Prepositions after "incredible"

"incredible for", "incredible to" or "incredible in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases incredible in is used

Jim Nash is incredible in that.

She's really incredible in this.

Haskell is incredible in this regard.

I've watched that bit about a thousand times and I think she looks incredible in it.

The people from my local were incredible in helping me through the administrative process.

So I think it would be incredible in some situations and really, really difficult in others.

That's incredible in any business, but qualifies as a miracle when you're selling consumer electronics hardware.

As she says, ' JJ has been incredible in helping me develop as a person, in developing my understanding of life.

Instead of a quick recommendation, I got some incredible in depth knowledge on the how's and why's of what to buy.

I've lived in both Canada and the USA, and in my experience the access and speed of care was incredible in the USA.

In 18% of cases incredible for is used

The camera is incredible for a 5mp cam.

To hear this back was incredible for us.

But this event is just incredible for me.

What was it like for you? Nas: Carnegie Hall was incredible for a couple of reasons.

An average over 2 goals per game over 12 years is simply incredible for a little bloke.

But, why not world-wide? I would see something like this to be incredible for travelling.

I think it is just incredible for someone to walk out of the partyroom and declare black is white, ' ' he said.

It's one of those games that must have seemed incredible for the time but comes off as a little flavorless now.

I really hope the commercial release is fast-tracked because the benefits will be incredible for so many people.

Oh yes incredible for a bengalee became right wing and was nominated to ragya sabha by none other than shiv sena.

In 17% of cases incredible to is used

This still seems incredible to me.

It was something incredible to me.

It has been incredible to just walk.

This is incredible to could live improved more time at improving your credit score.

I could do this on ViperChill and make each of my stories seem incredible to new readers.

The story of Jesus -- His life, death &; resurrection - sounded totally incredible to them.

How Americans aren't incredibly insulted by this clearly, self serving turnaround by Romney is incredible to me.

Its incredible to me that my parents marriage was illegal in many places because they are not the same ethnicity.

It's incredible to me that an RE will *still* treat patients without confirming their plans in certain situation.

It seemed incredible to me that there were giant fish that could emerge from the depths of the ocean and eat people.

In 8% of cases incredible with is used

Bollywood is incredible with music.

I love your observations and your incredible with.

Sound is incredible with no interference or FM drift.

The show itself was incredible with fans pouring in from across Europe to attend.

My kitchen smelt incredible with the scents of fennel, coriander, rosemary and garlic.

Some of the ugliest out of shape men I have ever known have been incredible with women.

The stability is incredible with not one application having crashed since I installed Windows 8 two weeks ago.

GBAL's growth, by any standard applied, has been incredible with YOY aggregate growth averaging more than +250%.

The Atmosphere The atmosphere in the stadium was truly incredible with walls of noise coming from each set of fans.

The Cambodian people are incredible with whole villages stopping and coming out to cheer and wave as we go through.

In 8% of cases incredible at is used

Become really incredible at chess.

It was just incredible at that age.

Fionntan is incredible at haggling.

The support is always incredible at such events and really keeps the runners going.

Prost was the better all around racing driver, incredible at car setup and the like.

Mark Hoeben and his dance partner Ina are incredible at the tango (but it was too long).

In this contest he was outweighed by as much as twenty pounds, which is incredible at such small weight classes.

I am incredible at putting things off, simply because I have one of the shortest attention spans I have ever known.

Yes, he was incredible at stretching very meager resources and options to five times what they should have permitted.

But it is incredible at targeting very specific audiences- not perfect, but better than any other display ad platform.

In 5% of cases incredible on is used

Firstly, it looks incredible on your resume.

But I love my N9 and wazapp is so incredible on it.

And I have to say they sound incredible on Naim gear.

That's just so incredible on so many levels I'd just going to leave it right there.

This is an incredible choice that will look so incredible on you for effortless style.

Hughes is incredible on this and Iommi's lead playing was just getting better and better.

The 1950? s Hollywood styling looks incredible on Mila in the promo shots; the style really brings out her striking looks.

Jamal Crawford has been incredible on offense for the Clippers this season, but his defense will be exploited against this team.

Not only is he having a great season (statistically unsustainable maybe, but statistics be damned in this question) but he's incredible on defense.

In 5% of cases incredible about is used

This is what is so incredible about Nancy.

The rest? there's nothing incredible about the rest.

It is always what is so incredible about US Americans, We the People.

Perhaps what is most incredible about the fund is its simplicity: for all women.

You know, as dumb as Audrina is, there's something incredible about watching her.

What's really incredible about the scene isn't the possibility of such a fantasy world.

There's something so incredible about being at such heights and knowing you got there on nothing but your own two feet.

There's something incredible about the energy out of something that's only there for 12 hours, like iconic pop concerts.

There's something so incredible about making a record with someone that you just want to be in the room with the whole time.

What was most incredible about the shameful and nauseating episode was the filming of the despicable act by an amateurish camera.

In 3% of cases incredible as is used

He was militarily incredible as a tactician.

She's nothing short of incredible as a mother, a wife, a human.

These photos are incredible as for what the Russian Bear has abandoned.

Bale has been incredible as the Batman and he's proven it here a thousand times over.

The film itself remains incredible as a product of its time, including a huge dollop of sexist bravado.

That was absolutely incredible as a theatrical experience, but it's hardly one of the Bard's better works.

The world of finance is a mysterious world in which, incredible as the fact may appear, evaporation precedes liquidation.

Spacek and Sheen are incredible as the strangely apathetic killers, and Sheen's character is one of the finest to ever grace the silver screen.

