Prepositions after "infinite"

infinite in, of, by, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases infinite in is used

It's infinite in every direction.

The souls are infinite in number.

Particulars are infinite in number.

Aquinas then considers the possibility that a creature can be infinite in magnitude.

If, on the other hand, the worlds are infinite in number the view is more plausible.

For were these shapes quite infinite, some seeds Would have a body of infinite increase.

How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty and yet to me what is this? Being nature's livery, or fortune's star.

There is no end to the universe though it is not infinite in size as far as we know -- or it couldn't be expanding.

So, if you had a small enough map wheel to trace all the crinkles -- the string could indeed be infinite in length.

Another example of an image that defies full description is a fractal, which, by definition, is infinite in detail.

In 6% of cases infinite of is used

That was the infinite of the muscles.

Brook gazed away at the infinite of space.

Here we shall have the Infinite of thought.

The sea had leeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite of his soul.

It is also called ' unshakable deliverance of mind ' akuppa further ' Infinite of m '.

That way, you would have an infinite of marbles, but I would have only three marbles left.

Infinite of infinite; oh, sweet animating infinite; activate healing ONENESS life with a trill of forgiveness energy within.

Think beyond the purely visual, auditory, sensory matrix of the filmmaker and into the infinite of meaning, conveyance and impact.

But sometimes I wonder if our world is the result of all probalities and improbabilities into the infinite of infinity or something like that.

Continue Reading You must have noticed that there are probably infinite of fonts on the internet but to find high-quality fonts in the search engines -- a headache.

In 4% of cases infinite by is used

The argument really tries to reach the infinite by merely negating the finite.

If so, no movement can be caused in the infinite by any finite agent in any time whatever.

However, once you apply a value to it, it becomes infinite by any means, therefore becoming infinity.

The first three spatial dimensions are topologically flat, scalarly linear and infinite by definition.

A potential infinite can not be turned into an actual infinite by any amount of successive addition; they are conceptually distinct.

This illustrates the fact that the formation of an actual infinite by successive addition is equally impossible whether one proceeds to or from infinity.

The reason he gives for the failure of the argument lays bare its illegitimate logic: The argument really tries to reach the infinite by merely negating the finite.

It's possible to determine if the Universe is infinite by testing if space-time is curved over a huge distance, but according to all our tests we can't detect any curvature.

Two philosophical proofs, (1) from the impossibilty of an acutal infinite, and (2) from the impossibilty of reaching an actual infinite by a series of equal successions, rule this out.

And, again, the infinite god is portrayed as he who dilates without limit, or who is the god of limitless dilation, Fu-nen-tera, as a mode of describing the infinite by means of the illimitable.

In 4% of cases infinite to is used

His knowledge seemed infinite to us as children.

The purpose of a metaphor is to bridge the infinite to the concrete.

That brought me out of the infinite to my own proper dimensions again.

You have just compounded an already infinite to em with reliance on logical possibility.

Then I would still have an infinite left over for myself, and you would have an infinite too.

Water appears infinite to us and at any rate all of us have access to at least some water as of now.

If I can create a universe that looks infinite to it's inhabitants I don't see why the type of being God would be couldn't.

Through Him is expressed the call of the Infinite to the finite, the Cosmic Being to the individual, the call of God to man.

Its capacity to issue currency is only infinite to the extent the sovereign authority on whose behalf it is acting lends credibility to its actions i.

The general solutions cover seabed thickness from infinite to finite and layered soil and for marine sediments such as fine and coarse sand and small gravel.

In 3% of cases infinite for is used

They also assume that money is infinite for everyone.

But that inertia-like term was infinite for a point-charge.

They also envisaged a beautiful semi-mythic pathway into the infinite for Germany.

It is the infinite for which we hunger, and we ride gladly on every little wave that promises to bear us towards it.

As Kvanvig himself notes, it would seem unjust to subject people to a punishment that is infinite for sins that are but finite.

The canvas is infinite for each dimension of the space but browsers choose an initial width based on the dimensions of the viewport.

As a matter of fact, development of BioShock Infinite for the Wii U won't begin until after the other two versions land at retailers.

