Prepositions after "idle"

"idle for" or "idle in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases idle for is used

My guitar has lain idle for ages.

It was idle for a decade until Mr.

He never remained idle for a moment.

The desk might not be idle for regular use, but it's definitely an eye-catching design.

The apple press, bought to cope with the bumper crop last year lays idle for this year.

I've been idle for 2 years now and I've realised I'll never go back to it unfortunately.

That may explain the hesitancy of the executor to dispose of property that has sat idle for the best part of 5 years.

It is idle for any modern to attempt to correct these misapprehensions; his efforts will only be resented or ignored.

It makes no sense at all for amazing buildings with great spaces in the heart of communities to stand idle for years.

With all these vacant dwellings lying idle for years guess what they started building right outside my bedroom window.

In 24% of cases idle in is used

They see the idle in affluence.

The aged do not sit idle in northern Yemen.

You will have the bone idle in every country.

Pathetic enough, the fund remains idle in banks where the bankers do business with them.

Daughter has a 400 Islabike -- a shiny red Luath 24 -- sitting a bit idle in the garage.

Proof for that is the machinery that stands idle in some of the workshops at the college.

A capital tax of 25% on uninvested profits currently sitting idle in Irish bank accounts would raise around 8 billion.

Some ferocious tackling by the Crokes defence ensured that the home goalkeeper was kept fairly idle in the first half.

So, what the cruise industry has figured out is how to make money with the ship while it's sitting, idle in the ports.

Should you not be disposed to let it lie idle in the bank, get your father to invest it in your name on good security.

In 8% of cases idle at is used

You may even become idle at times.

Eric Idle at an Oscar party in 2010.

Don't be idle at home all the times to have kittens.

These are the times when we are sitting idle at home but want to explore new avenues for ourselves.

Thus a 4-pole generator will run idle at 1500 rpm if it is attached to a grid with a 50 Hz current.

Zhao Shu, good idle at you, and tea and snack, you can really enjoy clothes ah! Ji Changfeng hellos.

All (or for the most part) stand idle at defending good when it comes to killing innocent people who stand in their way.

Rest you, charger, rust you, bridle; Kings and Kesars, keep your pay; Soldier, sit you down and idle At the inn of night for aye.

Hundreds 1029 of thousands of machines doing important work during the day are idle at night for lack, mainly, of unskilled workers.

Nothing seemed doing, there was no stir and bustle of business, and the shop-keepers from lack of customers stood idle at their doors.

In 6% of cases idle on is used

A tenantless property sitting idle on South Beach.

It sits idle on the campsite, waiting for attention.

With almost 60 refineries sitting largely idle on the U.

He talks about love, going home, getting married, and remaining idle on his father's property.

Moreover, there is an opportunity cost to the borrower if large amounts sit idle on an account offshore.

Massive irrigation systems that normally help create the crop circles seen from airplanes, sat idle on my drive.

Cups and other containers were lying idle on the floor without any worker paid by the taxpayer wanting to pick them up.

His fear became more real when on his return the corpse he had left cold and idle on the bare ground was nowhere to be found.

It was well understood by the Jews, that God is not idle on the Sabbath, but upholds the worlds by His mighty power continuously.

You will also find that most players rarely get a chance to touch the ball, spending most of their time idle on the far side of the pitch.

In 5% of cases idle with is used

I can do idle with my eyes closed.

Try idling on HIGH idle with the RAD cap removed.

I never heard anyone who sits idle with being house wife.

No, sitting in jail was enough, I have trouble sitting idle with nothing to do and thinking.

The previous night, he would sit idle with his elder brother Abdul Amin and he'd explain to him how to answer.

Furthermore, most of this land is idle with no developments whatsoever awaiting speculative prices to shoot up.

We sit here idle with 20 million people while there are a few hundred million over the fence with a diminishing food supply.

I have tried different EL84 but the PT still warms up to painfully high levels after and hour or two at idle with maximum bias voltage (-14.

The impact is most severe in the Kaduna Refinery, where the Lube Plant has been idle with the absence of imported heavy crude oil supplies, as noted earlier.

If Government, ' Nawabs ' and'Waderas ', politicians and other responsible are not delivering then what difference have ' WE ' made by sitting idle with hand on hand.

In 3% of cases idle during is used

Agatha was not idle during the war.

The UMCA Missionaries were not idle during this time.

OUR SALON loses because we are left idle during your appointment time.

Many of the rides spent more time idle during change overs than operating.

The terminal remains idle during the delays, much to the loss for the CPA.

The farmers set their irrigation pumps to motion, which normally remain idle during this season.

