Prepositions after "human"

human in, like, after, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases human in is used

I was the only human in the room.

He really was human in every way.

Keep me looking more human in photos.

Presumably, the bigot views his antagonist as not quite human in the same way he is, i.

And what's interesting is that many of those components are ultimately human in nature.

Empower our kids by helping them 2 learn more about being human in this world, not less.

You carve away what is human in the interaction and then it becomes a lie - because that is NOT what you experienced.

Not necessarily because there is no evidence, even though there is no evidence, but because God is a human invention.

It is unmistakably 50% human, and it is identifiable as unique and different from any other human individual's sperm.

He actually said human ingenuity was the essential resource that made all other resources accessible and useful -- i.

In 11% of cases human like is used

They will think him human like.

And he was human like anyone else.

He is no god, he is human like all of us.

If he were a normal human -- someone will say he is just a human like the rest of us.

My, my it just proves that you are human like the rest of the knitters that make mistakes.

You should always remember as a parent that you are also human like your teenaged children.

I think that many forget that you are human like the rest of us and a large majority do the job as well as they can.

Most prefer to believe that a President wouldn't let something like that happen, but he is human like the rest of us.

Judas unfaithful like the other disciples Judas was human like the rest of the disciples who were unfaithful to Jesus.

Yes, nurses at work do talk about their holidays and personal life - but that's because they're human like you and me.

In 10% of cases human after is used

Apparently he's human after all.

Police officers are human after all.

Maybe Clark's truly human after all.

Slip ups happen, we are human after all, but I want to stand side by side with my mate.

People say that is seems weird that Pacquiao was making excuses but he is still human after all.

But is it good to blindly follow them? Can they not be wrong? Can they not be human after all? 2.

We're human after all, and arrogance, snootiness and over-self-confidence doesn't really apply on this human here.

Of course all jockeys are prone to mistakes, they are human after all, but some make a lot more errors than others.

Also calling upon the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) doesn't sound right to me either, he is DEAD and was human after all.

You'll get frustrated Damn right you will- who would n't? You're human after all and you hate meetings with no agendas.

In 8% of cases human with is used

Parents are human with emotions.

But we are all human with emotions.

Teachers are human with their own biases.

It is a glorious book about being human with all the pain and love that humanity includes.

The central character is human with a back story that's interesting but not all pervading.

They are not as hurt as you expect, and have accepted that we are human with human desires.

I would like to point out that bus drivers, like passengers, are human with all humanity's quirks, failings and charms.

They give their recruitment side something really human with the pictures, names and profiles of their recruitment team.

And Buzz, even though it failed miserably at first, got the point that we're human with only so much attention span possible.

But that was a mistake, granted he was human with flaws and weakness and that is understandable, but that policy was a mistake.

In 7% of cases human to is used

Doctors are human to and can make mistakes.

Life is too human to hand it all over to the computer.

Commentators should be making them human to each other.

Serial shagger of female witnesses Montalbano, on the other hand, is human to the core.

They would appear sensationalist or prurient to one, while exceedingly human to another.

I won't claim this doesn't affect my view of Randi; it makes him seem more human to me now.

One was only human to the extent that one could liberate one's imagination to create a structure of meaning for oneself.

It brings a little more human to him, and I think hopefully, it allows the moments that really are horrible to be chilling.

The people who know you, your personality, your job, the stereotype of what you are makes you human to the rest of society.

The best will always shine, but taking away some of the electronics, and adding a little more human to the racing may help.

In 5% of cases human by is used

Theatre illumines life: we are human by doing.

Oh, some of those gnawed bones are human by the way.

We are not viewed as fully human by some value of general populous.

Can it rationally determine what it is to be human by seeing a small peice of the whole.

That breaks down to approximately 60 million people who are not human by the old criteria.

Stewart, More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon, Panama by Thomas McGuane, Billy Gashade by Loren D.

We have fundementally changed the idea of what it is to be human by marginalising war and trying to rid ourselves of it.

At the same time, there's a trend in the media to try and make the famous more human by revealing vulnerabilities and secrets.

For him, domination and violence are part of our becoming human, as we learn to be human by copying from others what we desire.

A fertilized egg is human by definition, but it is more in the way of a blueprint for a human being than an actual human being.

In 5% of cases human of is used

I t is human of us all to want to help.

