Prepositions after "incorporate"

"incorporate into" or "incorporate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases incorporate into is used

Text is incorporated into the Bound Volume.

These can be incorporated into a regular safari.

More Asian elements to be incorporated into the U.

I have been looking at them to see if I can incorporate into my existign kitchen.

Self-talk is most effective when incorporated into a cycle of thought and action.

Accordingly, music was eventually incorporated into Catholic worship, and vise versa.

DNA can remain in the environment where they can be picked up by bacteria and incorporated into their genome.

Both studies have the potential to make concrete recommendations that will be incorporated into the EU strategy.

What features would you like to see Apple incorporate into the mooted iPad 3? Let us know via the comments box below.

This abandoned territory in the north was then incorporated into the Northern Region, and later the Upper East Region.

In 26% of cases incorporate in is used

Homewood was incorporated in 1893.

The variables were incorporated in the scenario in a disguised manner.

This software comes with features that can be incorporated in any website.

The Association of Medical Device Industry (Singapore) was incorporated in January 2011.

India has not yet ratified and incorporated into domestic law the WIPO Internet treaties.

The cistern illustrated here is incorporated in the base of the platform underlying Cell B.

Meaning thereby the goods incorporated in such contract must be leviable to VAT or sales tax as sale of goods.

I am pretty certain that they were a stand alone company incorporated in Idaho, but I will seach confirmation.

All available ships were incorporated in the Transport Group, and the capacity thus made available was almost enough.

It was incorporated in 1950 as a non-profit making organization, Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act of 1948.

In 4% of cases incorporate by is used

PS Platform or provided to you and (ii) incorporated by reference into these.

This Agreement incorporates by reference all other Agreements contained in the mymind.

Moreover, the photosynthetic abilities of bacteria were presumably incorporated by the more advanced organisms.

This process is especially important for comparing the preference of the criteria which can be incorporated by the parents.

Special Act corporation 167(7) A corporation incorporated by special Act shall not under this section amend its articles, except to change its name.

To meet the foodie component of your vacation, perhaps would be best incorporated by sparing at least a few meals out at some of the islands finest restaurants.

Anything that is not clear in this agreement or the Protocols incorporated by reference herein shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the Roadmap and the.

The contents of the proposal submitted by the vendor and any clarifications thereto shall become part of the contractual obligation and incorporated by reference into the ensuing agreement.

In 3% of cases incorporate as is used

Acts should also be incorporated as a guideline of the organization's standards.

Incorporate as a private company (single member) Suitable for social and economic enterprise.

The arbitration agreement is usually incorporated as part of the contract from which the dispute arose.

Since its discovery, Huangyan Island has been incorporated as part of Zhongsha Islands into Chinese territory.

How to protect yourself from a ' rescue ' scam: Verify that the rescue is incorporated as a charitable organization.

Those people interested in pursuing the creation of a community loan fund incorporated as the non-profit Community Trust, Inc.

Comments: An easy and comfortable easy ab exercise that can be incorporated as a starting point into any basic abs training routine.

If you can't find a set of basic reusable skills that can be incorporated as the foundational elements of more complex skills, players will deem the activity shallow and lose interest.

In 3% of cases incorporate with is used

Sigils incorporated with other influences can add great direction and focus to spellwork.

Many of the camera models introduced in that era were incorporated with terminals to accept various types of flash bulbs.

Being now baptized into the Christian faith, they were separated from idols and idolaters, and became incorporated with the Church of God.

Nicholas Eze, founder and general overseer of Christ for the World Mission Incorporated with headquarters in Calabar, is another pragmatic preacher.

The volcanic activity incorporated with the formation of the rift valley, has created some of the most spectacular scenery, to be found anywhere in the world.

It's the sailing equivalent of the land-based Formula One circuit, with the TOGR incorporated with the Samui Regatta as one of the two final championship events.

In 2% of cases incorporate on is used

Founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903, Ford India has grown in proportions and in its understanding of the market.

The two other companies, SENTREX Ventures Limited and Fontana Ventures Limited, were incorporated on the same date and have Andy Uba and Lillian Nwoko as the main directors.

From short bursts between telephone poles to jumping branches and playing commando in the push, fartlek workouts can be incorporated on occasion to spice up and otherwise drab general aerobic run.

In 1% of cases incorporate outside is used

Prior to October 2009 when the FSA introduced new rules, only companies incorporated outside the UK were eligible for a Standard Listing.

In 1% of cases incorporate to is used

I really like the tips and I'll incorporate to my own holiday preparations.

Incorporate to that, faux Rolex watches are loving watches mainly because they are made for lovable individuals.

Only a lawyer can help resolve the maze of legal issues ranging from questions having to do with whether to incorporate to questions having to do with the rights of consumers.

In 1% of cases incorporate within is used

Steady, gentle pressure, stretching and mobilisation techniques are incorporated within the treatment.

In other words, the company can be incorporated within 1 week and the company can commence business immediately with the Certificate.

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