Prepositions after "improve"

"improve on" or "improve in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases improve on is used

However we need to improve on our defending.

Democrats don't want to improve on what is working.

But Blu-ray improved on DVD not just in resolution and detail.

However, simply improving on that one stat will do little to quiet Sanchez's critics.

Perhaps, we need to improve on our health care delivery system, which is a bit expensive.

Over the years, other people improved on the original design to create what we see today.

LaBate is a great skater once he gets going, but like many young prospects, he needs to improve on his first few steps.

We are already taking steps to do the construction and we have started looking at how we can improve on the old design.

We have continued to improve on the facilities particularly infrastructure development in some of our teaching hospitals.

Every actor that has every worked with her has said that she's a serious actor and always trying to improve on her craft.

In 16% of cases improve in is used

I strive to improve in all aspects of my life.

We are slowly improving in the direction we need to go.

The Ox had a very poor 1st half, but improved in the second.

Women's swimming, meanwhile, expanded its talent and improved in conference rankings.

In 78 percent, health outcomes improved in the Reform Pilot over the life of the measure.

We hope that collaboration between Revsodep and our school will only improve in the future.

With constant practice, one will be used to using it hence the spraying skills will improve in doing the paint job.

However if I had to choose one component to improve in both machines it would have to be the mechanical hard drive.

Hobart also has the lowest levels of public transport use in the nation, a figure that has not improved in a decade.

Because it replaced a poll giving him a larger deficit, his overall numbers in the state improved in the projections.

In 10% of cases improve by is used

Things better have improved by then.

Its shot-to-shot times have been improved by 40 percent.

Under his leadership, SFM has improved by leap and bounds.

No poor countries with temperate climates that can stand to improve by being a little warmer.

Fuel economy can be improved by up to 5% by keeping your tyres inflated to the correct level.

Jamaica have many problems but I can't see how the situation will improve by changing these laws.

Logistic support at Sasebo was shortly to be improved by the establishment of Service Division 31, Captain Joseph M.

Adaptability can be improved by the right kind of training, but by itself it is no particular guard against anything.

Yield per unit of farmland improved by more than 30% between1947 (when India gained political independence) and 1979.

Fifteen years later, our technology has improved by leaps and bounds due to reverse-engineering the Martian war machines.

In 8% of cases improve with is used

But most things improve with the trying.

I improved with every lap, whilst the track got worst.

Hopefully, the music will improve with newer contestants.

The living standard of the people is improving with private and public investment.

And if we keep improving with the rate we are, who knows just how strong we'll get.

The iPhone's screen has also been improved with 44 per cent better colour saturation.

What could be improved with CMS Commander? The very first improvement area is the ease with sites could be added.

The younger players of the team took a while to adjust to the size of the pitch but improved with the games played.

The capabilities of our political leaders have not improved with time, so they still have massive ability to stuff things up.

It is generally worst in the first few years after starting your period, with symptoms tending to improve with age or after childbirth.

In 8% of cases improve upon is used

They came up with the ' Magic Mouse ' and improved upon the concept.

I want to blow some stuff up while improving upon some existing stuff.

I just think their concept of poetry can be, &; has been, improved upon.

Essentially, we need to do things we dislike in order to improve upon an area of weakness.

He possesses a drive to constantly improve upon the standards of his school and its students.

In my opinion there are 3 areas that we need to improve upon: Firstly, and most obviously, up front.

How Complicated is the Cleaning of Paintings? The technology and technique of cleaning are constantly being improved upon.

Any advance was immediately diffused through a network, in such a way that in turn others were inspired to improve upon it.

This worked out very well since it gave me time to prepare and improve upon my questions and spiel for the following interviews.

The wildflower meadows and landscaping were one of the hits with spectators at the Games, so we hope they're retained or improved upon.

In 6% of cases improve to is used

The Philly Fed Index improved to -12.

Turnover value on the DSE, however, improved to Tk 3.

They were much better Sunday, improving to 5-0 at home.

It improved to 53% overall at the end of the match, but that's still rather dreadful.

Poland improves to (21-1) and will move on to face unbeaten Chateaugay (22-0 ), at 1 p.