We don't have people to put on every requested feature and we certainly were not idle during this time.

SO of course, that part of me argues that though i didn't run, i was certainly not idle during my away time.

The bus driver was sitting idle during the day--so they used that transportation for older people to get to services and activities.

Monday, 25 June 2012 So you know I didn't post for a while - well this is something to show that I wasn't entirely idle during that time.

In 2% of cases idle after is used

One who sits idle after lunch, becomes lazy.

They are not the Japanese that they will sit idle after receiving the atom bomb explosion.

Double number will automatically become idle after 6 months once the primary number port-out.

We must not feel complacent and sit idle after hearing declarations and predictions about our bright future.

Just login to the portal before 5 minutes or your desired time, I think there is no session expire if you are idle after logging in.

And also important, the client is getting idle after a time, I only can see the chat but do not make any changes till I log out and in again.

The second-largest - the Bayway plant in New Jersey - was still idle after flooding damage that traders fear could delay its return to full service.

People with regular income and house wives who are staying idle after their house chores too are looking for these kinds of jobs as the income may assist them in various needs.

In 2% of cases idle since is used

The building has lain idle since 1999,.

Miwani factory has been lying idle since 1987.

Ibrahim Habibu's tractor has been left idle since 2007.

The old Chrysler had assembly plants in China, but they had been idle since 2009.

My name is David Cavagna and my VA rep told me today its been sitting idle since November.

This is not to suggest that they had been idle since being instrumental in halting the German push to Amiens.

But the smelter has been idle since 2009, a casualty of low aluminum prices and persistent electricity shortages that have forced the government to divert the power elsewhere.

However, a safety standard designed to empower users of LV switchgear to insist manufacturers prove their equipment prevents injury from internal arc faults has sat largely idle since 1996.

The drilling machines have been idle since then, and life only returns to the site, which is located in the Wendland region of the northern state of Lower Saxony, when groups of visitors arrive.

When I was sorting out my wardrobe pre winter, this MK2K vest was an item I was really looking forward to wearing, but it's been sitting idle since then so I thought it deserved to come out to play.

In 2% of cases idle of is used

Everyday she used to worship the idle of Vishnu.

Don't try to wake your wife in idle of night to cook for you.

This celebrated shrine was the ninth-century Muslim reported an ' idle of pure Gold '.

New York was the first to enact a ridiculous law prohibiting the idle of diesel engines.

Thus result in frequent idle of their CNC machine as these cheap parts are not that durable.

I was relieved to hear the sweet patient idle of the Perkins diesel and amazed to see no tires in flames or peeling blue paint.

This particular city symphony is a lonely one, scored for the chirp of electronic devices and the soft idle of official vehicles.

To avoid these problem, a company should only get those high quality parts for their CNC Laser machine to avoid the idle of their machines.

Let us put this progress where the lands have already been deforested, where it is idle of labour and where we have to find people work, and where we have to make the city grow.

In 2% of cases idle due is used

The few that work often stand idle due to a lack of fuel.

There was another view that the tug was kept idle due to the cost factor.

At times items received to remain idle due to the fact a driver or two would call in sick.

Also, there was an assumption that the bikes would be left idle due to Dublin's terrible weather.

Two refineries that make up a quarter of the region's refining capacity were still idle due to power outages or flooding.

Cream of the Pakistani brain is either becoming idle due to non availability of ever rising cost of education or going to other countries.

As a result, 15,000 megawatts (MW) of power-generation capacity lies idle due to fuel shortages, and many plants are running below capacity.

They don't want to feel that they have talents that are going to waste and sitting idle due to a lack of leadership and organizational focus.

Here's why it's happening: Two refineries that make up a quarter of the region's refining capacity are still idle due to power outages or flooding.

Hydel units, left idle due to insufficient rain and five gas power units, rendered non-functional after supply of gas by Reliance gas wells in the K.

In 2% of cases idle by is used

As physiocrat has already stated to not support LVT is to support the idle by taxing the hard working.

Unless they figure out a way to make sure I'd not idle by ensuring mouse movement within the application.

Despite the difficulties, DPP Pantry encouraged the public not to sit idle by while their children are being abused.

A total eight times the size of the UK has either been left idle by speculators or is being used for biofuel production.

For example, Microsoft says it has reduced the amount of power the Office applications consume when the user is idle by 95 per cent.

The reactors that generated this largesse, however, have been shut down since last year and are being kept idle by Japan's post-Fukushima fear of nuclear energy.

So we have a situation where our elected national government prefers to buy financial assets instead of buying all the labour that is left idle by the private market.

In 2% of cases idle as is used

It stays on on idle as well as acceleration.

