Prepositions after "infest"

"infest with" or "infest by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases infest with is used

My life is infested with Yetis.

It is infested with corruption and waywardness.

But the Alpha Dog is now also clearly infested with 52%+ takers.

So far so bad, you might say, fearing a saccharine tale infested with petal-clad sprites.

Count Von Count is better known as The Count, and he lives in an old castle infested with cobwebs.

It was shot by the side of a river that was infested with mosquitoes and things that live in the mud.

Apply a suitable medication, as discussed above according to the manufacturers recommendations to pets infested with ticks.

Secondly, this sea route throws up a safe alternative to the normal route of the Gulf of Aden which is infested with pirates.

Southern and western Tanzania have very few cattle because traditionally they are not livestock areas or they are infested with tsetse flies.

Over and above all this universities have been infested with corruption, but no action has been taken by the ministry against the tainted vice chancellors.

In 17% of cases infest by is used

I believe you were infested by malware/spyware).

Tsavo West game park is dry and infested by tsetse flies.

Recommend The media like most of the country is infested by JAHILS.

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