Prepositions after "hurt"

"hurt in", "hurt to" or "hurt by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 19% of cases hurt in is used

But I read some hurt in her eyes.

But the hurt in her heart is real.

I could feel the hurt in his voice.

You can't stop all the hurt in the world, but if you see someone hurting, remember that.

But as I saw the hurt in her eyes, I found myself realizing that I could have done more.

He just reminds her not to do that again, since he hates her being hurt in place of him.

Voluntarily causing grievous hurt in respect of both eyes, hand or face by means of corrosive substance, etc 117 326A.

So when throwing out an abusive boyfriend, or husband, 1 thing you want to worry about is getting hurt in the process.

The best economic book I read was on the origins of the Pelopponessian war, which is apt given the hurt in the Hellas.

If a person suspects of cheating, a lot of times the person may want to cheat also to avoid getting hurt in the future.

In 18% of cases hurt by is used

I am actually quite hurt by it.

I am tired of getting hurt by Dino.

Ridge said she has been very hurt by the reply.

The death of Mariel (JUDY ANN SANTOS) was met with such hurt by her three closest friends.

So if someone who is proud of there sexuality is feeling hurt by all the negative comments.

Who knows who they will grow up to be? Perhaps, someone very hurt by this foolish Amendment.

If separation from a caregiver is a threat to survival, feeling hurt by separation may be an adaptation to prevent that.

I think it is so so easy to become cynical after getting hurt by someone but life is too short to stay closed and bitter.

Please remove this as I am very hurt by your lack of respect for both my interest in you along with my advances toward you.

We were very hurt by everything that went on, and the church did not follow through with what they had told us they would do.

In 13% of cases hurt to is used

In brief:? Causing hurt to something or someone?

It allows me not to pass on my own hurt to others.

Illustration A instigates B to cause grievous hurt to Z.

Desire by doing hurt to another to make him condemn some fact of his own, revengefulness.

We are the nation that obsesses over ending years of hurt to the point of national unrest.

Illustration Z attempts to horsewhip A, not in such a manner as to cause grievous hurt to A.

Illustration A instigates B to cause grievous hurt to Z B, In consequence of the instigation, causes grievous hurt to Z.

With its 55 meters (180 feet) in height and snowy white colour, it can be quite a hurt to the eyes in the direct sunlight.

There is also the hurt to our pride - it is embarrassing to have to ask people for money, even though the mone is not for me.

Hilary of Poitiers, AD 367) Fear of the Lord, however, is more like the fear of a good child about causing hurt to his mother.

In 8% of cases hurt on is used

No kid should be getting hurt on the job.

It was about stopping the hurt on America.

That is why any hurt on her made headlines.

Free puts a world of hurt on them, but revenue is cash, and revenue gives you a chance to survive.

Typecast as badass gangster with a heart of gold, he inflicts hurt on men and women in equal doses.

And what happens if one of them gets hurt on Council/School property -- where is FDC's duty of care.

What will happen is consumers will backlash against media companies and stop buying movies and music to put a hurt on them.

While lying hurt on the side of the road, not one but two men pass him by without helping: first a priest and then a Levite.

Along with the Carry, you're the guy that's going to be protected by everyone else, and raining down the hurt on a large scale.

Did you, for one moment, think he would just leave that responsibility behind? Leave the dog lying hurt on the road, of course not.

In 8% of cases hurt for is used

We have been living with that hurt for 25 years.

If you didn't give your all, you get hurt for nothing.

You're gon na be feeling hurt for a good while longer.

I don't want him to get hurt for hoping something that may not be turned out as reality.

That is why I said earlier that some people in the North get hurt for being called Hausa.

I was just sick and disgusted I love my Packers and I hurt for them but the NFL can go to HELL.

A part of her wanted to feel sorry for him, another part wanted to leave a long lasting hurt for all the pain he had caused.

As the playoffs approached, teams refused to divulge the status of players on the hurt for fear opponents will target the sore points.

In 6% of cases hurt from is used

I just hope no one gets hurt from it.

The hurt from an affair is very harsh.

I felt no hurt from the snow or ice or rain.

If I was to murder someone, god forbid, I could not justify it on the hurt from my childhood.

I am praying that you will get pregnant soon, which will help heal the hurt from all of this.

Many people could minimize some of the hurt from love by abandoning cultural distortions of it.

This has compounded the suffering and humiliation, and has served to pass on the hurt from one generation to the next.

This is surely helpful to those who doesn't want their kitchen to get messy, as well as preventing hurt from hot water.

People underestimate how painful such comments can be, and there's no doubt in my mind Hyoyeon holds a lot of hurt from this.

