Prepositions after "implement"

"implement in" or "implement by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases implement in is used

Be implemented in the best possible manner.

Which is only implemented in Sindh Province.

The messaging solution can be implemented in three ways i.

As with GEDV, EVLW has been successfully implemented into therapeutic algorithms 30.

These steps must be standardised and implemented in compliance with policy every time.

I hope you will find all the ideas useful and easy to implement in your own kids ' room.

If 13Ais implemented in letter and sprite then and only then the benefit to the entire community will be apparent.

Recent rule changes implemented in the November Tests suggest that it does not make the product more entertaining.

Implemented in 2000-2001, the Taliban's drug eradication program led to a 94 percent decline in opium cultivation.

Abstract This article provides an overview of a school breakfast program implemented in 1993 in the Peruvian Andes.

In 21% of cases implement by is used

On Linux, the SMB protocol is implemented by Samba.

All policies were implemented by the government aka SNP.

They are being implemented by the Tory Liberal coalition.

Extensive product information will be required and implemented by 2010 at the latest.

These reforms could be implemented by agreement or, even better, enshrined in statute.

I've witnessed this act first hand; it was beautifully implemented by a fellow consultant.

Such languages are then implemented by multiple vendors, each of which is likely to provide different libraries.

Kaser written by abc, November 14, 2012 Implementing sharia where? Sharia is implemented by the will of the people.

The Bill takes over many functions that could be jointly and cooperatively implemented by the Centre and the Provinces.

Applications Multi-Modal LOS standards can be developed and implemented by virtually all transportation planning organizations.

In 6% of cases implement for is used

A sustainability literacy requirement was recently implemented for all students.

In Switzerland, their national service has been implemented for hundreds of years.

Three subclasses were implemented for types of int, float and double, respectively.

But you can implement for the data in the form of a free of charge downloadable information.

One prefix involving it is usually implemented for approximately 3 computing devices of your.

One particular rule of it can be implemented for approximately 3 personal computers of one's.

He opined the verdict of the court in the case should be implemented for the national interest.

This is the process we are looking to implement for particular clients in the studio where we can.

On the basis of this strategy lie the basic management measures that have been implemented for years.

If you have good circulation, the treatments implemented for your cancer will be much more effective.

In 5% of cases implement at is used

Self love is an act of divine correction and can be implemented at anytime.

The health component of the clinic was not implemented at the Spanish Town location.

An explanation for this is the Home-Grown ruling that the FA implemented at the start of the 2010/11 season.

It's a technique that is being implemented at schools across the Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB).

We were, however, actively engaged in facilitating security measures implemented at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

This study describes how a management information system using the balanced scorecard was planned and implemented at Turku Polytechnic.

Any treatment must be scientifically investigated and subjected to independent verification before being implemented at home or school.

We also need to move ahead with our structural reform agenda -- the country-specific recommendations have to be implemented at national level.

When will this be expected to launch? And are there any countries to be implemented at the start? Hi Alex, Regarding a module for WHMCS, I can't comment.

In 5% of cases implement on is used

This is also implemented on a concept of H.

There is no OpenCL implemented on Videocore, using Android or anything else.

It has recently been implemented on most of the lowest priced, advance tickets.

The EC2 and EBS APIs are implemented on multi-Availability Zone replicated datastores.

Manages the operations team to ensure all new site updates are implemented on schedule.

If you would like this to be implemented on your website or any further advice, contact us.

Any law that is implemented on the tribesmen through a slow system of evolution is respected by them and adhered to.

These committees endeavored to develop architecture-neutral definitions that could be implemented on any hardware architecture.

Substances code taken into the body implemented on a website to hide the truth of an overuse of a banned substance lack of quality content.

A Buyer's Stamp Duty was also implemented on residential purchases, imposing a 15% tax on buyers who are not Hong Kong permanent residents.

In 4% of cases implement with is used

This shall be implemented with immediate effect.

It should be implemented with total transparency.

This is something RIM implemented with the latest updates to the Desktop Manager.

But, it was not implemented with any uniformity as to when it should start and stop.

The second was implemented with the presidency of George Washington in 1789, and this is the third.

We request that you do everything in your power to ensure that this change is implemented with immediate effect.

What's more, its television is implemented with content - blue team which is list and software lost, application.

In addition, we were able to reduce across the goods through the efficiency improvements that we implemented with this.

If you're working on a blog or a website as your side project you may have big ideas and plans that you want to implement with the site.

In 3% of cases implement as is used

This is implemented as an array of single bits that is highly efficient in its memory usage.

This was not implemented as a result of pressure from extremist Sinhalese and Buddhist opinion.

Seems that if the firmware were blown into ROM on the GPU or indeed implemented as a sea of gates in the GPU, i.

The whole operation which led to the displacement of Lugo was carefully planned so as to rule out an unbiased parliamentary inquiry and was implemented as a snap offensive.

