Prepositions after "hunt"

hunt for, in, on, with or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases hunt for is used

The Ancient Box Trap when hunting for Balack.

All the kids like to play in it and hunt for crawdads.

He said he was then hunting for some accommodation.

I also wouldn't call it hunting for sport when the village eats every remaining bit.

Until recently (the past several thousand years ), humans were running to hunt for food.

New York needs to be hunting for the Swisher of 2008 -- a solid player looking to shine.

For me, it's gained a lot more fun again, despite playing on the difficult levels, and I'd hunting for cool items.

Nov 15, 2012 8:21 am LizCuy says: I would really like to try this recipe but will need to hunt for the madeleine pans.

When men aren't hunting for food, clean water, and weapons, they're seeking the most valuable resource of all: women.

These days tech aid technicians highly recommend you can hunt for outside the reasons why and may seek to resolve all those.

In 12% of cases hunt in is used

I hunt in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Otters hunt in the rivers for fish.

This is a far cry from where I learned to hunt in Missouri.

The general strategy is to hunt in the Catacombs with Ancient cheese.

The Treant is known to drop multiple pieces of wood - so hunt in the Calm Clearing.

Many hunt in packs and are social animals, giving them an advantage over larger prey.

I have been on scavenger hunts in other cities and none were run as well as Where Tours.

Not only the journalists and the artistes but the whole country has been relived from the fear for death, which has hunted in the past.

One-eyed Dale Cregan, 29, who was being hunted in connection with separate gun and grenade attacks, handed himself into police soon after the incident.

Fossil evidence of several of these dinosaurs associated with an ornithopod from the USA indicates that these types of dinosaurs may have hunted in packs.

In 8% of cases hunt on is used

Can 12 and 13 year olds hunt on public land? YES.

They can hunt on public land with archery equipment.

Before the arrival of Europeans the buffalo were hunted on foot.

However, 12 and 13 year olds hunting deer, bear, or elk with a firearm may NOT hunt on public land.

And others were just practical, such as trying to find a place to pee during a duck hunt on a CA waterfowl refuge.

We were to hunt one day of eight hours, beginning at eight o'clock in the morning, and closing at four o'clock in the afternoon.

The hunter prefers to hunt on horseback when he rides up and shoots him behind the foreshoulder from the saddle and then reloads in the saddle still pursuing and fires again.

In 8% of cases hunt with is used

He invited him to hunt with him and his new dog.

Icahn hunts with a bigger stick than most investors.

Sec11(2) a DCA ma not be hunted with bow and arrow.

Hunters less than 14 years of age may hunt with firearms on private land only.

Dayan should know by now that you can't run with the hare and hunt with the hounds!

At the time, they were nomadic and hunted with spears and weavers were qualified.

The proposal is simple: any cartridge currently legal to hunt with in a handgun, would be legal in a rifle.

If the youngster is hunting with an apprentice license, the accompanying adult must be at least 21 years of age.

All across this nation, Americans are heading out to enjoy one of the deepest heritages in our land's history - hunting with family and friends.

DCAs may be hunted with permits allowing the use of poison, bait, traps, leghold devices, dog packs, automatic weapons, shotguns and even pellet guns.

In 6% of cases hunt by is used

The second method is that they are hunted by using a gun.

They have very poor eyesight and they hunt by smell and by touch, using well developed whiskers.

In a way a black dog, hunting by moonless night in a blackened wood is quite possibly the best metaphor for depression.

Hunted by, perhaps literal, demons from her past, Rhea makes a last-ditch attempt in protecting the only thing that matters: her young daughter.

At the end of each age-set, usually after 10-15 years, the warriors must count all the lions hunted, then compare them with those hunted by the previous age-set.

SO JUST WHAT IS THE ' GOD PARTICLE '? The elusive Higgs boson - known as the ' god particle ' - is the last Standard Model particle still being hunted by scientists.

In 2% of cases hunt to is used

Unfortunately they were hunted to extinction by the Maoris by the end of the 1500s.

David Cronenberg's Wife -- Don't Wait to Be Hunted to Hide Blang CD David Cronenberg's Wife continue their psychotic post-punk explorations of the dark side of humanity.

In 1% of cases hunt after is used

To put in the range of insurances is disability insurance, which is positively one of the much, hunted after insurances.

In 1% of cases hunt around is used

For Android fans, this presents something of an issue: with the menu button gone, you'll have to hunt around the screen for three vertical dots which have taken its place.

Visits to the Turtles Sanctuaries Mnarani Natural Aquarium Hawksbill turtles have traditionally been hunted around Zanzibar for their attractive shells, and green turtles for their meat.

In 1% of cases hunt at is used

They are very curious animals and are often seen out in daytime, however, they commonly hunt at night.

The problem is it hunts at night (birds and bats) and is quite successful, she knows so has put bells on he s collar and says what else can I do -but the killing spree continues.

The ants range from 1 to 15 mm long, hunt at night, and hide in a hole in the ground or in a tree during the day, They shift locations as the insect, and sometimes frog-like, prey is exhausted.

In 1% of cases hunt during is used

If you were born in a community of, say, 1000 individuals eeking out an existence on the plains of Africa, hunting during the day, hiding from predators at night, would you have.

Less recoil of this class of cartridges may be appealing to youth, women, and senior citizens and could provide additional opportunities for those populations to hunt during the firearm deer season.

In 1% of cases hunt from is used

The hunter of a DCA may also use lures and bait, and hunt from aircraft or motor vehicle, using spotlights at night.

In 1% of cases hunt like is used

Now they didn't need to wait for food to find them; they could hunt like tigers.

Alas, yours truly found herself hunting like a crazy woman for an outlet to plug in my cell phone so I could live blog for the next 45 mins.

In 1% of cases hunt through is used

I hunted through the yellow pages of the directory and found what I wanted.

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