Prepositions after "incompatible"

incompatible with, for, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 97% of cases incompatible with is used

Incompatible with: Reverse Mode.

They are incompatible with the culture.

Incompatible with: Same Hero, Death Match.

It is in no way incompatible with the compassion the dead and bereaved deserve.

The concept of schema is incompatible with the theories of Bruner and Vygotsky.

Believing in Science does not incompatible with faith in an intelligent creator.

Personally, thats one of the things that I think makes it totally incompatible with the western way of life.

Debian armel packages use the soft float ABI which is incompatible with the hard float ABI used by Raspbian.

This is a free software license, but it is incompatible with the GNU GPL because of its choice of law clause.

In 1% of cases incompatible for is used

Science and religion are seen as incompatible for this reason.

Alpha and ethyl forms were found incompatible for use in humans.

If you operate it incorrectly it will lead to incompatible for the.

Some illustrations seemed to be unclear and incompatible for this grade (p-68-vocal chord).

The court refused consolidation on the grounds that the two actions were incompatible for consolidation.

Not unlike dating for non-believers, there has to get compatibility and when someone does not have a strong faith in God, this fact alone makes anyone incompatible for Christians to date.

In 1% of cases incompatible in is used

We were incompatible in the bedroom.

So science and religion are incompatible in all the ways that count.

The round and square figures are incompatible in the same substance at the same time.

But this is incompatible in a country in which economic solutions are riddled with corruption.

Funn, if this is the case, I'll rather he move on because we already are incompatible in our values.

Are dam building and environmental protection simply incompatible in Yunnan? REG: I think they are right now.

Static Website again are incompatible in user interaction and a common user is unable to post any Comment or ask a question.

The atheist could insist that perhaps (1) and (5) are after all logically incompatible in some way which we can not discern.

Whislt the two are incompatible in science class or in conducting science, they are in no way incompatible within the same person.

At Stage 1, interests and opinions become fixed positions that tend to become mutually incompatible in the perception of the conflicting parties.

In 1% of cases incompatible to is used

This is not incompatible to a more equitable society.

Silence is incompatible to Scholarship I think that the K.

How is it that IA did not find those articles incompatible to its work in Sri Lanka.

Today I met someone whose personal damage was incompatible to my own and wow, was it a difficult situation.

Many of the car seats were unsuitable for the child's weight and height and often the seat was Incompatible to the vehicle.

Both hardware and software are usually also incompatible to varying degrees with de facto standards, seemingly deliberately.

I suspected old driver incompatible to the updated OS but, was unable to even run XP OS Safe mode to check what was failing.

No fascist or Communist believes any of those things, they are all totally incompatible to Marxist beliefs, yet, I'd called a fascist.

I don't care whether the server version is incompatible to the software or a link to ' Help ' page takes the user to ' Contact Us ' page.

Problems with the father: In some cases, the DNA of the father is incompatible to the baby's development and therefore the continuation of the pregnancy.

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