Prepositions after "imagine"

"imagine for", "imagine by" or "imagine in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases imagine for is used

Imagine for a moment how much mutual trust this requires.

But imagine for a while what it would be like to have no self.

Why? It was far more fun looking around and imagining for yourself.

I do not imagine for a second that identify cards will significantly reduce this problem.

Imagine for a moment what else you don't know because you rely solely on the msm for news.

No worries - didn't imagine for a moment that you were being anything other than thorough.

Imagine for a second the outrage these women would have felt if the company delivered blacks, browns, or even yellows.

Imagine for a moment that it was the last round of a major tournament and Player X is leading the field by a half-point.

Imagine for a minute that, instead of discovering a diamond planet, we'd made a breakthrough in global temperature projections.

Imagine for a moment that you are having issues with this enterprise software you just downloaded and want to get a solution ASAP.

In 19% of cases imagine in is used

Just imagine in heaven with all these people.

The oldest possible person we can ever imagine in Evan.

Imagine in your mind's eye another person, it can be anyone.

It is as if each person is opening up to something she could never have imagined in herself.

In confusion he looks up and what he sees is something he could have never imagined in his life.

I imagine in later years i will become his carer, for i don't want him ending up in a sub-human **26;1576;TOOLONG.

My sympathies to the people working at Skype, who didn't imagine in their wildest nightmares that they'd end up as a footnote in the decline of Microsoft.

I used a little trick: I classed the novel's characters with people I know and whom I could imagine in the particular role and then took over their idiosyncrasies.

I can not imagine in the dark corridor on the difficult trial and error, what kind of situation? Although only the fourth floor, but I think for a long time ahead.

And he who really knows this sphere, and not only imagines in his presumption that he does, will never make use of hypnotism as long as he desires what is best for his fellow-men.

In 14% of cases imagine by is used

DannyGane IMAGINE by John Lennon.

As can be imagined by its name, rickshaw is actually derived from the Japanese jinrikisha.

How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine by John Jeavons.

Numerous different future scenarios have been imagined by authors, film makers, game designers and scientists.

This mirror, this simulation, does not weaken the substance of reality, make things less real, as imagined by Baudrillard.

Imagine by 2050, we have 9 billion people on the planet, all living like Europeans do now -- we'll need 463EJ to supply them all.

What I would like to focus on in turning to Bergson at this moment is the role of the body in relation to movement imagined by Bergson and Deren.

The scenario imagined by so many Hollywood films, in which they could become uncontrollable killing machines, is simply the stuff of science fiction.

Please note that: Added value for internal customers, notably staff, does not have to be financial, as is commonly imagined by many top business executives.

Emmanuel announces that he's going to sing Imagine by John Lennon and it's like a little invisible elf has rushed past and given us all a little thump in the chest at the same moment.

In 6% of cases imagine from is used

Its function might be distilled down to far less mathematics than would be imagined from its complexity.

As might be imagined from this small amount of detail, the Dragoon Concept and the current Afghan campaign are a long way apart.

Twomey's subjects combine the earnestness we imagine from one of Hef's cohorts with the added maturity and wear that life outside the mansion brings.

As an essential article of furniture Hoole recommended an hourglass, so that master and pupil could be ' observant of the clock ' - though one imagines from opposite motives.

What they did was move in a newer fridge from an empty unit (my landlords were awful about spending any money at all, as you can imagine from the 60s era not-frost-free fridge.

In 5% of cases imagine as is used

The National Labor Forum, established by the government in 2004 was imagined as a site to:.

However, all his wishes were best imagined as the business in question failed and he lost all his resources.

Fluent in the language of music, 9 maps used pedal-point technique to bring extra tension to the tune, which could be imagined as a stylistic metaphor of their inner struggles.

In 5% of cases imagine of is used

The Imam destroys every stereotypical imagine of what an Imam is portrayed to look like.

In 4% of cases imagine with is used

It's pretty common here as I'd sure you can imagine with the Bb thing.

Imagine with the liberation of the North and East there will be another wide space that current operators can move in to.

Plus, visiting the same place over and over means I can predict or at least imagine with a decent level of accuracy what's going to happen next.

Imagine with me for a moment the joy you will have if you join us in sponsoring only five bibles a month to give to someone in a restricted nation.

If they were hacked do you believe that they would tell the sheeple? NO WAY, it would be hidden like you can't imagine with the complete complicity of the US government.

In 4% of cases imagine at is used

We will be using it for things we can't imagine at the moment.

Her eyes, He had no objection to praising poor old Eus OakleY dangerouS Sunglasses ace within decent limits, A what? whom he had imagined at his home in.

In 3% of cases imagine after is used

It was hard to imagine after a thunderous start against Paris/Lyon when they fired over points for fun.

It could be replied that such an agent is not so easily imagined after all -- even if the monk does not value worldly goods, he will still prefer some things to others (e.

When you unwrap the cube you simply roll out the dress and it reveals, well, a dress! It's a little crinkly but I imagine after a wash (I don't do ironing) it'll be smoother.

In 3% of cases imagine to is used

Text IMAGINE to 5055 to donate $10 to WhyHunger (www.

In 3% of cases imagine about is used

My thoughts was imagining about those potential area which will be under the water as the sea water is keep on rising and rising.

Sven DiMilo December 25, 2008 Also valid: What do you think Rick Warren imagines about evolution? littlejohn December 25, 2008 Hey, this didn't start with the Flintstones.

In 1% of cases imagine like is used

Really these photographs are beyond the limit no one can imagine like this.

In 1% of cases imagine because is used

Importance of Colombo conclave The Colombo conference acquired more importance than its organiser imagined because of the international context in which it was held.

In 1% of cases imagine under is used

However, one year on, the situation in the Middle East looks far worse than it could have ever been imagined under the likes of Gaddafi and Ben Ali of Tunisia.

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