Prepositions after "ineligible"

ineligible for, by, due, to or under?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases ineligible for is used

Many places IMGs are ineligible for it.

That should have made him ineligible for the.

Make those majors ineligible for government loans.

That makes him ineligible for any PGA Tour event until the first week of October.

Told I was ineligible for the Pension until I had been on Newstart for two years.

There are also certain industries that are completely ineligible for work permits.

Though she won the 60-meter hurdles, the federation declared her ineligible for the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul.

When the arbitrators declared both Ali and Muawiya ineligible for the caliphate, Ali broke off the arbitration.

If goods are found to be ineligible for the preferences claimed, then EU importers could, as before on similar.

Rogers that she was ineligible for any more OSAP to complete her social work program from January to May, 2000.

In 2% of cases ineligible by is used

Those who are deemed ineligible by definition can not win.

Muhammad was deemed ineligible by the NCAA but the case may have been prejudged.

An applicant who is found to be financially ineligible by the law centre may have the matter referred to Head Office for a decision.

NEWS Failure to comply with any of the eligibility requirements may lead to a Round 10 proposal being categorised as ineligible by the Global Fund Secretariat.

Syed Yousf Raza Gailani has been declared ineligible by Supreme Court of Pakistan; Youusf RazaGailani is no more the prime minister and thus can not hold the PM office.

In its comments, HAPCO indicated that a large portion of the VAT expenditures deemed ineligible by the OIG has already been reimbursed, and that the remainder would be reimbursed shortly.

In 2% of cases ineligible due is used

Once widowed mother become ineligible due to her marriage next become eligible.

This year's newcomer winner, Alessandro Casillo, was ineligible due to his young age.

Allen writes about his father, Robert, who was drafted in high school but was ineligible due to failing French class.

Despite receiving interest from a number of NCAA Division 1 schools, Martin was ruled ineligible due to his academics.

A birth certificate and employment contract can show how you are ineligible due to unemployment, self-employment or retirement.

People who are ineligible due to illness, disease, or other reasons outside of their control should also be on the top of the priority list.

My husband recieved a phone call that he was ineligible due to the fact that we make too much money and he has been out of combat for more than 5 years.

To account for this, we assumed that 46% of non-citizens who would otherwise be eligible for assistance would be ineligible due to their immigration status.

Related information A SSS applicant may appeal the decision that they are ineligible due to their location and the predicted coverage from a self-help TV tower.

Tiger Woods was up for the Player of the Year Award, but was ineligible due to his withdrawal from the final round of the WCG-Cadillac Championship held in Miami last March.

In 2% of cases ineligible to is used

He's still ineligible to practice law in California.

Recently, a proposition passed in AZ making illegals ineligible to post bond.

At one point he was accused of receiving gifts, thus making him ineligible to the team for the rest of the season.

Every member of Congress is therefore bound by oath to reject any votes cast for someone ineligible to the Presidency.

However, when the consular officer determines that the applicant is ineligible to receive a visa, the visa application is denied.

GP Visit Card If you are ineligible to the full GMS card, you may be eligible to the GP visit card which is subject to mean-testing.

Most of your pieces are based on an argument which assumes anyone who might be middle class has a psychiatric problem, which therefore makes them ineligible to a valid point of view.

NGAI: The notion that Asians are racially unassimilable, and that they're ineligible to citizenship, uh, because of their race is something that I think has had, uh, a real enduring, uh, effect.

In 2% of cases ineligible under is used

I was refused a visa, can I re-apply? If you were found ineligible under U.

If you were ineligible under the old criteria you may now be able to apply,.

Visa Ineligibilities and Possible Waivers Certain persons are ineligible under U.

The Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-156 lists categories persons who are ineligible under U.

I was refused a visa; can I re-apply? I was refused a visa; can I re-apply? If you were found ineligible under U.

Turning to the method claims, the court held them patent ineligible under this court's then-definitive **25;2279;TOOLONG test.

Visa Ineligibility/Waiver The Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-156, lists classes of persons who are ineligible under U.

Repeat and on-going activities were previously ineligible under Awards for All but have been accepted on application forms since 1 June 2012 for a six-month period.

News has claimed this shows a growth of 16% in digital subscribers since the March figures, when a large number of the subscribers would have been ineligible under the ABC criteria.

In 1% of cases ineligible as is used

If Jindal is rendered ineligible as a result, so be it.

Phoenix Coyotes: David Rundblad being ineligible as a prospect is a big blow to this system.

The LLE is ineligible: The LLE becomes ineligible as a result of no longer meeting the eligibility criteria.

The only way they could suggest she was ineligible as a candidate was to say that as a woman she wasn't a person.

This applicant would be ineligible as the report from the Psychiatrist making the initial diagnosis must be submitted.

Many applications that are processed are deemed ineligible as the applicant did not have the required residency at time of application.

After being ruled ineligible as a presidential candidate, Wyclef threw his support behind Michel Martelly, who was named Haiti's new President last year - and the musician thinks the new leader is.

In 1% of cases ineligible at is used

Most of these women are either pregnant or already a parent, as childless adults are typically ineligible at any income.

Your application is subject to subsequent scrutiny and the application can be rejected, without assigning reasons, if found INELIGIBLE at any point of time.

Kanter, who was ruled ineligible at Kentucky this past season because of his professional history in Turkey, has drawn comparisons to Dwight Howard, Dennis Rodman and Al Horford.

In 1% of cases ineligible because is used

Barbour, who is suffering from bone cancer, registered to vote in September but learned last month that he was ineligible because of several less-serious felony convictions on his record.

I don't know whether I'd have placed Verlander at the top of the ballot, but I wouldn't automatically regard him as ineligible because of the position he played, which is what Ingraham did.

In 1% of cases ineligible in is used

LeBron would've been ruled ineligible instantly.

Romney's dad was not declared ineligible in 1967.

Toyota and Lexus hybrids became ineligible in September 2007.

Then last weekend the NCAA declared him ineligible indefinitely.

Applicants may be found ineligible in accordance with immigrant visa law.

It has already been shown, however, in the Pistorius case, that it is possible to change the rules (from Pistorius being ineligible in Beijing to eligible in London).

As well as limited school patron choices, the areas have settled populations, making them ineligible in the near future for new schools to be built and offered to non-religious patrons.

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