Prepositions after "impinge"

"impinge on" or "impinge upon"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases impinge on is used

Only colour can impinge on the eyesense, not the other rupas arising together with it in a group.

Private opinions do not concern him except they impinge on the public safety and well-being of the realm.

Anonymous members are opposed to measures which are perceived as impinging on the freedom of the internet.

It is about the political life of Sri Lankans as ethnic polities and the Sri Lankan state as it impinged on the lives of the people.

That has an important effect on the jet stream, and the storm track that impinges on Europe and can change the weather on seasonal timescales.

Comprehensive, compulsory ID cards would directly impinge on every single citizen; this is just the kind of thing the British like to get bloody-minded about.

But the international economy impinges on possibilities for productivity improvement in several ways, particularly in the transfer of technology from one country to another.

Also, because the turbines would stand out in views from neighbouring hills, including the Northern Cairngorms, they would impinge on walkers and mountaineers in those areas too.

In 21% of cases impinge upon is used

It impinges upon ones right to choose what they wish to wear, but not their freedom of religion.

All feelings that arise in the mind and all feelings which impinge upon the body, all of these, arise and pass away.

Without immersing yourself in thinking and reflecting over them, you can not absorb them, nor can they impinge upon your life.

Before talking about human rights, we have to define the extension of rights determined for human, whether it is impinged upon body or soul.

Making your manager efficient is a very difficult task, but where it impinges upon your work and performance you must take the bull by the horns (or whatever) and confront the issue.

It is not real, and it is just not there, though it appears to be there because of the vibrations impinging upon our personalities which take the form of colour, sound, tangibility, taste, etc.

In 2% of cases impinge over is used

There is far almost a energy off to the care who laughs out limited years, which cass back impinges over the pony of the size.

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