Prepositions after "ignore"

"ignore by" or "ignore in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases ignore by is used

It is ignored by voice of desire.

Wegener's theory was ignored by most of the scientists of his day.

There's no Blu-ray support, a feature that has been ignored by Apple.

Picked last for the football team, ignored by the prettiest girl or best-looking boy.

Unfortunately this was ignored by the ruling party and Ali(AS) took it back with him.

For too long amateur arts have been ignored by the media, policy makers and researchers.

The Election Protection folks at 866-Our-Vote maintain a public database, but it is largely ignored by officialdom.

I also do nt understand why such a hugely subscribed thread for something so obviously practical was ignored by Skype.

The Lord of the Manor abuse of power was often ignored by thechurch and in exchange the church would be given a lot of money.

In 22% of cases ignore in is used

It is often ignored in seo projects.

That can't ignored in running office in Ohio.

I was studiously ignored in favour of people she knew.

But there is another dimension to this, ignored in the debate that has raged this week.

He painted the beautiful Mars and Venus too! Realism was ignored in Botticelli's paintings.

The latest developments in Android news are so hot that they can not be ignored in any way.

Small SV's mean that the associated PC's aren't significant (and can often be ignored in subsequent reconstructions).

This is the bit that is largely (some might say deliberately) ignored in the tuition fee debate, not the stuff about repayment methods.

Each chance to veer the course back into being a hip and cool crime film is ignored in favour of following the rules of cause and effect.

In 6% of cases ignore for is used

Drug addiction is a social problem which has been ignored for far too long.

If SO! why has a renewal of its services been ignored for almost two years.

He speaks on behalf of a number of people who have been ignored for a number of years.

Italian Football Federation laying out blueprint for proactive future FIGC has reacted to this obvious problem many Italians have been ignoring for too long.

The traditional model insists that partners draw on their salaries from the profits of the firm (ignoring for the moment the distinction between equity and non equity partnerships).

In 5% of cases ignore at is used

The problems of creating a monetary union without fiscal union were ignored at the founding of the eurozone.

But you ignore at your own peril those beacons of culture that tap into deep emotions, even if you think (emphasis on ' think ', i.

The significance of real estate business connections in these incidents can not be ignored at a time when ' land grabbing ' cases is hogging the headlines.

These ethical rules are ignored at a lawyer's peril since violating them can bring significant financial and reputational harm to both the lawyer as well as the firm.

In 3% of cases ignore on is used

Just ignore on other items, this itself already worth close to $ 0.

But Beams will be hard to ignore on his performances so far this season.

Actually, the article was pretty much ignored on LC so no reason why the BBC should have mentioned it.

Due to the role of the butterfly effect, the cutting price of oil has given effects can not be ignored on other economic development.

In 2% of cases ignore to is used

However it ignores to its peril other ways of viewing faith.

In 1% of cases ignore after is used

The organization is used as a scare tactic but doesn't impact anything the characters do, and the characters ' abilities are mostly ignored after being mentioned once or twice.

In 1% of cases ignore as is used

As with most rhythm games, the background does get slightly ignored as the player goes on to autopilot to keep time, but on easier levels, the levels can be truly appreciated.

In 1% of cases ignore due is used

The author does not understand any of this, or chooses to ignore due his hatred.

In 1% of cases ignore throughout is used

In fact, the heavy influence of Freund's distinctive sound is impossible to ignore throughout the album.

In 1% of cases ignore with is used

Warnings over pending attacks on the Libyan Ambassador ignored with the result of 4 dead.

In 1% of cases ignore without is used

If this was clearly an anti-austerity vote it would be impossible to ignore without risking mass mobilisation but that's not on the cards and never was.

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