Prepositions after "indistinguishable"

indistinguishable from, in, to, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 89% of cases indistinguishable from is used

Indistinguishable from other events.

The real indistinguishable from the fake.

Indistinguishable from a genuine audience.

Inside, the lab was virtually indistinguishable from the one they'd left.

A mystical answer is practically indistinguishable from the skeptical one.

If satan devised his own religion, it would be indistinguishable from the religion of Muhammad (MHRIH).

The other bad news? These counterfeit airbags are practically indistinguishable from the certified kind.

The 5% of the population that can't see blue are for the most part indistinguishable from the blue-seers.

That includes, you guesses it, fake Apple products that are indistinguishable from the real ones, almost.

In 4% of cases indistinguishable in is used

They may not be absolute, but they're indistinguishable in practice.

The two parties are almost indistinguishable in terms of wanting to control us.

Today, he is indistinguishable in every way from an uninjured child of his age.

His act is a stand-up, it's indistinguishable in style from a sketch comedy show.

It is indistinguishable in appearance from the human professors of wymyn's studies.

In some cases, these suites are indistinguishable in features from traditional apartments.

With these Scriptures in view, the idea of the seasons being indistinguishable in the end times does.

In fact, an early human fetus is practically indistinguishable in appearance from a dog or pig fetus.

Second, the bars appear indistinguishable in terms of fair trade ingredients when looking on the shelf.

The boys and girls were indistinguishable in these respects, but the parents ' descriptions were different.

In 2% of cases indistinguishable to is used

The two have been indistinguishable to the Newport Smoking.

The differences indistinguishable to you or your family and friends.

Madoo, a singer with a voice almost indistinguishable to his older brother Madoo.

The Olympiadevent of 1896 at Athens was almost indistinguishable to that of the Luton Olympic games.

If that's it -- if that's the whole thing -- it's indistinguishable to me from an adolescent pissing contest.

The noise is all but indistinguishable to the patient, who is strapped down and unable to see anything but the metal roof over him.

This is actually due to the usage of colour combinations that are indistinguishable to him because of his red/green colour blindness.

Note that whilst the shapes of the two complex tones in figures 2 and 3 are very different, they are indistinguishable to the human ear.

It's financially stupid, and statistically indistinguishable to staring at pictures or just masturbating to memories of particularly good sex.

In 1% of cases indistinguishable by is used

Obama and Romney will be indistinguishable by the end of the race and only Obama fans will show up to vote.

You can use any items that you can find that are indistinguishable by feel but of two different kinds visually.

In fact, Gomperts said, natural and chemically induced miscarriages are indistinguishable by medical examination.

As a result, the ecological concerns of biologists are expressed in a language that is virtually indistinguishable by place of origin.

This display combines precise pixel geometry, rendering and an optical bonding process in order to make individual pixels indistinguishable by the human eye at normal viewing distance (43 cm).

In 1% of cases indistinguishable for is used

These sneakers will have the old lilac examiner, and therefore are genuinely indistinguishable for the big programs.

In the video the car shape, the air and space around it andits light reflections are so unified that they become indistinguishable for human beings.

I have to admit that compression with 192kbs is good enough for me and I can't hear compression artifacts -- higher bitrates are indistinguishable for my ear.

For virtually every subjective and objective measure of their health status, the self-employed and wage-earners are statistically indistinguishable for each other.

In 1% of cases indistinguishable on is used

A replacement sink in the same position as the old one is going to be indistinguishable on a house plan.

Which if you think about it, seems a perfectly natural consequence of the past and future being indistinguishable on a quantum level.

Rather than one influencing the other, both church and state became almost inseparable and at times indistinguishable on social policy.

As New Zealand found in the Zaoui case, the position of Helen Clark's Labour government and of the centre right are indistinguishable on security issues.

As far as gay and heterosexual unions being materially indistinguishable on the principles of SSM, yes I agree that they would not be so in all respects.

In 1% of cases indistinguishable with is used

Today, women's and men's programs have become indistinguishable with regard to their philosophies, organization and administration.

As another executive who has become virtually indistinguishable with the business he leads, the Ryanair chief executive is notoriously anti-union.

In the way some grown women refer to themselves as girls and have become culturally indistinct from their daughters, so, too, have modern fathers become culturally indistinguishable with their sons.

The exclusive asymmetry is that these online play determination as come up as 8 else bets are settled, each instrumentalist at the indistinguishable with your relatives or friends meeting crosswise.

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