This is not to do with any numerical effects of FEA but because the stress concentration in most situations is infinite for this geometry.

Maybankard 2 AMEX for local and overseas spending and Maybankard Visa Infinite for overseas spending ), your returns would then more than doubled up to 2.

At the time that Adam Smith was pontificating about his invisible hand, the earth and her resources were believed to be infinite for all practical purposes, even if it was known that they weren't.

In 3% of cases infinite with is used

Man is the Infinite with the appearance of the Finite.

But if a coffee shop had it the combinations with different beans almost seems infinite with the possibilities of flavor.

We have to be careful not to limit the infinite with our human thoughts and terms -- the fallacy that impersonalists attribute to the doctrine of a personal God.

In 2% of cases infinite at is used

The elasticity of supply is nearly infinite at relevant margins.

Technically speaking, then, the potential infinite at any particular point is always finite.

Theoretically, the scale factor of the universe becomes infinite at a finite time in the future.

I look forward to seeing more of BioShock Infinite at E3 and it's the game I'd most looking forward to.

When the action kicks in, it showcases some of the frenetic action glimpsed previously in previews of BioShock Infinite at E3.

Thus the x integral is a function of p-p ' that is infinite at p-p ', and zero everywhere else, which is to say a delta function.

Although space may have been concentrated into a single point at the Big Bang, it is equally possible that space was infinite at the Big Bang.

In 2% of cases infinite without is used

The system can be short circuited and it is possible to go directly to the Infinite without the external catalyst.

Nevertheless, the bare capability of thinking this infinite without contradiction requires in the human mind a faculty itself supersensible.

Because the essence of the Infinite is immutable, an infinite number of finites (beings) can be pulled out (creation) of the Infinite without changing the essence of the Infinite.

In 2% of cases infinite on is used

My first experience of Iceland is a black void apparently stretching into the infinite on either side of the road.

Either way, if you fancy yourself a BioShock lover or just a steampunk aficionado, you can expect Infinite on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in February 2013.

First, for a beam with a perfectly (and unrealistically) sharp boundary at r = a, the radial component of the electric-field gradient is infinite on the boundary.

But on the other hand, I really hope BioShock Infinite on the Big N's upcoming platform doesn't turn out to be some weak port job with half-assed GamePad support just tacked on mindlessly.

Moreover, reflection made it plain that the nature of man contradicted the nature of God in every particular, the limitary and finite on the one hand, the absolute and infinite on the other.

In 2% of cases infinite from is used

If we take away infinite from infinite, the Infinite is not reduced in any way, because one can not take away anything from the Infinite.

Even if the collision destroyed part of one of the bubbles, the unaffected region each woman sees would still look infinite from her standpoint.

If the future is unending, then it must be actually infinite from the standpoint of the divine intellect, since otherwise there will be future events that God's intellect does not comprehend.

In 1% of cases infinite like is used

It is beyond form and formlessness, infinite like the mind itself is so infinite.

For there would have to be another place infinite like itself to be the goal of its natural movement and another, equally great, for the goal of its unnatural movement.

In 1% of cases infinite into is used

Simply stated, every bet is off when you introduce something infinite into an argument.

Art is not the sublime descent of the infinite into the finite abjection of the body and sexuality.

Since then, we've come to realize that some specific tweaks and improvements will make Infinite into something even more extraordinary.

But how can one put something which is infinite into a finite mind? It is like trying to square a circle, to make God fit into our experience of Him.

In 1% of cases infinite through is used

In Islam, man has access to the Absolute and Infinite through the Qur'an.

To summarize: Trying to justify the infinite through the finite, which is essentially the cosmological argument, will never work.

In 1% of cases infinite instead is used

If either argument is Infinity the transformation matrix must be marked as infinite instead of the method throwing an exception.

If any of the arguments are Infinity the transformation matrix must be marked as infinite instead of the method throwing an exception.

In 1% of cases infinite within is used

Modernity is the challenge of the infinite within the capacities of the present.

It is a compass point that directs us to the Infinite within each finite action.

You will live the power of the infinite within the limitation of form called the body.

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