Some states are already feeling the hurt from EPA regulations as mines and coal plants are shuttered and workers are laid off.

In 4% of cases hurt with is used

A wife is pure in her hurt with this.

Otherwise you carry the hurt with you.

However, don't confuse hurt with penalty.

But i found out that he was very hurt with his exgirlfriend kaya nakipagbalikan siya sa akin.

A lot of people could get hurt with companies going bust, jobs lost, lots of anger and frustration.

With that I used to have the people that I love hurt with the things that I say because of my impatience.

I am a little nervous as he is smaller than the other children, and he could get hurt with all jumping and commotion.

When it breaks, temper glass shatters into tiny oval-shaped pebbles; thus, eliminating the risk of getting hurt with sharp edges.

Acknowledging the possibility for short-term fluctuations, I think it's going to be very hard to get hurt with this investment thesis.

But what do you say we get real now and examine the wisdom behind swiping ideas? Truthfully, no one will get hurt with the form of thievery I'd about to propose.

In 3% of cases hurt at is used

Andhaka was very hurt at these nasty words.

Getting hurt at work should not cost you everything.

Just a bit too much unrequited feelings that still kind of hurt at times.

Although some people take this approach, it guarantees somebody gets hurt at the end of it.

A lifetime of hurt at the hands of men was all contained in that one possibility: raising a son.

No one ever gets hurt at 2000 feet, it is usually at launch and landing phases of flight when folks get injured.

This was the pettiest exemplar of a man's ego, which gets hurt at the drop of the hat and needs a massage whenever possible.

He implies, in a dignified way, his hurt at the denial of the permanent posts he might in due course have expected at Cambridge.

We are also estranged from his side of the family as they refused to acknowledge our hurt at the way we were treated and spoken to.

My very close friend and I were angry and very hurt at baseless accusations from someone who hadn't the guts to level them at my face.

In 3% of cases hurt of is used

The pain and hurt of years trickled through the tears.

And the worst sin of all to ignore the pain and hurt of the children of the church.

God desires to reveal his heart to the Church concerning the pain and hurt of his people.

I cried alot listening to this program, for the pain and loss and hurt of all the little people involved.

For the pain, suffering and hurt of these victims, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.

The Justice Department needs to make an example of these guys, so that the next time somebody doesn't get hurt of killed.

In this way, contact with the dead body is minimized, which keeps the grief and hurt of seeing the dead down to a minimum.

The families of those who died should not have had to live with the pain and hurt of that day, and with a lifetime of loss.

Starting fresh means that the guilt and hurt of past setbacks, failures, unwise decisions, and losses needs to be left behind.

For the pain, suffering and hurt of these Stolen Generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.

In 2% of cases hurt because is used

You getting hurt because of me.

Their SEO gets hurt because of plagiarism.

He just didn't want her getting hurt because of others.

Both Herbert and Brent were getting hurt because of their pride.

She gets hurt because of Arnav? s beard and says to him, your beard hurts.

If just one person gets hurt because of your demonstration, it'll be on all of you.

If someone gets hurt because of your impaired driving, you could go to jail for up to 10 years.

Many times he feels hurt because of reality, but he will not run away and he will overcome that difficulty.

If someone gets hurt because of information contained in one of these episodes or in one of their non-optional experiments I hope they get the tar sued out of them.

Sometimes, the retiring auditor fails without justifiable cause except a feeling of hurt because of the change, to respond to the communication of the incoming auditor.

In 2% of cases hurt over is used

His hurt over Sam not looking was also amped up to the max.

I started to feel the hurt over the last 10k; very much like I did in Racine.

It would hurt me if my man got hurt over something regarding me whether it was my fault or not.

We're very hurt over what happened in March and we have done everything possible to be ready for this Saturday.

If our tourism gets hurt over our polluting and environmental damage maybe the government will take it more seriously.

I remember your hurt over this and your insistance that nobody e-mail her to tell her off because she really didn't mean any harm.

Though she was not born before the genocide, Seta's sense of hurt over the atrocities committed against Armenians was readily present.

I mean I like her, but you all sound like little bitches getting hurt over what some anonymous person on a message board thing has to say.

When my niece was here the other night with another niece they wouldn't even talk to my son and he didn't even do anything wrong! He was very hurt over it.

This broken part of the skin tone has limitations along with bovine bovine collagen fabric are designed in the hurt over the skin cells often known as fibroblasts.

In 2% of cases hurt about is used

I share your profound sense of hurt about the way it was done.

Chances are you're feeling hurt about something someone did to you.

He is very hurt about this and it is destroying their relationship.

I think his rage turned his hurt about Sam not looking into a hateful lashing out at Sam.

