Prepositions after "hurt"

hurt by, in, like, for or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases hurt by is used

Hurt by the previous attack, Julia lost her senses.

But he's the only one who was hurt by how you did it.

Think about the number of people who are hurt by alcohol.

He was reportedly hurt by the cartoons that allegedly desecrated India's national symbols.

He can get hurt by his own people's artillery fire, a ricochet and crossfire is his destiny.

Women, being more sensitive than men, are more likely to get hurt by rude and impolite words.

Benjamin, who interviewed Wonder for the case, said the singer was hurt by Walker's accusations and said they were untrue.

But like the men's game also, the womern's side has been hurt by greed, multiplying champions by division and overall disorganization.

I guess all I can say is that I dislike how Ryan acts like he's not hurting people, and that it's their fault when they feel hurt by his comics.

Third, the people who benefited and the people who were hurt by that are hard to define and most of them were sometimes helped and sometimes hurt.

In 12% of cases hurt in is used

You'll hurt in place you never knew you could hurt.

I was hurt in a lot of ways but Allah SWT helped me get through.

Take the bait and you'll almost certainly get hurt in one way or another.

But the people who got hurt in the process were the ones without any power on both sides of this issue.

It is a tragedy that so many people did not know and still do not know that they have been hurt in this way.

He told us his left hip/leg was hurt in a previous accident he had and that it could not be healed without surgery.

Lay hands on them at bedtime or at another time when they are hurting in some way, and pray scriptural blessings over them.

And I feel guilty as to what happened and that other people were hurt in this in a sense from our families having to go through this.

At least seven students were hurt in Wednesday's clashes seen as the worst political disturbance in the area since the end of Sri Lanka's civil war in 2009.

Where is your sympathy for Liberty Ross and her two small children? They are the ones who were hurt in this scandal, they're aren't the ones who inflicted the pain.

In 10% of cases hurt like is used

It took 6 weeks to heal and hurt like hell.

I'll spare you the rest of the gory details, but it hurt like Hades.

He rabbit-punched my shoulder blade (which hurt like hell) and then ran away.

Exposed to the severe low pressure, his hand blew up to twice its normal size and hurt like hell.

This hurts like its a death and I mean to break this cycle of provincial teams being beaten in Glasgow.

Only when I pressed it and it hurt like crazy did I realize that it wasn't an ordinary pimple or something.

I did to my infinite disgust vote for Leo, never again, and I am hurting like many thousands of other decent people.

Many citizens, hurting like hell, do not have the education or expertise needed to predict with confidence such ' end times '.

Besides, your fingers and wrist must be hurting like hell at this stage and writing in bullet points will save you physiotherapy visits.

In 8% of cases hurt for is used

And it doesn't hurt for staying ahead.

Even as a kid, it made my heart hurt for this place.

I'd hurting for characters on this post to begin with.

I just kept making it hurt for Jack and took it to myself all the way to the finish.

However, yes sex hurts for the first time especially if the female is not comfortable and relaxed.

He asks me alot to have sex with him but im scared coz my fiend told me it hurts for the first time.

Your disappointment and fears that you feel resonate in me, I feel them and I hurt for you: for the hurt, uncertainty and fear that you are living with.

Even though you don't use the feature, what does it hurt for it to be on your phone? Kerry Davies I like all forms of tech regardless of how boring i find them.

For example, there are hundreds or even thousands of strategies out there for losing weight, and frankly most of them are proven to work -- if you work them! We're not hurting for strategies.

In 5% of cases hurt from is used

Haha! My stomach hurts from laughing.

The boy was hilarious; my stomach hurt from laughing too much.

I was in a state of shock and my lungs hurt from inhaling so much dust and smoke.

As a volunteer I believe we help bring the healing spices and words of comfort that Christ offers to the people hurting from abortion.

Also the small business that will be hurt from this whole week will hurt the entire NYC recovery effort because getting people back to work is the only way to move on.

In 4% of cases hurt to is used

Mostly because it hurts to type today.

It hurts to the core and eats into our vital.

I can no longer do massage as it hurts to much though I've still got my table in the hopes of getting better in one day.

In 3% of cases hurt after is used

Previous Stories: June 8, 2012: 3 Dogs Dead, 2 Hurt After Being Tied To Tree Under Beehive Dallas Cowboys Hats.

My kidney hurts after eating although kidney function test has returned to normal after a gall bladder operation.

In 3% of cases hurt at is used

Allthough, most of the relief goods are distributed for free, dignity of the beneficiaries should not be hurt at any cost.

Your back don't hurt at the end of the day and you don't feel like you're pissing away your life, which is the main thing.

In 3% of cases hurt on is used

No one can pay me enough money to get hurt on theirs.

It really is your body's strategy for telling you that you have overdone issues, and are at risk of hurting on your own, Dick Butkus Mitchell &; Ness Jersey, probably very seriously.

In 2% of cases hurt as is used

Everything we do, I'd very proud of and it hurts as a writer to read the reviews saying it's crap.

There are, of course, other far more high-profile cases of children being seriously hurt as a result of accidents during the application of corporal punishment in schools.

In 2% of cases hurt because is used

The economy is hurting because of availability of credit.

All are hurting because of the high value of the New Zealand currency.

Direct Air is one of many airlines hurting because of spiking fuel prices.

He said charges that growth would be hurt because of RBI's rate hikes have been belied.

In 2% of cases hurt during is used

Our jails are so sweet and no one ever get hurt during the interrogation, we only break their bones.

With this, will Clara go home now to support her father's happiness? Mara Del Valle (Kathryn Bernardo) accidentally fell and was hurt during the stampede at the Santa Cruzan.

In 2% of cases hurt of is used

Meet in groups with people from similar backgrounds, to heal from the emotional hurts of internalized oppression.

Laughing, crying, trembling all help people heal from the hurts of oppression and reclaim their pride, humanity, and power.

In 2% of cases hurt with is used

Aside from, fitflops can easily minimizes the problem as hurting with the bounders so that you'll should not have frustrated incredibly easily.

What are some other possible concerns when wearing contact lenses? A contact lens wearer working alone or in a remote area may be at greater risk if hurt with an eye injury.

There is also a contemporaneous note of Helen Foster dated 23 October 1993, which was available to the Review Team and records the mother as having asked the boy if he had been hurt with a needle.

In 1% of cases hurt about is used

I find it humorous so many here are butt hurt about Doan not loving their favorite franchise.

If your husband's parents are alive and he gives all his money to them and does not give anything to you, do not feel hurt about this.

In 1% of cases hurt over is used

I am hurting over this because he is sending me mixed signals.

If you think about it, it's extremely understandable -- the public reaction -- the shock and hurt over the latest match fixing allegations and the irritation over Ijaz Butt's.

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