Prepositions after "incorrect"

incorrect in, for, on, about or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases incorrect in is used

He is incorrect in this regard.

Perhaps I am incorrect in this.

I was incorrect in that assumption.

I was incorrect in my skepticism that the electorate would be closer to D+3 or D+4.

Just because I do not agree with you does NOT mean I am incorrect in my assumption.

This is confusing and regarded as incorrect in the world of mathematical statistics.

The author is incorrect in claiming that Newman was unorthodox in regard to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Illana, Derek has voiced a lot of what's incorrect in your post, so there's no need for me to rehash every point.

If you've got a critique of the opinon, or if you think anything's factually incorrect in the column, have at it.

Now what you are describing is mostly an exotic (and incorrect in parts) way of thinking about elastic scattering.

In 11% of cases incorrect for is used

It is incorrect for two reasons.

It is empirically incorrect for you to blame the.

Swift I guess you got away with being incorrect for 25 years.

Well this is incorrect for a start, the bow lifeboats were definitely above B deck.

It is incorrect for us to cut ourselves completely from them and live in isolation.

John Finn: The anomalies you post for the past 30 days are incorrect for the Arctic.

What does violate international law is fabricating or emphasizing evidence that was incorrect for some other means.

It is incorrect for you to assert that spiritual and moral arguments will not cut much ice in the House of Commons.

It is incorrect for a Muslim to work for Islam, yet fall short of abiding by the rules of Islam in his personal life.

It is therefore incorrect for the Leeds Court to say that it is legal in Gambia to be married to more than one person.

In 10% of cases incorrect on is used

Ken is not incorrect on that point.

Irrelevant and incorrect on all counts.

You're slightly incorrect on how it works.

It is possible that some of your registration details are incorrect on our database.

Objectivetruth Incorrect on all three: heliocentricism, evolutionary theory, democracy.

I can sort of explain it to you to the best of my knowledge but I may be incorrect on something.

All very fine, at least the colt's back form is accurate now, even if the notation was incorrect on the day of the race.

Once again, I thank the American public for the love, respect and support! Your story is good, but incorrect on one point.

Secondly you are factually incorrect on the 1870-1914 period in America when the exchange of paper money for gold was reintroduced.

In 9% of cases incorrect about is used

You are incorrect about Sciences.

Plus you are incorrect about a few things.

You are incorrect about the Mohave resource.

Goofus is, to no one's surprise, completely incorrect about what the CDC claims.

You see I am accountable as a man and will admit if I am incorrect about a poster.

I may be quite incorrect about this, but I feel that when I drive fast, I see more.

When I asked him about these ideas I did not get the sense that I was totally incorrect about my interpretation.

Obviously the Federal government was incorrect about the amount of natural gas reserves there was (is) in the USA.

However, the court also concluded that the Board was incorrect about whether the claimant could rely on that message.

What I learned then was mostly wrong, but the long-lasting useful lesson was that we often are incorrect about our worries.

In 7% of cases incorrect with is used

You can not go incorrect with a pair of shades.

That is where you are incorrect with what we are saying.

There would be nothing incorrect with this interpretation.

These shoes are truly the very best that you will never ever go incorrect with them.

You can &rsquot; go incorrect with fresh tomatoes, though, especially if they are organic.

As well as, there's nothing incorrect with seeing ourselves using a capacity for wholeness.

There's absolutely nothing incorrect with that but I had misplaced my perception of peace and calm I found in the bush.

But in reality there is nothing at all incorrect with cosmetic surgery, and it can even be useful towards your wellness.

When you're writing, you can smatter with these normals and there's nothing incorrect with that for as long as it works.

If something is incorrect with your WordPress web page there is a excellent possibility that someone else has handled it.

In 5% of cases incorrect as is used

This was incorrect as the K2 uses a L55 (6.

While logical, this is also incorrect as the U.

Accordingly, B is also incorrect as an answer here.

What was said about Americans is as sh! t and incorrect as what was said about women.

This is incorrect as the techniques used and experiences involved are quite different.

Your daily routine can be incorrect as well as simple things you eat and drink each day.

I will allow Ferguson to debate which of his numbers are correct or incorrect as well as the interpretation of these facts.

This too is factually incorrect as the wall is part of the development of the Homestead Park Scouts ' Hall to improve security at the facility.

But that would have been totally incorrect as the star in the making from these teens was Marques Houston who would go on to be in the TV show Sister, Sister.

If the Kaiser did coin the phrase then the date is incorrect as the term was used earlier that year by the Hungarian General Turr, in an assessment of Bismark.

In 4% of cases incorrect by is used

The price we had been quoted was incorrect by one zero.

Plenty of things we say are incorrect by standards 100 years old.

The ' proof ' by Fine was shown to be incorrect by Pedro Nunes soon after he produced it.

A basic idea was presented and the Newtonian Theory was proven incorrect by the experiment.

Generally your vehicle will let you know 1st when some thing incorrect by turning for the warming mild.

The order of words is probably completely different and you will be both slow and incorrect by doing this.

An ether in space was postulated from early times but shown to be incorrect by Michelson and Morley in 1881.

Stapel has been very prolific, so I do not think his hypotheses have been proven incorrect by data too often.

Read more Court is not incorrect By: K G Saturday, 11 Feb ' 12 3:41:41 AM Reply Forward I understand the point Ms.

If the time sometimes is incorrect by a fixed amount while on a particular channel then it seems an inherent problem.

In 3% of cases incorrect to is used

That is incorrect to my understanding (phases of venus etc.

