Prepositions after "indian"

indian in, for, with, to or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases indian in is used

There is nothing Indian in you.

It is Indian in the modern world.

There isn't an Indian in that list.

See, there is no Indian in this panel, because they like to do the backseat mothering.

That is, they are basically Indian in conception and has continuity with modern india.

This clearly stated I was not Siddharth Shukla but I was an Indian in a foreign country.

Indian independence came about because of all of the following- Thus it is difficult to say which factor was dominant.

This sexually explicit film about intimacy between men aims to ' challenge what it means to be Indian in South Africa '.

The British fighter, who beat the Indian in the World Championships in China, also made full use of her height advantage.

Compared to his graciousness, this Shahrukh dude is just another Indian in a sea of Indians flooding our media these days.

In 8% of cases indian for is used

I am planning to go to Indian for my H1 stamping.

I suspect you will come under a resident Indian for income tax purposes.

Nor did he regret being a naval hero instead of an Indian for almost four seasons.

I tell you what, my close friends has been called Indian for as long as 600 years ago.

It was my first sculpture and it was a bust of an American Indian for which I received Honours.

The seventeenth (January, 1847) after walking two or three miles, with an Indian for a pilot, Mr.

DK you must be a real half baked cake, you don't know a jack about what you are talking, I'd an Indian for an intro.

Krishan Vikas lost a bout he had already won after judges penalized the Indian for nine holding fouls during the fight.

The tie-up with Google can only enhance the Airtel brand, and also provides advertising opportunities in Indian for Google.

When people call you Anti Indian for not supporting AnnaHazareIssue, it sometimes sounds like they are calling you Aunty Indian.

In 7% of cases indian with is used

He said in his speech, Indian with 1.

He will always be remembered by every Indian with a lot of love.

Gavaskar is the only other Indian with four seasons of 1000+ runs.

And she practically passes for Indian with her enormous, expressive eyes and dark hair.

Saxena says you can cook any dish from Continental and Chinese to Indian with Emu meat.

I found the Indian with eyes up turned, without pulse and with all the marks of lifelessness.

Remaining leashed to the now-dysfunctional Gandhi family is shameful for any Indian with even an iota of self-respect.

But Wang came back strongly and gave back to the Indian with better smashes and net winners to win the second game 21-11.

K Ramanujan, who says He evokes things Indian with an inwardness which is lit and darkened by an intimacy with Elsewhere.

For general information about Bill C-3, including how to register as an Indian with AANDC, please visit the AANDC Web site.

In 6% of cases indian as is used

There is Indian as well as Oriental cuisine.

Sri Lanka never accepts any South Indian as the Indian envoy.

This idea of the West Indian as a kind of superior black is not a new one.

Reach back over the centuries to give a clasp to the Indian as our friend and brother.

The Indian as a Symbol First Nations frequently appear as characters in Canadian literature.

Obsolete Job Design The Job Design of Indian as well as some of other countries are obsolete.

That is why his music has been instantly accessible to South Indian as well as North Indians, Indians as well as non-indians.

Regardless of how good and how qualified he is, I wonder when the world will see a West Indian, a Pakistani, or an Indian as the.

The Punch cartooned the Indian as a subhuman creature, half gorilla, half- negro who could be kept in check by superior force only.

Om is the founder of two start-up companies operating in area of SEO and Web Design catering to the Indian as well as Global clients.

In 6% of cases indian by is used

Although Indian by descent, Mr.

Although Indian by descent, the current teacher in this chain, Mr.

Cooking, Spices are always the heart and soul of Indian by the way.

Yes, Hissay, even though Sikimese are Indian by nationality, they are Tibetans by blood.

Jullundhri, an Indian by birth, also wrote Kashmir anthem/song Watan Hamara Azad Kashmir.

An Indian by birth and ethnicity, I handed over the ' local ' entrance fee -- about US$0.

The people of Northeast claim that they are not Indian by virtue of their origin, religion, language, history and culture.

The ship carried 376 passengers from India and upon the ship's return -- some passengers were killed in Indian by British forces.

Just Indias a bit more calme and Pakistanis are more agressive because they were ruled by Armies Generals and Indian by democracy.

In 6% of cases indian from is used

She was East Indian from Guyana.

Looks like you're Indian from your picture.

