Prepositions after "increase"

"increase in" or "increase by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases increase in is used

Gold is not increasing in price.

I expect that to increase in due time.

This is a huge increase in information.

As with any other irreversible change, there will be an increase in over-all entropy.

Wherefore I say, monks, thus should you train yourselves: We will increase in wisdom.

In June, 1941, Heinrich Himmler ordered that Auschwitz be greatly increased in size.

The reduction in the strength of expectancies also contributes to the increase in intensity of sensory experience.

As we know with the use of technology production increases, this causes decreases in cost need increase in profit.

The EU and its totalitarian dictatorship will increase in power until there will be no freedom left for the people.

In the presence of an external H field favourably oriented domains increase in size through ' domain wall motion '.

In 23% of cases increase by is used

Digital revenue increased by 3.

The operating income increased by 14.

Import in this sector has increased by 3.

Exports increased by more than 11 percent year-on-year, beating a projection of 9%.

In the final months of 2012, spend on email marketing is forecast to increase by 11.

Accordingly, the company's dividend rate will increase by 74% starting this quarter.

In a ladder, you start with one rep and increase by one with each set up to the maximum number (in this case, ten).

Since 1900 CO2 has increased by 100 ppm -- supposedly (according to you) in response to a temp increase of just 0.

Statistics show that in Yee, 1 December 2009, Yung Sheng refrigerator sales inside domestic market increased by 18.

With many high-rise apartment blocks coming up, the consumers per given area have increased by as much as 12 times.

In 13% of cases increase to is used

This figure will increase to 8.

But that number increased to 1.

By 1956 this had increased to 35%.

If the same US/Canada mix applies going forward this could increase to as much as 1.

Among young adults 25 to 29, the most mobile age group, moves also increased to 24.

The number of reported cases has increased to from 18,359 in 2005 to 21,397 in 2009.

He said developing countries ' share has increased to about 50% compared to around 33% of the global trade in 2008.

As we saw in figure 6, the apparent wind has moved forward to 45 degrees off our right and has increased to 14+ mph.

For example, the current maximum fine of? 500 will be increased to? 1,000 while the? 50,000 will increase to? 100,000.

This increased to an average of 3,000 per year between 1880 and 1900 and 10,000 per year between 1900 and about 1930.

In 11% of cases increase from is used

In 2001, the fee was increased from 9.

The UK internet audience increased from 36.

Oil prices per barrel increased from $87 to $88.

I think gold have increased from 250-300 to 1000 USD, now down to around 800 USD.

The report said the forest cover of the protected area has increased from 22,288.

The percentage of people covered by government health insurance increased from 31.

The net assets of the company increased from $ 168,000 in 1997 to $ 128 million, an increase of up to 800 times.

The proportion of cases diagnosed prenatally increased from 53-61% during 2000-4, to 81% in 2005 and 79% in 2006.

Their embassies and consulates have increased from twelve in 2009 to an anticipated thirty-four by the end of 2012.

The number of people in the working age population is expected to increase from 780 million in 2010 to a staggering 1.

In 6% of cases increase with is used

Thus your size increases with depth.

This requirement increases with air temperature, eg.

Disease burden increases with increasing obesity (4, 7).

The savings can be significant, and may even increase with each accident free year.

Rigg's Hypothesis: Incompetence tends to increase with the level of work performed.

In fact, the number of Americans living in poverty increases with each passing day.

Starting in 2012-13, teams pay an incremental tax that increases with every $5 million above the tax threshold ($1.

Cities have grown in size and has the need for motor vehicles as well as the state increases with their own vehicle.

This amount is set to increase with consumer confidence in buying high priced products in the coming months, it said.

This will not be viewed favorably by consumer advocates who understand that fares will increase with higher concentration.

In 3% of cases increase at is used

Salary will increase at 3% per year.

Its velocity increased at about 3:00 a.

Pension will increase at 2% per year in retirement.

The number of cars in Dubai has been increasing at an alarming pace in recent times.

With the increased use of internet, the cyber crimes are also increasing at the same rate.

It taxes benefits than give credits, but they do not increase at a rate tied to health insurance prices.

Meanwhile the power of computation (speed, memory, bandwidth and software) continues to increase at Moore's-law speed.

Growth in the size of the middle to very rich class which is projected to increase at more than 300% between 2005 and 2015.

Levels of total nitrogen increased at several sites along the river, probably as a result of land use changes over recent decades.

Technology-related violence against women is increasing at an alarming rate -- yet it expresses itself differently around the world.

In 2% of cases increase as is used

Grosch's Law: Computing power increases as the square of the cost.

The impacts will increase as the protocol becomes more fully implemented.

The effort required to move the bat increases as the weight of the bat increases.

That increases Joneses points and status is immensely increased as a result of it.

The bow of the boat will rise as the prop angle changes, and engine revs will increase as the load on the prop reduces.

Your sugar levels increase as the body's stores are raised to provide instant energy for extra power, strength and speed.

And when people get that you really care about them, they WILL buy from you and your bottomline WILL increase as a result.

Taxes had to increase as the army had grown from 250,000 from the time of Augustus to over 600,000 to the time of Diocletian in AD284.

Second, the demand for water will increase as the global population undergoes its predicted rise to at least 9 billion by mid-century.

In 2% of cases increase for is used

The cost increases for 300 doors that slide to open and close.

Nationally, non-fuel spending increased for the third consecutive month.

It is estimated that the increase for customers across the UK will be between 25p and 1.

