Prepositions after "ignorant"

ignorant of, about, to, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases ignorant of is used

Ignorant of both meetings, Maj.

They are IGNORANT of any facts.

Everyone is ignorant of something.

They had shown that they were ignorant of the very rudiments of the divine teaching.

We are not ignorant of the facts and what they say and the reasons behind such hatred.

It is very true that nearly everyone is ignorant of the importance of monetary policy.

It is truly pathetic that we have people completely ignorant of the technologies that they are seeking to control.

Parents have sometimes followed through, but have been incredibly ignorant of the possibility of it being diabetes.

DaveA Those who claim there is, either are ignorant of the difference between voluntary arbitration and actual law.

But whoever imagines, upon this account, that masters rarely combine, is as ignorant of the world as of the subject.

In 13% of cases ignorant about is used

I was hopelessly ignorant about it.

He is quite ignorant about his Deen.

I am not sure what I am ignorant about.

I'd completely ignorant about their rugby but on paper they don't look like much.

Ordinary people are completely ignorant about the truth of the universe and life.

People who speak authoritatively on topics which they are clearly ignorant about.

I guess my friend is real comfortable in her comfort zone and blissfully ignorant about the real risks in life.

For the longest time I was just as ignorant about the Milwaukee Brewers logo with the baseball inside the glove.

I didn; t receive any e-mails from IMESS, so I'd still ignorant about the results of the scholarship nomination.

This would give him a much better understanding and empathy for the people he can currently be so ignorant about.

In 6% of cases ignorant to is used

Ignorant to bed bugs, I took it.

It's ignorant to this organization.

I am ignorant to how these things work.

So yes, the statement that you are ignorant to and commenting on, is indeed correct.

Write the facts please, the American public is already ignorant to the third degree.

The public was ignorant to the laws of the state of emergency and went foul of them.

Being cradled by his innocence, he was ignorant to Maycomb's dark side, and dwelled in his ideal image of Maycomb.

To say his stories aren't still full of originality and personal touches is to be ignorant to his writing ability.

I find most ' goths ' of that age are pretty ignorant to other music, fashions and people who don't look like them.

I admit that I have been ignorant to Sikhism in general and still lack a good understanding of the religion itself.

In 3% of cases ignorant in is used

So are the ignorant in the world.

You are ignorant in your answers.

I admit I am ignorant in this area.

Voters, he says, are not just ignorant in the sense of having insufficient information.

Is one thing to appear ignorant in legislation and another to appear ignorant on video.

And YES you are being very arrogant or ignorant in dismissing these obvious observations.

Maybe it's because I'd ignorant in the field, but having read some of the comments on here, I think I'd not alone.

There are many people who are willfully ignorant in this country -- about 51 percent of the population, apparently.

During the early years of the Umayyad dynasty, many Muslims were totally ignorant in regard to ritual and doctrine.

She is a single-bullet- theoretician, ignorant in her tone as in her recounting of her belief in what she believes.

In 2% of cases ignorant on is used

We have been kept ignorant on purpose.

Ganesan can not be ignorant on any of that.

I see you're wholly ignorant on this topic.

I confess that I am totally ignorant on where to even start my selection process, i.

They basicly just base their comments while being ignorant on what the scriptures say.

He then advised Conan to get tested, suggesting he was ignorant on the subject of STDs.

These people are intentionally and willfully ignorant on any and all subject unless they find it to their benefit.

I encourage this interest in Tamil culture, and I entirely agree that we Sinhalese are very ignorant on this topic.

Enjoy! We were so ignorant on how the usual day of the 28th of February unfolds in the main streets of Metro Manila.

So who is ignorant? I'd ignorant in my own way; there are things I don't know about, so I'd ignorant on that account.

In 1% of cases ignorant as is used

Like you, I am ignorant as to the matter.

Yes, I am ignorant as to the thinking behind it.

Ignorant as a kish of brogues, worth fifty thousand pounds.

At that time, I was as nave and ignorant as a schoolboy regarding stocks and shares.

Contextually, one is totally ignorant as to what transpired on this tape/DVD which Ms.

A good guess is that everyone is ignorant as to the true nature of reality, to varying degrees.

Anonymous Posted: 14/09/2006 12:54 Most young girls are very ignorant as to when you should even have your first one.

Both Louis Theroux and Kevin Myers are equally ignorant as to whether Jimmy Saville ever committed child abuse or not.

This allows for producers and programme makers to be ignorant as well as biased when it comes to faith-related topics.

I was ignorant as a teenager but in the age of Internet there is no excuse not to learn all there is about a dream job.

In 1% of cases ignorant by is used

They are all ignorant by choice.

Productive stupidity means being ignorant by choice.

Job was not willing to be thought ignorant by his friends about the things of God.

You can reason with someone ignorant by introducing them to gaps in their knowledge.

No offense but we are giving caucasians reasons to call us ignorant by acting that way.

Let me take a crack at this moron who makes a choice to be ignorant by closing his mind.

Aaron Gardner If nothing else, you will understand the meaning of the word ignorant by the time we are through here.

I decided to change it but many people know things about Africa yet prefer to remain ignorant by calling it a country, for example.

Such people are usually bereft of any values beyond self interest, and ignorant by choice (they see it as something to be proud of).

He only helps part time and has more pressing things to take care of, so please understand we are not being ignorant by not replying.

In 1% of cases ignorant for is used

And writers have been happily ignorant for.

I am still just as ignorant for all your telling me.

Anyone who doesn't know that is too ignorant for words.

Jim Russell you my friend are ignorant for comparing the Holocaust to Gay Marriage.

It would be ignorant for you to write off all black women because one rejected you.

According to this elite view, the people are too unstable and ignorant for self-rule.

How ignorant for people to think the president could have fixed the worse economy problem in 4 years and not give him.

How ignorant for you to lump and stereotype someone and then act as though you possess any kind of superior intelligence.

Even then, several people here would second-guess my doctor, and call me ignorant for my inability to understand the medical details.

She was ignorant for what she said but we have given an entire opening the MSM to attack Mitt and GOP on not being unified and divided.

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