influential over the years even if people don't realise it.

One clear memory for the bishop today is the personalities who came to the fore during the Council and would prove influential over the years.

In 1% of cases influential throughout is used

CNN is very powerful and influential throughout the world.

Buddhism in particular became very influential throughout much of India and Asia.

Second, it furnishes him with a reading of Christianity that proves to be influential throughout his later work.

Heavily influential throughout Kenya's history, the Kikuyu were instrumental in leading the fight for independence.

The High Court of Australia is a well-respected superior court -- its precedent will be influential throughout the world.

Meritocracy was influential throughout subsequent history, though subsequent thinkers rarely defended a pure form of political meritocracy.

This idea remained influential throughout Europe right up to the 17th century, and is a feature of ancient medical advice in both the Eastern and Western schools of thought.

But climate skeptics testifying before Congress isn't something new -- the Gingrich Republicans wheeled them in back in 1995! And they were influential throughout the George W.

Who has been the most influential person in helping you develop as a baseball player throughout your career? I have had a couple people that have been very influential throughout my career.

In 1% of cases influential within is used

He was very influential within the early days of America.

The NUM are hugely influential within COSATU and the ANC for historical reasons.

His books have been quite influential within the spectrum of realistic leadership.

Only 29 per cent of voters said they consider Britain to be influential within the EU.

Greek ideas and ways of thinking were known and often influential within Palestinian Judaism.

While the Levellers were influential within the Army, not all their concerns or opinions were shared.

There are some left groups influential within the COB today who might claim that it does lead the movement.

I was sitting at the back with the vice chair of a disability group which is very influential within Oxfordshire.

Influential within academic psychology, Bandura's work has been the basis from which social learning theory has evolved.

While panchayats are influential within their communities, they don't have the legal power to pass or enforce such orders.

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