Prepositions after "illustrate"

"illustrate by" or "illustrate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases illustrate by is used

Illustrated by Andrew Stephens.

Curtayne illustrated by reference to the bank with which Mr.

It is also illustrated by a letter published in the Jinnah Papers.

He can not be explained by being referred to a class, nor can he be illustrated by an example.

This gap is well illustrated by the contrast between the rich man and Lazarus in Luke's parable (Lk.

The whole parse is illustrated by In this picture, each call to Exp is indicated by a dashed contour.

Weather HD iPad, iPhone, 59p Gorgeous app that provides hourly or three-day forecasts, illustrated by soothing videos.

I felt it was starkly illustrated by the education of young trainee officers (midshipmen) 200 years ago in the British navy.

MAPS 2 MAFIA ISLAND MARINE PARK The bundaires of the park, and Kinasi's location wihtoin it, are illustrated by the following map.

This point is clearly illustrated by the collapse of the industry development initiatives undertaken by Pacific Northwest Venison Producer.

In 28% of cases illustrate in is used

This is illustrated in the next figure.

These characteristics are illustrated in fig 1.

Using only half a cycle, as illustrated in fig 1.

Example 16 One form in which sound spectra are often shown is illustrated in Fig.

The third point is related to the first Point, as illustrated in the following example.

These contents are defined in the tables that follow and are illustrated in Figure 5-1.

Q: What is your studio like? Do you do your writing and illustrating in the same space? A: My studio is messy.

Consider a heat exchanger in which one fluid is effectively at a constant temperature, T b as illustrated in Fig.

As is illustrated in Fig 5 improving only the style of 20+ micron wool would have little if any financial benefit.

It is thus not surprising to observe a high mortality of Kapokier in 1974 north of the 650 mm isohyet, as illustrated in Fig.

In 15% of cases illustrate with is used

This gives a history of the knights illustrated with.

The cover is illustrated with pictures of people in flight.

This is a stimulating book, well referenced, illustrated with interesting plates and clearly written.

The book is illustrated with wood engravings by Gibbings and was a critical, but not financial, success.

Let's illustrate with an example -- using a unreal new on the internet offer for the buy and selling of art.

First, there goes the upward section where everything is great (the one which was illustrated with the girls in bikinis).

Stigler's thesis can be illustrated with two examples, one controlling oil imports in the US and the other controlling rice supplies in Hong Kong.

On Saturday the 1st of September April Nicholson, who has had a long career in musical theatre gave us some of her anecdotes illustrated with songs.

In this magnificent new cookbook, illustrated with full color throughout, Julia Child gives us her magnum opus--the distillation of a lifetime of cooking.

In 5% of cases illustrate for is used

The stunning model is my friend Caitlin - who is now illustrating for Rookie.

Sensitivity to fast modulation rates at single STG electrodes is illustrated for one participant in Figure 7A.

This illustrates for me that the nation has clearly divided into two groups: those capable of critical thought and those without that skill or ability.

Speech, like other natural sounds, has strong stimulus correlations (illustrated for acoustic frequency, top panels, and temporal modulation rate, bottom panels).

Newberger has uncovered a startling oversight in regard to conflict and peacemaking: we have somehow overlooked the model of reconciliation God himself has given and illustrated for us in Christ.

In 4% of cases illustrate to is used

It just illustrates to me the cultural power of mega-city London.

In His Parables, He illustrated to us in metaphors the natural processes (Laws) of this Creation.

These encounters with baby and mother beautifully illustrated to me how unique it is to be a family doctor.

Agent Marcia Wernick is offering a 20-minute phone call about children's book writing and illustrating to the high bidder for this auction.

It ended up causing quite a bit of turmoil, and there were some behind-the-scenes events this week that illustrated to me just how fast and how far this sort of thing travels these days.

In 2% of cases illustrate on is used

No rule you have to but sometimes important to bring a end to things, as illustrated on Saturday.

Pick a dark, matte eyeshadow (either brown, black or dark grey) and gently apply it on the outer-v as illustrated on photo below.

Steady state is illustrated on the adjacent graph at the point where the heart rate flattens after an initial rise in the first few minutes of exercise.

In 2% of cases illustrate through is used

I try to illustrate through the eyes of my inner child.

This need for transparency is best illustrated through examples.

The distinctive nature of the region is illustrated through the presidencies of its current and immediate past office holders and the clubs they serve in addition to their chapter duties.

In 1% of cases illustrate as is used

To highlight the Foundation's milestone, a visual retrospective of the last 20 years was created and is illustrated as an infographic (http: **35;1979;TOOLONG.

Getting a system internet marketer employed as any kind of a headhunter, you will want to illustrate as well as appear your individual skills of the occur actually doing.

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