Prepositions after "impress"

"impress with" or "impress by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases impress with is used

I'd seriously impressed with him.

I was SO impressed with those folks.

I am impressed with how well they work.

The client was very impressed with the band and the function was a great success.

Since his debut Broad, 22 last month, has impressed with his all-round potential.

Chief Abiola -- may he rest in peace -- was really impressed with my performance.

I was impressed with the way Head Coach Danny Manning has his team playing with a lot of energy and discipline.

I've campaigned for a lot of candidates in my time, some of whom I have been impressed with and others less so.

The merchants were obviously impressed with the business ethics as well as the contractual laws in the Shariah.

I was impressed with the rebuilding and the memorial gardens are beautiful even if they weren't quite open then.

In 35% of cases impress by is used

I am quite impressed by the speed.

I have been impressed by the enthusiasm.

So people were so impressed by our service.

I was especially impressed by the immaculate condition in which the cars were kept.

He was impressed by the basic body motions in salat because it cured his back pain.

CURTIS MAYFIELD was so impressed by Deacon that he hired him, not just for his band.

By the time I left, (having photographed every case and text panel ), I felt hugely impressed by the new display.

Impressed by the Dominicans at St Joseph in Lymington, she applied to be a novice with them in the autumn of 1999.

I was impressed by the man in the white coat, because he did not point to uncertain theories, or dubious inferences.

Rushida, who was the brand ambassador of the marathon, said that he was impressed by the attendance at the marathon.

In 5% of cases impress upon is used

When I was very young my dad tried to impress upon my why it's not a good thing to tell a lie.

In fact we need the freedom of assembly to impress upon government our strength of feeling on issues.

It is also my favourite album to impress upon those who say they hate hip-hop or rap music in any shape or form.

Through this SCP, POGO aims to empower children and also impress upon them the importance of safety in day-to-day life.

He impressed upon me that those who work hard to reach others on behalf of America are the ones that make a difference.

It was from studying abroad in France in the summer of 1997 that had impressed upon me the aspiration to become an architect.

What we had earlier hoped to be our benefactors, as they often impressed upon us, turned out to be ferocious wolves in sheep's clothing.

As the palace was gathering for breakfast, the queen met her daughter to impress upon her how to behave when talking to the foreign prince.

I fear this article is too limiting and has too few words to be able to impress upon you the extent of how rattled you will be after leaving this film.

In 4% of cases impress at is used

He has impressed at the Euro 2012.

The car: I wasn't impressed at all save for its size.

I was always impressed at how well dressed they all were.

Can't say I'd hugely impressed at an item taking a week to travel from Reading to London.

If I had Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven theme activated, they probably wouldn't be so impressed at my blog.

She was professional, polite, and I was impressed at the way she conducted herself and my matter for me.

I'd impressed at how they are connecting with other parts of community like the police, the school and local government.

Btw, this made me want to move to Delhi Woooow!!! So impressed at how u've put together the list of things to do in Delhi.

When French troops? liberated? Alsace Lorraine in 1918, they were impressed at how French it all was? 90% by most estimates.

During classes I visited or taught myself, I was impressed at both the number and the lively participation of women studying at UCBC.

In 4% of cases impress in is used

Impressed in all the four matches he played for Portugal, even in the humdrum clash against Spain.

His performance on the pitch was battling as usual and he even impressed in his post-match interview.

The Goa writers who impressed in my adolescent and young boyhood included Sardesai, Laxmanrao Sardesai.

Like Minnesota-Duluth two weeks ago, Western Michigan set the tone on Friday while the Irish impressed in game two.

A French winger who plays on the left and can appear in the centre who has been impressing in Spain for an unfashionable side.

Mark Johnston's ex-assistant has consistently impressed in his handling of often moderate horses from the bloodstock outpost of Co.

Journalism has such a variety of different jobs and you have to know exactly what you'll be doing in order to impress in the interviewer.

Since impressing in a series of four friendlies prior to the Olympics, the manager has stuck with Oscar as his maestro in the midfield.

In group A Vanuatu overcame a middle order collapse to easily defeat Norway and Ghana impressed in their 50 run win over the hosts Samoa.

Sahin naturally preferred to drop deep and join the build up while Gerrard continued to impress in what was a very patient and disciplined role.

In 3% of cases impress on is used

So I easily impressed on this regard.

I was really impressed on the turnaround times on answering enquiries.

Morata impressed on his debut in Zaragoza, and against Levante in the Copa.

The recipient's service number, rank, name and unit was impressed on the rim.

The reverse is plain with the recipient's service number, rank, name and unit impressed on it.

This truth should be impressed on us by the fact that a special divine precept sanctions its subject-matter.

Am particularly impressed on how Proton is trying to walk away from the poor experience for past decades with this R3 baby.

Let them have the views impressed on their minds by the Devon rambling commission, and by Stanley's removal of banks or fences, at home.

But, it was the Jigawa State governor, Sule Lamido, who had first met with Tukur to impress on him the need to reverse the sack of the Adamawa PDP executive.

Robots are walking on Mars, a planet light years away in distance, digging samples of rocks and taking spectacular pictures to impress on us the genius of man.

In 1% of cases impress for is used

Marketing Week was impressed for one.

These players have stood out so far and there is no reason why they can't continue to impress for the Blues.

Song carried on impressing for the next 2 seasons, whilst improving his all-round game, especially his passing and ball control.

His real challenge lies ahead - cementing Wigan as an undisputed top division mainstay by impressing for more than a few months each season.

Linked with Everton this week, Forrester has been impressing for St Pat's for some time and is the number one young talent still plying his trade in Ireland.

A surprising summer signing for Manchester United but after impressing for Universidad de Chile and scoring goals in the Copa Libertadores, has what it takes to succeed at Old Trafford.

However, Balotelli impressed for Italy in their friendly against France on Wednesday, despite the Azzurri suffering a 2-1 defeat, and Gregucci says he is ready to fight for a spot in the first-team.

In 1% of cases impress into is used

Imagine the innumerable host of intermediary stages there ought to be, impressed into the rocks, of such transitioning across the species barrier.

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