His grandparents are Indian from East India.

Couple of months ago we employed another know it all Indian from an ailing GSM company.

It was a privilege to watch one of the greatest innings by an Indian from the other end.

As an Indian from Chennai let me tell you India will never intervene on side of Tamils again.

I am amazed that the author, an Indian from India, could have such a good grasp of it after staying for just a year in Guyana.

Back to UIA days, once in our Leadership class, there were 2 Kashmiri students, and our lecturer happens to be an Indian from Kerala.

In return, Lincoln promised to kill or remove every Indian from the state and provide Minnesota with 2 million dollars in federal funds.

In 6% of cases indian to is used

Yes, in 1967 Burt coaxed the Indian to 201.

He also became the youngest Indian to bag 10 wickets in a Test match.

Tasty cuisine ranges from Arabic and Indian to Chinese and continental.

He took that Indian to his house, returned his trust to him and begged for his pardon.

Aurangzeb, the 6th Mughal ruler was a fanatic ruler who desired to convert every Indian to Islam.

There has never been an archetypal Indian to stand alongside the archetypal Englishman or Frenchman.

Our nation absorbs both these types of people; both are equally ' foreign ' to some of us, equally Indian to us all.

But our chef Asanka can prepare any meal from Sri Lanka to European, Chinese, Indian to Oriental cuisine; Rahula said.

It is here that the Africa Culture blended with other cultures mainly Persian, Arabic and Indian to forms Swahili Culture.

It was only 13 years ago that Pilimatalawe installed this young South Indian to the throne, hoping to use him to his advantage.

In 5% of cases indian on is used

We won't see one Chinese and one Indian on every panel.

The project to put an Indian on the moon is clearly one of those.

I've been told since I was five that our family was Indian on Dad's side.

I don't wear my patriotism on my sleeve, but identify myself as Indian on several levels.

Who's the Indian on the Redskins logo? I mean, was he interested in sports or football or.

Sinad O'Connor releases her brand new single ' 4th And Vine ' through One Little Indian on January 28th 2013.

I have reached Indian on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - and registering with Police after -- -- -- -- hours of my arrival.

If you start to look for them you will find a lot of tips on cooking Indian on the internet along with a ton of recipes.

It will also keep Indian on track for a whitewash and avenge the 4-0 defeat they suffered during their last tour to England.

We are calling these healthy vegetables Indian on the basis of the fact that they are an integral part of the pan-Indian diet.

In 4% of cases indian at is used

Parklands and Diamond Plaza are fantastic areas to eat Indian at.

Last weekends Sunday Times Rich List in the UK had an Indian at the Top.

She will join the Indian at the Rome Masters event in the lead-up to the French Open.

I check in on the North Street Campus, school year is winding down, no Indian at the gate.

Other bouquets include StarTimes Classic at Sh999, Unique at Sh1,999, and Indian at Sh999.

Besides Thai Food you will also find Asian, Seafood and Indian at several large open diners.

This concert was instrumental and was dedicated to Jon B Higgins, the first American to perform South Indian at a high level proficiency.

One of the men selected for shipkeepers- that is, those not appointed to the boats, by this time relieved the Indian at the main-mast head.

It is hard to find an Indian who is not a cricket fan and almost every Indian at one point in their life must have dreamt of becoming a cricketer.

In the good old days, a north Indian at breakfast used to eat two to three stuffed paraatha (gaining some 1000 to 1500 calories) and that too with butter.

In 2% of cases indian after is used

But then again, why am I surprised? He is Indian after all.

Nagaraj, Bangalore: The list of nominees for the Greatest Indian after Gandhi appears to be skewed.

Delta State government moved Enebeli Elebuwa to Abuja last June, en-route Indian after suffering massive stroke early last year.

In ' CNN-IBN:The Greatest Indian Farce ', he points out the futilities and unfairness in comparison when CNN-IBN attempts to select the greatest Indian after Mahatma Gandhi.

Raman, Veer maintain your anonymity, but please desist from using unpublishable sobriquets and handles Got the answer today as to who is the greatest Indian after Mahatma Gandhi.

Though I have not contributed much to my country so far, I feel proud to be Indian after seeing the contribution of our friends taken atleast to understand the difficulty of our own people.

In 2% of cases indian under is used

Status Indian: A person who is registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.

