Prepositions after "identical"

"identical to" or "identical with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases identical to is used

This is almost identical to the 4.

One street was identical to the next.

Seem identical to the CS-HD from Boride.

The explanation is identical to the litmus case - all that differs are the colours.

Just as the PC version of Skyrim vanilla looks IDENTICAL to the Xbox360/PS3 version.

Presumably it is identical to the desolating abomination in 11:31; 12:11 (see 9:27).

It's no surprise that the email response from amazon quoted above is identical to the one I received 4 years ago.

This path should be identical to the path you selected in Step 1 (in the example, we used /my/password/directory).

The first silver dollars of the US were, in terms of their weight and what they were worth, identical to the peso.

The very unusual thing about the day-to-day usage is that it is almost identical to the Physics usage of the term.

In 17% of cases identical with is used

Jehosadak to be identical with R.

It never becomes identical with Him.

For justice is identical with a good.

If you constantly think of Lord Krishna, you will become identical with the Lord.

The subterranean world of the Lapps is identical with the Amenta of the Egyptians.

For the same reason it would appear non-identical with the feeling of accommodation.

The material provisions of the Evidence Act in India are identical with the provisions of the Ceylon Ordinance.

In other words, the Biblical Raamses-Rameses is identical with the Residence-city of Pi-Ramesses near Pelusium.

The Audians thus believe that the imago Dei is identical with God's corporeal form, hence the attachment to Gen.

It is supposed to be identical with the large block of stone which may be seen there under the coronation chair.

In 11% of cases identical in is used

They're identical in that sense.

It is identical in form to the CFMT.

Zionists and Hitler are identical in action.

In addition, measures of sexuality were not identical in the two studies (table 1).

Additionally, there may be policies that are identical in all respects except price.

But there is another area in which it is nigh identical in terms of spec to the FT3.

Triangles with matching sides and angles are identical in both size and shape and are called congruent triangles.

The methodology of the KPMG Business Outlook Survey is identical in all countries that Markit Economics operates.

Perspective used for the icon must be identical in the iconset, making all the icons look like being in a family.

The means of transportation may be identical in most cases; but specific forms exist for great heights and depths.

In 2% of cases identical for is used

Do the identical for breathingin.

The Kierin is virtually identical for men and women.

The bounding box should be identical for all sprites.

The name of the DLL as well as the namespace is identical for all target platforms.

The health benefits were virtually identical for beer, distilled spirits, and wine.

When they have rapidly modified a routine which has been identical for a time at the.

In this case the displayed Key is simply a Trial Extension Key, however the process is identical for a Full Key.

The actual matching and identical for the reason that original might possibly be the christian louboutin outlet.

World wide web blog add the interface parts which can be very nearly the identical for the computer help vast array.

That means you don't have to care about the upcoming presidential election, because the outcomes are identical for you.

In 1% of cases identical at is used

Gross trading profits are almost identical at 178.

The files were identical at a pixel-by-pixel level.

This view is identical at all of the roof top of other buildings.

The cause did not appear to be interest rates; they were almost identical at the time of both surveys.

As you can see, the predicted behaviour up until this point is virtually identical at north and south poles.

That meant that the total biking time and the time to take OC Transpo were virtually identical at 45 minutes.

What's amazing is that the currency's are almost identical at the moment and I still get given this rubbish rate.

That can be done the identical at nighttime using a bulkier cover and a couple of smooth pure cotton safety gloves.

The two Lenders are offering you the EXACT conditions because the Effective Interest Rates (EIR) are identical at 12.

Although it looks almost identical at first sight, it doubles the power with a 1-watt primary LED, and is blindingly bright.

In 1% of cases identical except is used

Identical except for capitalization.

Content is identical except for the accent.

The *cars are identical except for engine makes.

All three editions seem identical except for some type changes on the imprint page.

The content on those pages is nearly identical except for the different geographic locations.

Center &; Rear seats are identical except for the placement of metal side supports under seats.

Because of the similarity, many of the equations are identical except for a change of variables or subscripts.

At one store, a 1999 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages was next to a 2001, identical except for the vintage.

D) 15 In an experiment, two groups are identical except for the change that researchers introduce into one group.

If two people lived at the same address, you'd have two lines that were otherwise identical except for the Person column.

In 1% of cases identical on is used

Despite the setup being identical on both bikes.

This behavior is identical on the other subform.

People hub for the most part is identical on WP7.

Typically the desktop experience is usually identical on the Chromebook, naturally.

Each shown up identical on the inaccessible denims plus url=http: **29;23199;TOOLONG.

For some reason, the SID is identical on all of the machines I've imaged in this way.

There are some word processors that have both U NIX and Windows versions whose operation is identical on both OSs.

By February 2003, a Washington Post headline summarised the situation: ' Bush and Sharon Nearly Identical on Mideast Policy.

The economy figures are identical on the highway and combined cycle with a slight dip of 1 mpg for the manual in city conditions.

The letter l and the number 1, the letter O and the number 0, which are identical on most keyboards, should be identified clearly.

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