It is a personal thing for me, as a Jamaican I feel very hurt about the every day happenings.

Take steps to manage your own hurt about the separation and to ensure you are personally coping.

Once I help her to establish some kind of business, at least she won't feel bitter even though I know she will be very hurt about the break-up.

He just repeats what I have told him and shows off as if that was his own contribution to the filth, I feel quite hurt about such things; I think it is very childish for the director to behave thus.

In 1% of cases hurt between is used

There should not be any hurt between a husband and wife.

Yet it touches on the multiple themes of hurt between people.

In short, there's a valley of hurt between the two that is now, says Bruni, only just beginning to be addressed.

How did I get there? How do we ever find ourselves on couches with a world of hurt between our ears? The story is always the same: a quiet pint.

While it's true that the person doing the backstabbing is at fault, you might have unwittingly played a part by ignoring your family member's feelings and causing hurt between you.

In 1% of cases hurt behind is used

Don't hide the hurt behind perverse feel-good abstractions.

When a woman is hurt it takes much longer for her to put the hurt behind her.

I tried very hard to put the hurt behind me and save the marriage, but my jealous streak wouldn't allow it.

Sinitta says she was bruised by the way he cheated on her when they were an item, but they seem to have put any hurt behind them.

What it says to me when someone immediately goes idiotically defensive like that is that the response is just showing the hurt behind the facts.

So, how do we put the hurt behind us? How do we walk and talk as if no has hurt us in any way? It is easy, if you think that you are above the dirt and slime in which others like to dive into.

In 1% of cases hurt as is used

If he gets hurt as a result, then their season is pretty much done.

The league focuses to much on whether a player gets hurt as opposed to the hit itself.

In other words we are being irresponsible, and if someone gets hurt as a result, then it is our fault.

The Board is very concerned about this as we do not wish to see any children getting hurt as a result of traffic accidents.

This can lead to the processing of past experiences of hurt as a result of discrimination and to much learning and growth amongst the staff group.

Both the government and the rebels trade accusations for the shelling and bombing with the civilians getting hurt as a result of the incessant violence.

Remind them that in the event that if someone gets hurt as a result of their failure to repair, having been properly notified, that may amount to criminal negligence.

You'll protect people from getting hurt as well as the piano and house from being damaged Now if you insist on being your own piano moving company - here's what to do.

As for the Decepticons, be prepared to dish out a world of hurt as the mighty Megatron, the indomitable Bruticus, the conniving Starscream, and the ever-resourceful Soundwave.

In 1% of cases hurt inside is used

When i heard that i feel very hurt inside me.

In 1% of cases hurt into is used

My one and only regret is that, while I was still a divided person, I brought hurt into the lives of others.

What are your views on the team's relegation? We have to turn the hurt into positive energy in order to move forward.

She contended that while men are able to compartmentalize their issues women will carry their hurt into every aspect of their lives.

Often they would rather take the hurt into themselves, and deny the hurt, than confront the adult or admit to others what is happening.

After all, besides being offended, how has Mercutio been hurt by the infringement? How can Mercutio translate his hurt into provable, monetary damages to the judge? It's not easy.

It now greatly pleases me also that I never sought anything from those who brought the hurt into my life, never demanded retribution or justice, never even asked for an apology or an explanation.

In 1% of cases hurt like is used

Our key offensive players are getting hurt like crazy.

They have never gone away and have spread and hurt like heck.

She longs for physical pain just so she can feel s omething:? If I could bleed, or sleep! -/ If my mouth could marry a hurt like that?

Pierre's shoulders and he was the one that went to the commission and made the rule happen that only cutmen can handle vaseline and keep people from getting hurt like that.

In 1% of cases hurt along is used

Buck playing hurt along with a lees of understanding of the new offense crushes any chance for Winnipeg's O.

The sad part is that you do not feel sympathy for we Americans and only want what you want -- despite who gets hurt along the way.

The high I had from acceptance of myself has long disappeared and now it just seems like an uphill trudge with oodles of hurt along the way.

In 1% of cases hurt after is used

And he finds now it is not a hurt after all.

We will all be in a world of hurt after January, and there will be no chance for a do-over.

Researchers have demonstrated that maternal intake of pomegranate juice can protect the neonatal brain from the hurt after an injury.

It's kind of one of those quirks of covering sports that only hear about who was playing hurt after all is said and done; surely most of the teams in Ottawa had guys playing through pain.

Santi Cazorla - Arsenal Arguably the signing of the summer, Arsenal fans will be desperate for Santi Cazorla to ease their hurt after the departure of Robin van Persie to Manchester United.

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