Prepositions after "improper"

improper for, in, about, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases improper for is used

That is 100% improper for two reasons.

And it was improper for Amnon to do anything to her.

For it is improper for a woman to speak in the church.

Therefore it is improper for most of you to be spreading your incomplete knowledge.

It will be improper for anyone in Ghana to be unsympathetic for any death occurrence.

I know that it is improper for a photographer to make comments on mountains and rivers.

I believe it is improper for a highly respected newspaper to employ such ignorant columnists who write such rubbish.

From what I read last year, shortly after the accident, that the water in Tokyo was improper for children to consume.

Just because you think ' girlfriend ' is improper for over-25s doesn't mean you get to impose that opinion on others.

Ayariga said it was improper for the IEA to go ahead with the evening encounter just a day after the former veep was laid to rest.

In 14% of cases improper in is used

This is however improper in a file.

This type of sample selection is improper in a case study.

It really is a improper in addition to premature measures.

Amitabha: accept my language was improper in places, but let me ask.

Informal male-female touching is less common and can be considered improper in Japan.

Nor was slaveholder law regarded as irregular or improper in the courts or legislatures.

It is obvious that such a kind of asabiyyah is worse and more improper in some ways than other types of asabiyyah.

She draped the blanket over her shoulder and began to nurse the baby, not caring if such an activity was improper in church.

Though not stationed in Mandaue City, the prosecutors said there was nothing improper in receiving monthly stipends from the city.

The relevant question was whether his actions were improper in their totality, including receipt of benefits for assistance provided.

In 5% of cases improper about is used

There's nothing improper about it.

There's nothing illegal or improper about this.

In the world of pensions, there's nothing technically improper about this.

And you found nothing improper about the FBI's sending that information along also? Answer.

But there's nothing slovenly or improper about dropping it and rhyming fifth with pith and myth.

Apart from their being unclothed there was nothing improper about the photographs: there was no abusive activity or obscene or lewd posing.

And nobody get snarky-- I don't mean anything improper about male fans and female players, though I assume many of the guys like the good visuals.

However, a spokesman for Mr Kenny said the Taoiseach was satisfied following his phonecall with Mr Hogan that there had been nothing improper about the meeting.

News Corp believes there was nothing improper about the phone call, one of three, because the support of the Sun and News of the World for the war was well known.

He vaguely felt, as he was shaving, that there was something improper about using such a fine instrument for cleaning up his face, but he itched far too much to care.

In 4% of cases improper of is used

Why? Because those pictures belayed an image IMPROPER of both parties in this event.

One thing we know for sure, it's not worth getting a letter from IRS about the improper of form 1099-A.

He said it would be improper of him to make such a commitment before he considered the report of his expert group on abortion.

I totally agree that it's really hot today (blame the weather, not us) but I think it was really improper of her to complain the way she did.

These plans have evolved over these (almost) nine years; but it would be improper of me to publicise them (that too over INTERNET) at this stage.

In 4% of cases improper on is used

Life is hard enough as it is: If it's not improper on your part, please name the company and the manager's initials.

Danam has advised the Union minister that it was improper on his part to make such comments when the party was passing through a difficult phase.

Addressing a press conference Wednesday, state Congress chief Botsa Satyanarayana said it was improper on the part of the MIM to level such allegations while withdrawing support to the government.

Square &; Rectangle Ad Units Remember AdSense is not your content because if your site or blog shows like that AdSense is taking the place of content it will really look like improper on your part.

In 4% of cases improper to is used

The 30-foot cross he erected at Pointe-Penouille seemed improper to Donnacona, the Native chief.

And he most hindereth himself who hindereth others from their Path, or who constraineth them to some motion improper to their Nature.

You need to figure out what your model of suitable and improper to improved comprehend the way you are dwelling your best trading software everyday life.

For example, how we typically spell words that end with the letters ' our ' like labour, honour, favour would be improper to an American-so I leave out the letter ' u '.

But he was more troubled by Katharine's appearance, as she sat rapt in thought upon the ground, than by his own; there was something improper to him in her self-forgetfulness.

In 3% of cases improper by is used

Of these 19 were rejected as improper by the Court of Cassation.

This procedure was held to be improper by the English Court of Appeal and the convictions in the case were quashed.

In 3% of cases improper with is used

You can find nothing at all improper with promotion.

Grab it improper with each other, and also may end up shifting on.

Nothing improper with that even though he is working to fix the health care system.

What I did and you must not recap is thinking that it is something improper with the program when the money does nt start coming in.

Nothing at all is improper with looking for assist close at hand, and you might also want to work with building your very own ability to discover.

In 1% of cases improper at is used

Unnecessary? Improper at that time, no.

In 1% of cases improper like is used

And I can? t imagine who could have ever arranged to do something improper like that and no one around here know about it.

In 1% of cases improper under is used

If the amount does go on a credit report once he turns 18, it is unlikely to be improper under the terms of the act.

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