In the eyes of a PASed kid, all decisions, good or bad, are incorrect to them.

However, the question seems gramatically incorrect to me, and thus misleading.

It is incorrect to resort to un-Islamic activities to reform a wrong as that will be.

Although I heard Correa say many correct things, there was one that seems incorrect to me.

Therefore it is incorrect to single out the Catholic Church as if it alone behaved like this.

We are all equal as regards Halal permissible) and Haram (forbidden) By Allah, I do not say anything incorrect to you.

If this seems politically incorrect to you, the following cut ' No Head, No Backstage Pass ' will definitely offend you.

A decision means (by definition) that you are faced with multiple examples of information, correct or incorrect to varying degrees.

Item #2: Also, for the SHIFTED files, there aren't any quaternary weights in the sort key representation, which seems incorrect to me.

In 2% of cases incorrect at is used

The translation is stiff and probably incorrect at times, too.

Although the price and quality of a tire has a possible portion, it's incorrect at all times.

He what if my credit report is incorrect at me his fist looped down earth still crying picking.

However, when shipping, there are a number of different things which can, and it seems will, go incorrect at times.

This is either because we've not cracked the problem yet or maybe one or both is incorrect at some fundamental level.

To just assume that the maritime provinces would become an island away from Canada (as if we aren't already) would probably be incorrect at this point.

Although the Crown advice turned out to be incorrect at law, the law, at the time the advice was given, was unsettled with some support for the advice.

The book, by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart, is inspired by Plautus, a dramatist from the third century BC, and the result is a hoot, mind-blowingly incorrect at all times.

In 2% of cases incorrect due is used

E is incorrect due to parallelism.

However, this argument is incorrect due to the following: 1.

I think some of your main conclusions are incorrect due to a failure of definitions, and assumptions of causation.

It was first politically incorrect and literally discovered to be incorrect due to gene sequencing of the human DNA.

Please note that the quoted prices are periodically generated snapshots, which may be incorrect due to technical reasons.

It might have been a decent one (albeit incorrect due to the ridiculous assumption that it would raise premiums by $50 a month.

Returns Products found to be incorrect due to Dugo's error would be replaced at no cost if returned within 30 days from receipt of product.

The data is, furthermore, often out of date by the time it is presented in the meeting and can even be incorrect due to human processing errors.

Chemistry Sugars Much of the early work on the estimation of sugars in papaya is now known to be incorrect due to the presence of an invertase enzyme.

The IPCC historical CO2 record may be incorrect due to inappropriate adjustments to the ice core data, and ignoring direct historical CO2 measurements.

In 1% of cases incorrect according is used

Some aspects may, in reality, not be against the Shari'ah, but simply incorrect according to the Mureed's knowledge.

This is a noble undertaking, but I fear that some of the basic assumptions that it has laid at the foundation are incorrect according to the Bible narrative.

However, as will be explained, this belief is mistaken and incorrect according to both the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah -- the Practice of the Holy Prophet (saw).

In this regard Allama Aaloosi (rahmatullahi alaih) states that the narration of Hadhrat Abdullaah Ibn Masood (radhiAllaahu anhu) is regarded as incorrect according to the Ulama and Huffaaz of Hadith.

In 1% of cases incorrect because is used

The grade is incorrect because of an error in calculation of results, b.

Thus, the information we got was incorrect because of the products she is restricted to.

In our experience, the completion of the financial statement is often incorrect because of the general fear of the borrower.

However, this? appeal? will only be entertained if you have reason to believe; that the grade is incorrect because of an error in the calculation of the results.

Names are assumed to be spelled correctly in the work where they were established except if they are incorrect because of one of the reasons given in article 32.

In 1% of cases incorrect from is used

The law does not simply highlight claims that are incorrect from a scientific perspective.

Incorrect from theirs, for they say that the Catrholic-Orthodoxy split from their (and to them the only) original curch.

These usages, while undoubtedly incorrect from a grammatical point-of-view, seem to attract much more criticism than many other, equally incorrect, usages.

I would have preferred to hear why Paglia thinks Wolf's obsession with her own lady bits is wrong, or badly done, or incorrect from a scholarly point of view, or something.

Finally, the red portion denotes clues that I either could not solve or clues for which I discovered that the solutions were incorrect from the review at Times for the Times.

Having never witnessed this I was naturally horrified, and very reluctant to mark the children's work as incorrect from that point on so let a few wrong ones slip through the net.

It also told people, quite clearly, that the teachings of the religious book that! most people in the world followed, the Christian Bible, were incorrect from a factual perspective.

In 1% of cases incorrect of is used

You're right, that was incorrect of me.

It is incorrect of him to believe that the Punto will not be replaced.

So politically incorrect of me! Here are the changes: Debbie Wasserman is an ignorant imbecile.

Posted by: 63547243 September 18, 2012, 9:49 am 9:49 am Kate, I have to blame the news stations,,,, even this article at the top of this page is incorrect of what Romney stated in the video.

In 1% of cases incorrect regarding is used

My statement was incorrect regarding the Governor's membership.

Doppler was incorrect regarding light being a longitudinal wave.

You are incorrect regarding exhaustion of the soil in fact the effect is the opposite.

Not only is this incorrect regarding PCI, it may also be a violation of State and Federal legislation regarding privacy.

But we will also learn that we were incorrect regarding one of our assumptions about the dating of the five months period of torment.

One thing that I figured out pretty quickly was that this article is INCORRECT regarding the shooting in Chicago that are alleged to have happened at the same time.

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