Amendments to the Town and Country Planning Act to allow for more effective enforcement of planning laws have been implemented as well as a revision of the Agricultural Land Use Policy.

Jacob as the education minister will be remembered as the architect of the aborted pre-degree board (which years later was implemented as the +2 stream) and creator of Mahatma Gandhi University.

In 2% of cases implement under is used

Can the Divineguma be implemented under Samurdhi as it is done today? Yes it can.

The two parties face a busy agenda of economic issues including whether to extend tax cuts implemented under former president George W.

The Philippines did not commit anything new in APEC outside of what is already being unilaterally implemented under the Tariff Reform Program.

Babu get out from ZNP to form Umma party because his marxist ideology can not be implemented under Ali Muhsin as has politics of ' muhafidhiin '.

This also records a land mark point in making Sri Lanka a Maritime Hub, implemented under the ' Mahinda Chinthana ' of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

In 2% of cases implement during is used

Thus, all kinds of Delhi Resorts will be overflowing with AC situation to implement during both summer season and winter season weather.

Congress will reconvene discussions as to how to trim current spending levels, while at the same time attempting to extend tax cuts that were initially implemented during the Bush administration.

In 2% of cases implement into is used

As with GEDV, EVLW has been successfully implemented into therapeutic algorithms 30.

Both are good players if they are implemented into a system in which their roles match their strengths.

Sameer Khan's corrections, though tacked on at the bottom, have not been implemented into the main lessons.

It's something that he's not really had to implement into his skill set, as he came from Brazil as a destructive, strong holding midfielder, almost in the Gilberto Silva mold.

Most campaigns work best when they are integrated together -- so yes advertise using paid search, but use that keyword and conversion data to implement into your SEO strategy.

In 2% of cases implement through is used

The initiative, which is being implemented through approximately $902 million (US$9.

FDA, 2 challenged the second two of these three changes, as implemented through an FDA rule published on June 22, 2011.

In UK, the softer approach to CRD3 is implemented through the FSA's Remuneration Code with backing from the Financial Services Act 2010.

The current project for Tanzania is the second one of a series of similar country projects funded by SECO to be implemented through the same modalities.

In 1% of cases implement without is used

However, it would be difficult to implement without a teacher assistant or reliable parent volunteer.

Thank you! Using a timer was the only thing I could think might work, but it felt too hideous to actually implement without asking for ideas! I'd still reluctant.

In 1% of cases implement across is used

The RBI plans to have this new system implemented across all banks.

Similar Sure Start initiatives are being implemented across Maharashtra.

Leaders such as Nokia are coming up with best practices and guidelines for their operations which are then implemented across the company and the supply chain.

The Australian Disability Parking Scheme is gradually being implemented across Australia from September 2010, to streamline the distribution and use of disability parking permits.

In 1% of cases implement within is used

The DAA expects that such functionality will be implemented within nine months.

But these breaks are devices implemented within the text for any number of reasons or effects.

I personally expect to see a broad based value added tax implemented within the next five to ten years.

In 1% of cases implement to is used

Find a way to relate any changes you are implementing to them on a personally beneficial level.

Adjustment is unnecessary because I am strictly following whatever is implemented to the Church.

Almost all work study tools and methodology are adopted from others industries and implemented to the garment industry.

In 1% of cases implement throughout is used

UN Agenda is being implemented throughout the US by city councils and county commissions.

I am unable to say that the Order of 1928 was immediately implemented throughout the country.

In 1% of cases implement over is used

Every policy Obama has implemented over the past four years have created the complete opposite of his stated intentions.

In 1% of cases implement from is used

Bessel III to implement from 2013 to 2019 in stages.

Early intervention may be implemented from birth or even as late as in school.

Aside from orbital establishing shots, new phaser effects were created depicting the block-wide stun implemented from the Enterprise.

The whole operation a great instant approval credit card will be much quicker as compared to implementing from your send or over the iphone.

But the real advances in water quality control date from after the mid century, with significant federal legislation and local regulations being implemented from the 1970's on.

Prof Saitoti also announced that the second phase of the salary review factoring in adjustments in allowances will be implemented from July 1 this year at a cost of Sh9 billion.

In 1% of cases implement due is used

This rule was implemented due to the fact that they had an experience with some other people taking photos in the coffee shop and setting up a similar coffee shop using a similar design.

In 1% of cases implement before is used

All this are to be implemented before the end of the transition period in August 2012.

The system may be incrementally developed so that some of the requirements are implemented before others.

Requirements pertaining to these foundational components often need to be implemented before other requirements.

The Administration wanted to drag its feet so that the law would be implemented before ti could be heard by SCOTUS, but the plaintiffs appealed NOT the mandate but its severability.

In 1% of cases implement along is used

Following its valuable green protective functions, a number of donor funded afforestation projects with mangrove species was implemented along 710 kilometer coastline in Bangladesh.

In 1% of cases implement after is used

Yes, price controls were counter to domestic free market function, but these were implemented after the 1973 Arab OPEC oil embargo.

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