Sometimes stalling but usually resting back at idle as the throttle is released.

Build your business online will gain you more benefits than being idle as a local.

I adjusted the green light for idle as explained above but it stays on even ven accelerating.

When the telescope is idle, the list shows a pseudo-file with IDLE as the project identifier.

Not even the nearly half-million textile workers already idle as a result of the first pinch of the cotton famine were willing to have the blockade broken on such terms.

But this quick fix hasn't helped get the bakery off the ground -- the equipment stands idle as the woman have no money to invest in additional necessary supplies, and no training.

Signifies a serious the doctor 8217 s far too idle as well as because just too absurd bpaul smith shirts/b w find him or her self employment as well as finally earn an adequate having lived.

Instead of telling the Palestinian people the truth, much of the international community stands idle as the Arab World tries to erase the Jewish people's historical connection to the Land of Israel.

In 1% of cases idle from is used

So the processor will start remaining IDLE from here to the next process on the list.

The philosophical difference is not idle from the perspective of the working game theorist, however.

But the speakers, including Idle from the charity War on Want all agreed that this isn't always the best option.

Since the club stood idle from late 2007 till early this year, fuel prices have gone through the roof along with the cost of living.

The man is idle from morning to night but the woman is as busy as ever -- more so, indeed, because she has to manage with less money.

The railway lay idle from late 1910 until July 25, 1911 when it was bought by the Canadian Northern Railway as part of its new Montreal to Ottawa line.

Other idiosyncrocies include a weird key position behind the seat on the right hand side, passenger footpegs that look a little tacky and excessive vibration at idle from the rubber isolated engine.

In 1% of cases idle before is used

Egypt should not stand idle before this aggression.

How long a client can be idle before sending an empty http request to keep the connection alive http-requires-session-id.

Set the Time Delay for Passcode Activation It is important to set the amount of time the iPhone can stay idle before Passcode is required.

In 1% of cases idle because is used

Two other Honda plants in Guangdong province remain idle because of work stoppages.

Though Milton has half his days still ahead of him, he will be idle because of his blindness.

Blacksmiths Many ox-drawn implements are idle because of lack of repair facilities and spare parts.

However, a significant part of this capacity is lying idle because of absence of natural gas -- a raw material for manufacturing urea.

Consequently, the power sector remains hamstrung and both the Dowans and IPTL generators are idle because of contractual disputes with Tanesco.

In 1% of cases idle over is used

TRAILERS, BOATS AND ENGINES If left sitting around idle over winter, this is usually when trouble starts.

After lying idle over winter, batteries have a habit of providing a start or two before failing completely.

In 1% of cases idle to is used

A man may go idle to hell, but he that will go to heaven, must be diligent.

With the i-stop function, the new Mazda6 re-starts from idle to motion in 0.

And that is exactly what they will do when the hands are busy and the hearts are idle to the Word.

We should not sit idle to that eventuality &; try to mobilige public awareness about Grameen's contributions in this field.

The on-screen status of the vehicle changed from idle to moving and the address to which the baskets needs to be delivered popped up.

When the engines go from their loud idle to full-revs prior to takeoff, the volume is monumental, like someone shaking your shoulders and yelling in your face.

Butter claims playing end in which vendors, often margin, are filling may inhibit currently idle to driver cotton from military custard; responsible vans should be suited.

OK, it would have been nicer to see, on Chepstow reappearance, a bit more distance between him and reliable yardstick Tiger O Toole but he still looked a little idle to me in front.

Every day, brush the battlefield, queued idle to that money and do daily to get the money be used to close the card Last night, all night, would like card 00G closing Zhang 00 points.

In 1% of cases idle about is used

We are not idle about involvement with the European IT industry, either.

Until then they seems to sit around and talk about the troubles they are having but remain idle about actually DOING anything.

An anecdote told by Eric Idle about the episode's filming implies that such weightier issues were nonetheless on the Python team's minds.

One of my favourite off-screen anecdotes is related by Eric Idle about the cameo appearance by Spike Milligan, who happened to be holidaying in the area where Brian was being shot.

In 1% of cases idle without is used

Budget law or will change people's Congress in the budget process in virtual idle without power.

These underground stations were once part of London's landscape but now lay idle without purpose.

IF MY PEOPLE TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS If a field is left idle without cultivation it goes hard and seed will not penetrate.

The authorities concerned seem to have gone idle without ensuring whether the industries there are operating keeping the environment unharmed.

As the maximum limit is hid-den front our eyes and, as a matter of act, even from the eyes of the angels, we can not or at least should not sit idle without endeavouring to better our con-dition.

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