Hopelessness is the most human of sufferings.

In fact, reading may be one of the most human of all activities.

That doesn't make her less of a human, in fact it makes her the most human of them all.

In fact, this is perhaps the most human of all the scenes of our Lord's earthly history.

Susan Hill has the gift of understanding her characters on the most human of levels, while.

I should have been horrified that he'd even doubt me for a second but, to be honest, it was so refreshingly human of him.

It's a peaceful stop for your eyes, a rest for your mind, a reminder of what it means to savor the moment in the most human of ways.

The most human of all occupations is supposed to be the advertising agencies, where talent, experience, and skill count a great deal.

Holmes Osborne He has become a Kelly regular, character actor Holmes Osborne turns in the most human of performances for his role as Donnie's Dad.

In 4% of cases human about is used

There's something really human about it.

There's something really human about that.

Everything human about us works against them.

The only thing human about human resource is that: Do you have the arms and legs to do the job? Oh yes.

They are replicants that mimic the human condition but their actions show there is nothing human about them.

The assumption is, language is equal if not to human perception per se, then to what is human about perception.

The first thing the atheist must do is to find what is human about the religious person they are interacting with.

If there was anything human about that man, everyone would understand that he would want to be with her to enjoy that event.

Today we mock fandom, but perhaps there's something innately human about this phenomenon, the loss of which impoverishes us.

Only the river had something human about it -- decay, fish slime -- but I was sure that over there the smell would be stopped.

In 4% of cases human at is used

That time human attack by them.

Many EVOs were human at one point.

He knows you as human at conception.

All of this effects a players CONFIDENCE -- these players are human at the end of the day.

On the other hand, if one assumes that a fetus is human at this point then Rawls's position is erroneous.

Which in turn neatly ties into the implication that the blacksmith may be something more than human at this point.

When this family came to see me to ask my hand in marriage I was highly impressed by this man who seemed very human at the time.

Co-Artistic Director Bradley Hemmings said: ' Jenny and I want our Ceremony to be both spectacular and deeply human at the same time.

They are barely human at this point, for their souls have shriveled into empty husks, devoid of genuine feeling, compassion and empathy.

Dyack is still nursing the wounds inflicted upon Too Human at E3 in 2006 when SK's Xbox 360 exclusive was ripped apart by mean old journalists.

In 4% of cases human for is used

Happily they are all too human for that.

Perhaps far too human for a world like this.

They have to be less than human for you to kill them.

Its so human for chc believers to continue to be die hard supporters despite the allegations.

I agree with you about Chigurh, he's not really meant to be a character or even human for that matter.

Golden Dawn cleaned up the squares and made them human for people to enjoy, because the state is absent.

So, it is human for some people to betray you, but we have many people who are confident and believe in what we are doing.

The heart of the work deals with death, and it could have been the ' dark heart ', but the composer is too skilful and too human for that.

And now at the end of his life, he is starting to come to terms with the fact that he has hardly been human for the past thirty five years.

But Being Human for most of the character spent time to build up their characters disparture and introducing the new ones, it look like Misfits.

In 2% of cases human without is used

They are still human without memories.

A person can not be human without experiencing them.

You can't say it is not human without a limb or organ.

We wouldn't be human without those conscious and unconscious desires and thoughts.

We wouldn?? t be human without those conscious and unconscious desires and thoughts.

It helps you accept the rose with its thorns, just as humans can not be human without their flaws.

It's how you interpret it, when i look at her pic i see beauty in a pure way, authentic art, fully human without offending its dignity.

It's clear that we really wouldn't be human without it -- we would simply lack the ability to be the social, caring species that we are.

Both the activity of worship and the structure of the church may be very different, but my conviction is that we can not be fully human without them.

You can not stand up and declare certain people aren't fully human without it being seen as an incitement to deal with those people in an inhumane fashion.

In 2% of cases human on is used

A person becomes truly human on Shabbat.

However this would be the last we? d ever see of Too Human on a Nintendo console.

And the only way you can prove you are human on social media is by listening and responding.

And yes, proving I am human on this IPad with spell check is a hoot!! Thanks for the mention.

It is not something any human on this side of the curtain has yet experienced with any of his senses.

Facials, massages and pedicures are the way forward and will help you feel a little more human on the big day.

Resurrection and renewal is promised to us who persevere in this way and usher in God's new way of being human on the earth.

