Prepositions after "incur"

"incur by" or "incur in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases incur by is used

He also said that the government will compensate loses incurred by the JWTZ.

You remain liable for all charges incurred by multiple users on your account.

The newspaper also agreed to pay all legal expenses incurred by the complainants.

The fact is all the increased operating cost incurred by using lowest first cost vs.

No travel, accommodation or additional expenses whatsoever will be incurred by fanatix.

However, a major part of this rise was due to the large losses incurred by News Corporation.

The fourth issue with the comparison is that it does not account for opportunity costs incurred by a postgraduate.

In principle, an expat package is designed to cover the expenses you will incur by moving yourself and your family abroad.

Typically the losing party will have to bear the costs reasonably incurred by the winning party and the arbitrator's fees.

In 20% of cases incur in is used

Losses incurred in the process.

All necessary expenses incurred in connection with such election shall be paid by the insurer.

Maintenance costs should normally be the cost expected to be incurred in each year of the life of a project.

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Games reportedly cost $100 million, with much of the cost incurred in the artistic segment.

Such costs may include any expenses incurred in respect of witnesses, and of 187 advocate fees, which the Court may consider reasonable.

Special damages This is compensation for the financial expenses you have incurred, and will incur in the future, as a result of the accident.

This is less than fiscal costs incurred in previous crises, when direct costs often exceeded 10 per cent of GDP (see Laeven and Valencia (2010).

Any such indemnity is limited to liability for conduct, and costs incurred in defending or settling any claim or proceeding relating to that liability.

The other side of the coin is the massive liability that has been incurred in respect of public sector pensions, with estimates in excess of? 750billion.

Benefits PRU health is a plan that provides COMPREHENSIVE medical coverage by reimbursing your medical expenses incurred in the event of hospitalisation.

In 8% of cases incur as is used

Treatment incurred as a result of or arising.

Other expenses may include medical fees the injured has incurred as a result of the accident.

If you choose to do so, you will owe any fees and costs incurred as a result of the foreclosure.

For the avoidance of doubt, the winner(s) shall be solely liable for any additional costs incurred as a result.

This will primarily involve: The reversal / adjustment of debit interest and/or other account charges incurred as a result of the incident.

AGE AND RESPONSIBILITY You represent that you are of sufficient legal age to use this Site and to create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of this Site.

In 7% of cases incur for is used

Web Hosting Account The cost incurred for the web hosting package is a long term investment for the website.

This would help you in making the right selection and determine the costs that would be incurred for enrolling in English courses.

Surely, you would not want to be directly responsible for the financial loss that may be incurred for the misuse of those resources.

It was a thing of pride to the Israelites, a building for which 20 cities in Israel were given to pay the debt incurred for its construction.

Costs incurred for an action against the borrower or the guarantor or surety in order to realize on asset security or on the guarantee are eligible costs.

In 6% of cases incur during is used

The client is to pay for any damages or losses incurred during occupation.

Charges must be incurred during the Period of Coverage or the Benefit Period.

The huge losses of rice incurred during cyclone Aila (in October 2009 further worsened the situation.

Much of the criticism of the Finch report has focused on the additional costs that will be incurred during the transition period.

Sullivan, the Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick examined the vicarious liability of a car dealership for an injury incurred during a hockey game.

The risks incurred during the course of such voyages should certainly not be minimized and it is evident that they would only be carried out under optimum weather conditions.

Capt Ali said now that the mission of sinking the ship had been accomplished, Samsa would try again to locate the owners of Phoenix to recover some of the costs incurred during the operations.

The average cost incurred during this 24-day period was $591,780, representing a 42 percent increase over last year's estimated average cost of $415,748 during an 18-day average resolution period.

In 4% of cases incur on is used

You are responsible for booking your flights and your personal expenses as incurred on your trip.

If an investor sells two stocks in a year, one at a profit and another at a loss, the amount of capital loss incurred on the latter is netted off the gains from the former for taxation purposes.

In 3% of cases incur after is used

Costs incurred after the lender takes over the property are eligible.

Municipal taxes: Tax arrears, as well as taxes incurred after a lender has taken over a property, are eligible costs.

Costs incurred after default: Utilities: Arrears that form a lien on property, taken over by a lender, are eligible costs.

Costs: Since collection procedures are normally undertaken after default, generally only costs incurred after default are eligible for repayment.

In 3% of cases incur before is used

The treatment must relate to an illness incurred before going abroad.

However, there may be instances where the costs incurred before default are eligible.

You will still be liable for any breaches of these Terms and/or obligations incurred before the Terms end.

In 1% of cases incur at is used

Further costs, payable by the ratepayer, are incurred at this stage.

We take no responsibility for charges incurred at receivers end after sending the parcel as this can vary depending on the rules of customs in each country.

In 1% of cases incur due is used

Losses: Losses incurred due to short-term equity investments or equities-based mutual funds can be offset against short-term capital gains from debt funds, gold and real estate.

In 1% of cases incur under is used

The Government of Australia will bear all Costs incurred under this MOU.

In 1% of cases incur with is used

Huge savings would then be incurred with this setup.

ELENA DE BELEN testified that she is the widow of Miguel de Belen, who died on April 2, 1992; that the total expenses incurred with respect to the death of her husband is P30,000.

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