Non-Status Indian: An Indian person who is not registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.

Who are Non-Status Indians? A Non-Status Indian is an Indian person who is not registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.

Canadian law is different in that registration as an Indian under the provisions of the Indian Act is not based on percentage of Indian blood quantum.

Can any one tell me that the Malays or even Chinese will be happy to vote for an Indian under MIC flagship? Does MIC image itself being DYNAMIC a party? Generally we are a SYMPATHETIC lot, period.

In 2% of cases indian of is used

I am a West Indian of African descent.

NDTV will again bestow Indian of the year award to Anna.

Vidianand Baree, who I refer to as Baree is a South Indian of Telugu ancestry settled in Mauritius.

She dressed and smelt like and Indian of lower class, her children were all white looking and handsome boys.

The broadly Indian of January was rapidly and unquestioningly transformed into the narrowly Hindu or finely Muslim of March.

The only Indian worker with any sense happens to be the beautiful woman who also happens to look the least Indian of all of them.

This CCJ thing is a continuation of (the collapsed West Indian of the late 1950s) Federation and the People's National Party has always focused on this CARICOM thing.

Such leaders further believe that by the amalgamation of black and white, a new type will spring up, and that type will become the American and West Indian of the future.

Kejriwal himself appears on TV every single day and was recently declared Indian of the Year by Times Now (or was it NDTV? -- it is getting harder to tell the difference).

In 1% of cases indian within is used

You can not become truly American citizens, industrious, intelligent, cultured, civilized until the INDIAN within you is DEAD.

She was no longer considered to be an Indian within the meaning of the Indian Act; neither were any of her children if they were born after her marriage.

This transformation of the nation instills a sense of national pride in the heart of every Indian within the Country and abroad, and this section is a modest attempt at keeping its flame alive.

In 1% of cases indian about is used

There's plenty Indian about it as she takes over every track with her lightning riffs of fire.

My Little Pony Sundays morning, Street Hawk, then there used to be some cartoon not Indian about Puppets.

But ask any Indian about corruption and I would be morally surprised if the answers differed from everything else.

In 1% of cases indian through is used

Deliver TEXT in order to Indian through throughout globe.

We were all inspired by each other and we became West Indian through the process.

Traveler at Pakistan also can quit throughout Indian through the particular Indian railway network.

They crossed the Hindukush and entered Indian through Afghanistan and captured the greater part of the northern India.

In 1% of cases indian out is used

We fly inland and abroad almost regularly and in many international airports one can find an Indian out of every four or five passengers.

But when you look at the Indian Act, you look at the whole process of the residential schools and taking the Indian out of the child, well, for my community, it didn't work.

In 1% of cases indian like is used

He is Indian like me and he is the same religion as me but he is a different caste and he is not as educated as me.

And in that youthful enthusiasm perhaps, I chose to deliberately to ignore that he wasn't an Indian like me, but a Pakistani.

That an Indian like you is still persisting in using this self defeating lexicon of sixtees reflects a streak that many insecure and nihilistic Indians have.

In 1% of cases indian into is used

At his bidding Epagathos and Adventus followed the Indian into the adjoining room after extinguishing the lamp.

In 1% of cases indian because is used

I am proud to be an Indian because I know what I represent.

However, we use the term Indian because it has a legal meaning in the Indian Act.

Sometimes people think I can't be Indian because of that! Your nose is probably short too.

In space I am proud to be Indian because of our country's achievements in space and missile technology.

Dilna, IX, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kannur Super superpower I am proud to be an Indian because India is the largest democracy in the world.

Vinayaka, X, Satyam International School, Bellary, Karnataka Right to be I am proud to be an Indian because I have the freedom to speak, write and protest against evil doings.

In 1% of cases indian against is used

He also scored 4 hundreds, the maximum by any Indian against the English at home.

Always remember how Mahathir Gandhi got freedom for Indian against mighty rouges and thieves and bullies.

Ravi Ashwin took six wickets in each innings on his way to the best figures for any Indian against New Zealand.

As Arvind Kejriwal of Indian Against Corruption has pointed out, both BJP and Congress have their hands in the till.

Moreover, Vadra's Facebook comment had received wide-spread criticism from members of Indian Against Corruption (IAC) for calling India a banana republic.

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