Prepositions after "inconvenient"

"inconvenient for" or "inconvenient to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases inconvenient for is used

That's much too inconvenient for him.

Which must be a bit inconvenient for them.

Perhaps my comments are inconvenient for you.

A good thing for Uganda and Africa, but perhaps inconvenient for the president.

As for your other query, you say: inconvenient to (do this) NOT inconvenient for.

All we can really do is make it as hard and as inconvenient for them as possible.

Although this might not seem like a big difference, I found the Retread pot inconvenient for several reasons.

I tried for a long time to track down the truck, but either the location was inconvenient for me or the time.

Unfortunately, tourism is largely undeveloped in these areas and is very inconvenient for tourists to get to.

In 27% of cases inconvenient to is used

The euro is inconvenient to Ireland.

So she became an inconvenient to them.

Facts are inconvenient to their storyline.

As for your other query, you say: inconvenient to (do this) NOT inconvenient for.

It might be inconvenient to you but it makes a world of difference to that person.

Any truth or actual facts are probably highly inconvenient to such a business model.

It's inconvenient to them because it shows them that there's other factors that have nothing to do with piracy.

You do not want to end up with an expensive hotel room that needs refurbishing and is very inconvenient to you.

I'd not not going to pretend a team hasn't had success in its history because it is inconvenient to my argument.

I'd sure giving rights to slaves was very inconvenient to their masters, impacted the lifesyle of their masters.

In 5% of cases inconvenient in is used

The pregnancy was inconvenient in each case.

Although inconvenient in the short term, this is time well spent.

But it is inconvenient in the same way that bank vaults and door locks are.

We applaud masked police beating the politically inconvenient in the street and then disappearing them.

Given their buying power nowadays, the 20 and 50 cent coins were inconvenient in people's purses and pockets.

The only solution is to the ATMs inside the bank branch, that would be quite inconvenient in out of hours though.

Inconvenient in that one of her traveling partners has a curse that turns them into a mouse whenever they do magic.

Barbara at seven demanded tired and grumped and he Nice weather that without asking inconvenient in their own selves.

Strollers: most widely used, but inconvenient in some places; deprives kids from exercise; kids may not want to sit long in it.

But while climate change may have become politically inconvenient in the past year for some, the threat it poses to the world is no less real.

In 3% of cases inconvenient of is used

In all the most inconvenient of places.

I wish you get summoned at the most inconvenient of time.

The blackouts will be at the most inconvenient of times -- between 6.

But some may complain regarding the damaged or inconvenient of decreased lovely quality.

The other inconvenient of this treatment is that it requires medical rest once it has been finished.

The only inconvenient of clipless is when you have to come to a stop in some steep techincal sections and have to get back on the bike.

That said though, love is such a beautiful sweet thing and it has a way of coming at the most inconvenient of times and when you least expect it.

Over the next few months and years, although less frequent with time, my emotions which I never had before, were uncontrollable at the most inconvenient of times.

Regrettably, this beautiful tale is incomplete and cuts off virtually in mid-sentence; terribly inconvenient of Chrtien to die before he finished his most famous work.

Cook landed and was well received, and water was best internet business to start pointed out, but it was too inconvenient of access? The line running from the automobile road to the river.

In 2% of cases inconvenient at is used

Plus, healthy food can be a bit inconvenient at times.

As all know, the glasses may be inconvenient at a lot of occasions.

This is also extremely anti-flow, and extremely inconvenient at times.

He has important things to say that are rather inconvenient at this moment.

It is risk management that matters at teh end of the day and not the separate accounts which might be inconvenient at the end of the day.

It requires you to use cash for many of your expenses, which can be inconvenient at times, especially as more of our shopping moves online.

In 1% of cases inconvenient by is used

Was considered and in order to prevent the user go through inconvenient by the collapse of life insurance companies is to have Life Insurance Policyholders Protection Corporation of Japan.

In 1% of cases inconvenient due is used

It may initially give the impression of being inconvenient due to its size, but its low weight and lack of a disc drive lower the machine's profile.

Hiding, asking for forgiveness, pleading your case because you are suffering and want it to end, because your life has become inconvenient due to your own mistakes.

In 1% of cases inconvenient from is used

You can live in another house and that is not inconvenient from the Islamic point of view.

At end of the day, we just want to drive from A to B without the need to be fear or be inconvenient from other road users.

Since base 10 is rather inconvenient from a computing perspective, IEEE floating point numbers are defined in the binary base 2.

I think you're right that Tony would omit anything inconvenient from his history, so we can't take his account of the weekend at face value.

In 1% of cases inconvenient with is used

You were inconvenient with your facts and knowledge, so they censored you.

This may be fine for several users though others may feel inconvenient with this feature.

It's quite inconvenient with kids and we'd prefer to even pay a bit extra to get table service.

There is no doubt that cars make life easier and life can be inconvenient with only one, or none at all.

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