I would just hope you would be able to understand we are still human on this side of the computer and not simply ticket replying bots.

Ours is the struggle to maintain a forum in which we can all, young and old, grapple with ideas about being human on our fragile earth.

In Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do, Tom Vanderbilt examines the psychology of driving, and learns some lessons about being human on the way.

In 2% of cases human as is used

The Bible is human as well as sacred.

Jesus was human as well as divine, and human beings cherish life.

This means that every human being is as fully human as every other human being.

He was human as well as divine and laughter must have been commonplace at the carpenter's bench.

They are also under a severe threat of extinction due to several human as well as ecological activities.

Tamil politicians make use of these human as a bargaining tool to interfere Sri Lanka's internal affairs.

It is often pointed out that God's revelation through prophets, apostles, and biblical writers is human as well as divine.

She became less malevolent and more human as sh ghd iv e began to reason, but Philip still could not bear to look at her for long.

Clarke's three laws of technology A machine is as distinctively and brilliantly and expressively human as a violin sonata or a theorem in Euclid.

They are as fully human as the other partner in the relationship, as fully flawed, and as much in need of rescuing from their own problems and inadequacies.

In 1% of cases human into is used

It turns almost everything human into a lie of sorts.

They go from being human into something just a bit more.

Or more exactly, by putting everything human into monetary terms we have turned people into appendage of money, into objects, into non-humans.

This post is indeed inspired by my inability to turn my belief that abortion is immoral if a fetus is human into any kind of factual statement about abortion.

In 1% of cases human instead is used

He had to apologize and people loved it! It showed them he was human instead of superhuman.

If Cohen settled for being human instead of perfect, he? d probably be a better teacher, and a better man.

You might say that the second morality if we do distinguish two differs from the first in that it is human instead of being i THE CALL OF THE HERO 25 merely social.

What is the embassy doing to ensure that an average Nigerian coming for visa application at the embassy are treated as human instead of getting them to a lot of unnecessary problems they experience.

In 1% of cases human from is used

We have both been human from the moment of our creation.

Similar ideas as human from stone age does nt get to use electric drill to build a house.

They are depicted as human from the head to the waist, with either a bird's body or a fishes tail.

So in terms of science which considers the material part of our being we were human from the moment of conception.

In 1% of cases human rather is used

A sensibility that is happy to be human rather than straining to be better than human.

While this requires considerable investment, the real implications are human rather than technical.

If the ' onions ' referred to in the phrase is indeed human rather than vegetable, there is another Mr.

That contact melts away the gaps between the self and the other by being more fully human rather than through striving for the stars.

Giotto's figures are volumetric rather than linear, and the emotions they express are varied and convincingly human rather than stylized (11.

But to attain that awareness, one first had to see oneself as fundamentally human rather than merely as belonging to a nation, a religion or a tribe.

While we're there, we might want to ponder how the Doctor heard her voice so clearly as human rather than Dalek, too, until the penny finally dropped.

Overcoming stereotyped gender binaries is as simple as socializing people from birth to see personality traits from warmth to liveliness to emotional stability as human rather than as male or female.

In 1% of cases human through is used

The greater reality is that we are all continually in the process of working out what it is to be human through the lives we lead.

The church is on their side, seeking to teach all men and women of good will how to be fully human through following in the steps of the Lord.

The overall result is a brand that is bold, vibrant and expressive, while remaining irresistibly human through the use of candid, super close portrait photography.

However, having the general public pick her apart and treat her less than human through hateful words and labels is not a consequence that any one deserves to experience.

In 1% of cases human before is used

Since one's species doesn't change at birth, it is human before birth.

In Knights Of The Old Republic, rakghouls all used to be human before being bitten and infected.

Ghouls were people who were human before the war but didn't die from the radiation and now, two hundred years later, are still alive.

Can you give an example of what sociocultural rights are in conflict with human rights? It can not be, because we are all human before being lovers of any culture etc.

In 1% of cases human because is used

I only feel half human because of this.

We are fully human because of our relationships.

Every character we meet is not without flaws, but is somehow more human because of it.

Treating people as less than human because of the shape of their faces or the sound of their names.

Hence the only logical conclusion can be it is always human because of where it came from -- two human parents.

I do believe that making a large group of young people feel less than human because of something they can not control is a sin.

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