These newer In Flames albums are never going to be as impressive, important, or as flat-out incredible as the Jester Race / Whoracle / Colony era albums.

And you'll notice in the article not once did I say he'd definitely benefit -- just that it would be incredible as THE key employee at the club if he doesn't.

In 2% of cases incredible by is used

This is made more incredible by the fact that Roderick Meredith constantly describes how he knew Mr.

It's even more important to note that Penrith were made to look incredible by a Parramatta side that didn't offer any resistance.

I use Lacrilube as it was recommended to me by my optician and the first night I used it, my eyes felt incredible by the next morning.

The tools connected to this section are the Site Rubix Website Builder (which is incredible by the way) and free website templates downloads.

Jones is going to be incredible by the looks of it - it's only the first season but already I'd wondering whether I should be starting him over Rio.

HTC Incredible S Incredible by name and only slightly less so by nature, this phone is HTC's entry into the under populated 4-inch touchscreen arena.

Rather, it illustrates the departmental view, erroneous in our judgment, that a QRA need not be made if the scenario is deemed incredible by reason of the discounting of causes that can be foreseen.

In 2% of cases incredible considering is used

Incredible considering its age.

It's a really satisfying cup, which is quite incredible considering this is my third steep.

Which is even more incredible considering the outcome of the fight and her resilience yeah that makes a ton of sense.

Don's techniques of turning his actor into the Wolfman are incredible considering his age and what he had to work with.

We are nearing the half way mark -- incredible considering all that has happened, and amazing thinking all that is still left.

But, and it's incredible considering how often I'd in there, this was the first time I'd bumped into Sarah the owner since I was on the WHW last year.

Canon DSLR rock! The HD quality video you can get from these magnificent cameras is incredible considering video was only an after thought by Canon for DSLR.

In 2% of cases incredible from is used

They were incredible from start to finish.

Opening night was incredible from start to finish.

The whole experience was incredible from start to finish.

The Heat were incredible from downtown last night shooting 13-27 from deep.

Magical and perfect evening, incredible from all participants including me.

Incredible from Pixar's movie THE INCREDIBLES and it works to great effect.

While it's incredible from a technological perspective, it is also a minefield.

Jerryd Bayless, the backup point guard, has been incredible from beyond the arc this season with 55.

I just wish we had been incredible from the start rather than allowing a team like Chelsea to bully us at OT.

Van Persie is fast becoming a victim of his success as the fans are beginning to expect the incredible from him always.

In 2% of cases incredible of is used

The most incredible of all was to come in the end.

You're right about how incredible of an achievement this was.

Six fabulous women plus the most incredible of them all: Tracey Erin Smith.

Yep, Reagan was such a dufus / The incredible of our lives almost never show up in the headlines.

You will want to be getting incredible of brands, like Prada once this fetches them the contentment.

But, on the 19 th May 2012 we face the denouement, the last scene of this most incredible of seasons.

All this is available for the asking, the ads say, if we just tapped into our most incredible of organs, the brain.

When he learns the ship is changing course to bypass a black hole, he is determined to become the first human being to explore the boundaries of this most incredible of nature's creations.

In 2% of cases incredible after is used

If CBS is true, that shows incredible after the fact management.

Jah Wobble's bass-playing was incredible after the five-chord limitations of most punk songs.

PAF has done nothing incredible after 1965, agreed you shot down 5 IAF planes in 30 seconds, but nothing else at all.

Whatever had happened to Cavor, even if he was still alive, which seemed to me incredible after that blood-stained scrap, I was powerless to help him.

His trophy cabinet looked incredible after his spell in Spain, with two La Ligas under his belt, he won several other cups, including the Champions League in 2009.

Last year everything was new: why does this hurt? How do you exercise that? What are compression socks or gels or Glide? (The socks are incredible after a long run) My knees, etc.

In 1% of cases incredible during is used

It had the highest and most commanding view of the valley and must have been simply incredible during sunset and sunrise.

On Relationships: Relationships are like Rome -- difficult to start out, incredible during the prosperity of the ' golden age ', and unbearable during the fall.

There is a huge responsibility in being a maid of honor and you should know this if you really want to look and to feel incredible during your best friend's wedding.

Each of Eden Hazard, Juan Mata, Oscar and Ramires have a claim to be an elite player, and John Obi Mikel was incredible during the improbable run to the European Cup in Munich.

This absurdly beautiful callipygian goddess you adoringly try not to get caught gazing at, and who somehow manages to still look incredible during and after a two hour workout.

In 1% of cases incredible against is used

Fletch in particular was incredible against Arsenal.

Dobbins was absolutely incredible against the run, and he almost seemed like Brian Cushing out there.

Linebackers Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Connor Barwin: A Connor Barwin has been improving every week, and he was absolutely incredible against the Bears.

In 1% of cases incredible like is used

Some of them are incredible like the Nation's great music schools in New York and elsewhere.

From people I knew rawked like Dave, Michael, Terry and Joe to people I've gotten to know very recently that are also incredible like Sarah, Shawn, Jenn, Keelan and Leisha.

You're going through a really tough time, or planning something incredible like a wedding, and I'd not there to offer support or share your excitement? I'd sorry, I've got to be selfish to survive.

In 1% of cases incredible over is used

Your health has been incredible over the years.

And that drive is incredible over the number of years he's done it.

I've been following Bokang, and she has been so incredible over the last few months.

What's been most incredible over that time is the number of things that have taken off despite my complete ignorance and neglect.

I can see where they are coming from though, the electronics have become pretty incredible over the last 10 years however a step back could be welcome.

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