This is just one of the planned price increases for the paper, which also includes higher h.

Your premium is guaranteed not to increase for the first 5 years of the policy, from time of issue.

Although numbers have decreased for immigrants, have they increased for Americans? I bet they have.

Sixty percent of voters backed Obama's call for tax increases for those with incomes over $250,000.

Ethnicity The rates of direct enrolment in tertiary education have increased for all ethnicities (Figure 6).

And, alas, the law of unintended consequences: beer consumption increased for those facing higher soda taxes.

In 2% of cases increase on is used

Pressure increases on Yanukovych.

But the days went by and my focus increased on my next race in Kooigem.

The tax increases on high-income earners would deliver about $42 billion in 2013.

They were published on Fridays and the circulation of the AFR increased on Fridays as a consequence.

From 1982, before he arrived in 1987, until 1992, the money supply increased on average by 8% a year.

Price will not really turn out to be a problem, but if your site visitor increases on line casinos of this product.

And then comes the third phase, when resource exports and revenues increase on the back of the investment in new projects.

These requests increase on Friday and Saturday (for weekend cash ), and around major holidays (to provide gifts for the family).

The once beautiful architecture is now covered in graffiti, and the cost of living is noticeably increasing on a monthly basis.

In 2% of cases increase over is used

Its popularity has much increased over the years.

Stocking rates can increase over spring, as the spring growth allows.

Accommodation and restaurants activity also increased over the September (up 4.

Cases increased over time: 1,033,417 (80s) to 2,725,405 (90s) to 4,759,007 (2000-7).

The friction between two surfaces in contact with each other does slowly increase over time.

POLL RISES: Approval rating increases over the last 20 years after major events Gulf War: George H.

There are various methods to monetize a blog, and by learning these methods, the income stream can be increased over time.

It is likely that those same people will suffer abnormally high rate increases over time which would force them out of coverage.

Insured disaster losses may increase over time for those reasons alone and without any additional contribution from climate change.

Premiums have had to be substantially increased over the years to cover the claims resulting from drink driving related incidents.

In 1% of cases increase after is used

That's why your HR &; PR increases after the sexual activity.

He also said that police harassment of innocent Muslims had increased after YSR's death.

The importance of news reporting on the radio increased after the riots of February 6, 1934.

The margin of Obama's victory (it may increase after the full Florida results come in) against Romney was 2.

More than half (62%) of the people who drank alcohol confessed that their alcohol tolerance had increased after joining university.

And also, due to depleted uranium bombs that were used during the Gulf War, the number of cancer patients suddenly increased after the war.

Real and nominal exports both increased after 1896, so no I don't buy the drought as the major cause of the ongoing poor performance in GDP growth.

In 1% of cases increase due is used

The costs of imports have also increased due to higher insurance for cargo bound for Seychelles.

The popularity and the use of hot tubs have eventually increased due to more affordable prices offered today.

The number of children in the preschool is increased due to the increasing popularity of preschool in the village.

He wants to help this country who is causing the gas price to increase due to tehrans threat of closing the strait of hormuz.

Mr Aguirre and Mr Tegmark, probebaly that your hormonal vanity will increase due to my words, logic, you are humans with defaults.

Likewise, the price of gold increased due to a rise in demand for gold as a safe investment amid the debt problems experienced in the Eurozone.

The export value of non-traditional goods specifically food and beverages and tobacco have also increased due to the marketing and recognition of Brand Jamaica.

The supply will also increase due to increased demand therefore the two shifts in the supply and demand curve will make the equilibrium point to shift to a new point.

Designer need will likely increase due to the quickly acquiring market for website-centered facts, and thus on the increase in film fun portion, for example for videos, online video.

In 1% of cases increase during is used

Laplace's reputation steadily increased during the 1770s.

Resistance did not increase during lactobacilli prophylaxis.

Emmigration increased during this period, mainly to the USA but also to many.

It turned out to be the strongest increase during a quarter in the last 5 years.

It is interesting to note the number of references to Michael Halliday increasing during this period.

This was increased during the subsequent recovery in the market (April 2009 to December 2010) to an average 93%.

The demand for English teachers in the UK increases during the summer when many schools open vacation centres for overseas students.

Their number was little increased during the next sixty years, since the great immigration period did not begin until about the year 1840.

Rent may only be increased during a fixed term agreement if the agreement says it can be increased, and how this increase is to be worked out.

Disappearance Disappearances and kidnappings, many allegedly by the security services, increased during the year, but precise figures were unavailable.

In 1% of cases increase since is used

Has the sea ice area increased since 2007? Yes.

In every age group, the percentages have increased since 1987.

That is why inequality has increased since 1997 (if not before.

In Nigeria, the size and sophistication of the bond market has been increasing since 2004.

The tax increases in the health care legislation do reverse a trend of federal tax cuts and represent the first significant tax increases since 1993.

I don't know if this is attributed to the fact that no one is as good as Adam Lambert or Danny Gokey last year or perhaps my standards have increased since then.

I think that violent, gun-related crime in Canada's urban centers has probably increased since 1995 (but I don't have any hard evidence to support this assertion).

Data from the early 1990s showed that about 19% of the instructional staff at the nation's three universities was female, and this percentage has been increasing since then.

If we examine these trends, we can clearly see that not only are inclusionary placements not increasing since the passage of the correction to the SEL, they appear to be decreasing.

The whole discussion is actually pointless as global temperatures have NOT increased since 2002 and as you point out Antarctica has been above anomaly most of the time so no correlation whatsoever.

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