We also wonder why, if his physique has improved to what it was before, he is not arrested.

In March, the 21-year-old's time for 100 metres was 1:05:98 minutes and come June she had improved to 1:05:11 minutes.

Frye puts up very quality numbers for a back up big, just don't expect him to improve to the level of a quality starter.

The Tigers improved to 19-1 under Les Miles in games following a loss, as LSU beat Mississippi State 37-17 in Baton Rouge.

Once the ranking improves to 120 or 130, people will take notice and want to play for Pakistan, which will make a big difference.

In 5% of cases improve as is used

He has steadily improved as a debater since the autumn.

And Pujara is only improving as a batsman with every Test.

Hard to see how their artistic standards would improve as a result.

It's word-processing stripped back and fans swear their productivity has improved as a result.

Eighty per cent (80%) thought the school climate had improved as a direct result of the initiatives.

Currently GE is showing slow revenue growth, but it ought to improve as the economic situation starts to get better.

Footwork - improves as the intermediate player learns the importance of balance and recovery in allowing multiple attacks.

They are angry that now after the 20th of April explosion &; its now June that nothing is solved or improving as regards the spill.

Perhaps he would be likened to Park, but at 23, there's no better side for a young player to go to improve as a footballer then at United.

In 5% of cases improve from is used

Residential sales improved from -8.

Wide Receivers: A Much improved from previous weeks.

The increasing rate of foreign exports improved from 2.

The water quality of Lung Mei has improved from Grade 4 to Grade 2 in recent weeks.

Blackberry maker RIM did not improve from its 16th ranking, the bottom of the group.

Huge developments in global online play, vastly improved from previous editions of KOF.

My marathon times have improved from 3:36 at Loch Ness in 2009 to 3:16 in two of my last three marathons (Berlin and St Petersburg).

Even if he were to improve from last season, there are too many quality passers in the NFL for Sanchez to justifiably rank in the top 10.

And the standard of debate (with only a few well-known and notable exceptions) has not improved from that low water mark in the intervening years.

Apples To Apples Let's see how much things have improved from the days of VHS by comparing the picture quality of the same movies on VHS, on DVD and on Blu-ray.

In 5% of cases improve over is used

His sense of timing has not improved over the years.

Richard: So what else has improved over this week? Jan: Umm.

I've watched ALL his dramas &; have seen how he has improved over the years.

They believe that this crisis will pass and the housing market will improve over time.

It is impressive that the performance of agriculture has improved over the last 5-7 years.

GE business is likely to improve over the next two years, and the stock will start to soar.

Here I examine -- using pictures -- how home video picture quality has improved over time, from VHS to DVD to Blu-ray.

Vermaelen, much improved over recent efforts, again tormented the Montpellier right back, skinning him with an inside-out feint.

LTL revenue per hundredweight and gross weight hauled improved over the prior year period, resulting in operating margin expansion.

Only two patients out of twenty failed to improve over the course of 10 days, all others were able to sleep calmly throughout the night.

In 3% of cases improve for is used

It was improving for 46% but for a mere six percent, it was declining.

I am noticeably more cut-throat when it comes to editing and my writing has improved for it.

Lesions tend to improve for a few weeks after it has been discontinued, and then to slowly recur.

Q: Do you see any chance of the situation improving for the Batwa? A: To a certain extent, they are.

The news is not set to improve for the country as companies have forecast a decline in activity over the next year.

Yesterday mortgage rates improved for the second consecutive day as the markets continue to digest the results of the U.

Women's rights Life has improved for women in Afghanistan since the days of Taliban, but many are still denied basic rights.

But if things don't improve for Labor north of the border over the next six to 12 months, there is every chance the issue will be revisited.

Even as the share of Americans in the middle has declined, the income status has improved for some demographic groups and deteriorated for others.

The Clone getting down to business! Despite what some sceptics say, there is no doubt that windsurfing equipment continues to improve for the better.

In 2% of cases improve at is used

This product must be improved at the negotiations.

This isn't even something that I can really improve at.

Caring also inspires us to improve at our craft in order to serve others better.

