Prepositions after "incidental"

incidental to, in, as, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 93% of cases incidental to is used

Contact incidental to the mark.

Or they are seen as incidental to it.

All this is incidental to the issue at hand.

However, a number of functions are incidental to the performance of this function.

Incidental to such activities are bound to be those that have criminal dimensions.

He has a small selection of CDs as well, but they're now incidental to his business.

The activity would have to be incidental to some other activity that is not in itself a licensable entertainment.

It seems to me that sin is a condition, a disease, incidental to man's development not being yet advanced enough.

The fact that most people then proceed to cast a vote after their name is ticked off is incidental to the process.

It's not accidental and it's not incidental to his worldview -- his belief system requires a rejection of science.

In 2% of cases incidental in is used

These benefits are incidental in almost every way.

The fact that she was a woman was almost incidental in the end.

But, for them, their sports persona was all but incidental in the long run.

In our experience, tumours were asymptomatic or incidental in only three of the 11cases.

If it is clear that music is being played in the corner of the pub, that would be INCIDENTAL in my book.

For there is in such activity an incidental affection identical with one also incidental in geometrical demonstrations.

What's going on on Earth is not incidental in the infinity of this universe, it is the focal point of this entire universe.

It was certainly Dickens ' final intention that ' the Jew ' should be incidental in Oliver Twist and in his film Polanski has given the.

We are not incidental in the Universe, we are no more of a cosmic accident than the Cosmos itself, much as some neo-Darwinist might have it said otherwise.

There were a lot of visuals in these shots! What was the real size of the set and how did you extend it? Our set extensions were all incidental in the Terminal scene.

In 1% of cases incidental as is used

From its wheel and blade, the brightly-colored human figure flies off incidental as a spark.

Any historical facts that may be present are as insignificantly incidental as the name of Hamlet's kingdom.

The dialogue, though sharp, is just incidental as the director chooses to enrich the narrative with every faculty available to him.

Is it incidental as regards being background music? Well, the test is can you talk at a normal level when the music is being played? That clip you linked to would suggest not.

In 1% of cases incidental for is used

By no means was all he achieved in government rubbish or wrong, but I think the benefit of the nation was incidental for this nutter.

In 1% of cases incidental rather is used

Even though that benefit might be incidental rather than intentional.

The element of pleasure was considered as incidental rather than central to the course of human mating.

Since Aboriginal participation is incidental rather than scheduled, community engagement is not required.

Indeed, it was promised that race itself would become incidental rather than essential to the nation's persona.

Sure you might lose a couple pounds with no problem, but it's almost as if any weight loss is incidental rather than anything else.

They are designed to protect against incidental rather than intentional contact with chemicals and should be changed after any splash.

He concluded that such privacy protections as existed were incidental rather than intentional, and that further study and experience were needed before any substantive legal protections were enacted.

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