Prepositions after "import"

"import from" or "import into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases import from is used

In short, one quarter of the goods imported from the U.

Lucky bamboos, like Orchids are imported from Thailand.

White said, but others are made in Gaza and imported from Libya.

In 1841, Ice House was built to store the ice bars imported from America through ships.

If not they are assembled in the US, majority of the components are imported from China.

By then they had multiplied to over 70 Blacks and even more Whites of original stock imported from South Africa.

Along with food, large sections of the stores are dedicated to soap, shampoo and beauty products imported from Thailand.

Many of the statues were imported from Italy where they could be obtained more cheaply than those quarried in New Zealand.

Under the project floated in 2006, 1,000 to 1,300 megawatts of surplus electricity will be imported from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

In 19% of cases import into is used

Or first time mac users with lots of cds to import into Itunes.

I am trying to get the data from the table imported into Mathematica.

As a result, food could not be imported into Orissa as easily as Bengal.

How Customs Duty is calculated: All goods imported into India are subject to duty.

This meant slaves could still be imported into Zanzibar but could no longer be exported to Oman.

No one bothered to specify the meanings of these terms when they were imported into the legal system.

That no slave should be carried into it who had been imported into the United States since the first day of May, 1798.

Unfortunately, this wine is not imported into Ireland but it has a beautiful balance and structure and an elegant nose.

Gallery director Jenny Harper says the carved piano was imported into New Zealand and played by Lilli Krauss in the 1950s.

Lectures can be imported into the software in a wide variety of formats, including PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop, and many others.

In 7% of cases import for is used

PointsImport for AutoCAD is the best solution for this.

Points Import for AutoCAD is a Point Text file import plug-in for AutoCADr.

Please remember to take the survey as its incredibly import for us to gauge reaction to the game.

Points Import for Solidworks Import function seemed to work OK, but interface is not very intuative.

Others were imported for the police or military but then somehow found their way into private hands.

Points Import for SolidWorks reads the coordinate data stored in Point files and imports it into SolidWorks.

Section 74 of the Act provides for drawback on goods that are imported for a temporary period into India and exported out of the country.

In 6% of cases import by is used

He had his coal imported by sea.

Even the first shipment of Ilmenite was imported by a Japanese company named Ishihara Sino Kaisa in 1962.

Karuna Gems Quality jewellery made using natural, untreated Diamonds and Gemstones imported by Karuna Gems.

It started in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2010, but the format was so successful that it was rapidly imported by some of the most important european capitals.

From this list I tried the following (all imported by Vine Trail ): Champagne AC NV Brut Val Vilaine Inflorescence, Cedric Bouchard -- a tiny producer with only 2.

Even if the Keystone Pipeline is not built, heavy crudes will continue to be imported by the US, from such pillars of environmental correctness, ie Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, etc.

In 6% of cases import to is used

They show up if I import to a test blog.

Born and bred in Zimbabwe thereafter imported to Kenya and now she is a proud member of Kaskazis Safari herd.

I have found them to be not as sweet &; definately not as red as the American version (maybe they are imported to US.

The American genotype was imported to India over 100 years ago corresponding to high traffic between India and South America.

He had been stopped from doing so by a small but loud and violent handful, many of whom had been imported to the congregation for the purpose.

According to rough estimates, tyres worth US$400 million for buses and lorries are imported to Dubai every year, mainly from China, Japan and India.

When you select this option, certain information from your application, such as destination, will automatically be imported to and displayed on a new application.

In 4% of cases import in is used

Import in this sector has increased by 3.

In the southern United States, Asian carp were imported in the 1970s to help clean up algae in commercial catfish ponds.

Note that if migrator finds a Virtuemart product that is already assigned to a K2 item (has already been imported in the past ), this product will be skipped.

In 2% of cases import with is used

Merchandise being imported with the sole purpose of being smuggled immediately into Brazil and Argentina.

This sector's ' inputs ' are largely imported with very little added value for Ireland except labour, and profits are also exported.

Capital goods can be imported with a license under the Export Promotion Capital Goods plan (EPCG) at reduced rates of duty, subject to the fulfillment of a time-bound export obligation.

In 1% of cases import like is used

But we have been importing like 17 percent of GDP.

There are some gadgets that we need to import like the lamps, which are costly and also very fragile.

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