And it is difficult to improve at the local level, but there needs to be more reform.

Overall, 17 per cent of water quality measures improved at individual sites, and 37 per cent deteriorated.

Sean Gelael also improved at the end to grab third spot whilst early pace setter, Parth Ghorpade, was relegated to fourth place.

Due to the fact ebay sellers employed both an auction system and a fixed cost method, that Existing Bid will improve at instances.

Last Tuesday, the Democrats ' share of the vote accounted for just one point less than in 2008 and Republicans failed to improve at all on their 2008 number.

Children starting at the school are behind for their age but improve at an incredible rate; last year 100 per cent got between A* and C grades in English and maths.

And contrary to the conventional wisdom that productivity improves at the expense of employment, both have risen in tandem in Indonesia for 35 of the last 51 years.

In 2% of cases improve after is used

Thought they'd improve after Towson -- they didn't.

Things improved after food started coming in from Morkahi camp.

Why should it? We thought they'd improve after the Auburn game -- they didn't.

Usually side effects improve after the first few days, weeks or months, but sometimes they don't.

While we both agree that Chelsea improved after the first half, I disagree with the reason why they did.

Not only does it keep well, it actually improves after a few days and it adds a sense of indulgence to any occasion.

So why would they improve after Florida? If I am to instill something positive this week, I will point out that this loss doesn't end LSU's season.

Kos will improve after his first season, as will Djourou and TV5, so as much as I'd like us to sign Vidic for example, I'd still be happy with just good quality cover.

Although the data are much more limited, children with neurocognitive abnormalities attributed to Lyme disease also appear to improve after 2 -- 4 weeks of intravenous ceftriaxone 239.

In 1% of cases improve within is used

Her mood improved within ten minutes of eating a turkey sandwich and we were able to go on about our day.

There was little optimism across all professions surveyed, with only 5 per cent very confident the Irish economic situation will improve within the next 3 years.

In 1% of cases improve under is used

Temple was further improved under the patronage of King Walagambahu in 1 st century BC.

The sad reality is that things have not dramatically improved under Obama (although I am sure human rights.

The process is improving under the influence of fiscal reform policies such those set down in their newly revised Defense Procurement Procedure and Manual -- 2009 http: **29;321;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases improve through is used

These pop-ups will improve through your information's monitoring to step if it offers any games.

It was concluded that this scenario could be improved through the creation of new and viable urban centres in rural areas to reduce the pressure on the existing ones.

However this is to be expected being the first ironman I have raced and is only going to be improved through more training and experience of racing the full-distance.

Despite these accomplishments, and the lives that have been improved through immunization, we can not rest while the lives of so many depend on our actions at this seminal moment.

In 1% of cases improve since is used

I think you'll agree the USB driver has improved since launch (in great part thanks to Gordon's efforts).

This latest event was in part aimed at measuring to what extent responses and communication processes had improved since then.

In 1% of cases improve of is used

Attendance has improved of late, but on a percentage basis still easily falls into the NHL's bottom-third.

In 1% of cases improve like is used

If he can keep improving like that, you should try to persist with him there.

Well, rather than improving like my usual back pain did, it only became worse.

The vocals are the best part of the early work and those don't change, but the lyrics, melodies, and hooks improve like crazy.

In 1% of cases improve during is used

Players like Kaboul and BAE have improved during his tenure.

However, the track improved during the course of the event as it was rubbered in each day.

Van Commenee has admitted it was one area that he completely failed to improve during his time in charge.

It does improve during the summer due to the development of the Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre and the Viking Triangle.

But while it was impossible to know whether the economy would improve during the next five years, planning could not be postponed.

In 1% of cases improve before is used

You will know your current English level and what to do to improve before you attend an interview.

On the other, we always discover details that don't quite meet our standards and that need improving before series production can start.

Since it can take up to 18 months to fully recover from an ACL injury, his explosiveness will continue to improve before the start of his rookie season.

A pre-interview assessment by one of our qualified Native English Teachers can help highlight language skills that you urgently need to improve before continuing with your application.

In 1% of cases improve because is used

My reading, writing and compression skills improved because of this website.

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