Prepositions after "hover"

"hover over", "hover in" or "hover around"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases hover over is used

A quiet sadness hovers over the streets and alleys.

For example the cursor (mouse pointer) hovers over such an area.

But all the same, an atmosphere of victory hovered over the battlefield.

What's a convenient time for you? She sighed, her fingers hovering over the keyboard.

If you see one you want to remove, you have to hover over it and click the X to delete it.

He felt this confirmed the Biblical statement that God had ' hovered over the mountain '.

Was this evidence that God Himself had hovered over the mountain, just as the Bible describes? Ron didn't hesitate.

I keep hovering over the buy button on Amazon on the new Beatles stereo Remastered Box Set, but at 300 I keep have a guilt attack.

This time he proposed to be the first person to remove a straight jacket while hanging upside down form a helicopter while hovering over the Falls.

In 16% of cases hover around is used

Thus I realized I shouldn't be hovering around her.

At the beginning of last season uncertainty hovered around Juventus.

Without a substantial increase in income, families continue to hover around the poverty threshold.

Temperatures in parts of Ukraine and other Eastern European countries are hovering around -30C (-22F).

Apart from the highlands, the temperature hovers around 30C in the lowlands with high levels of humidity.

For sometime, my thoughts have been hovering around the subject of right and wrong defined by society or by majority.

The manager kept hovering around the tables helping clear when necessary and ensuring the customers were well looked after.

I was hovering around the Haider Ackerman rail at Liberty the other day admiring the wonderful fabrics and exquisite cuts, oh alright.

Earlier, there were some reports hovering around the web which said that Microsoft is looking for new ideas, and may soon introduce something new.

In 14% of cases hover in is used

He was hovering in the background.

The manipulator moved up, hovering in front of his face.

Besides that helicopters continued hovering in the sky for aerial surveillance.

He said that the operative cost of CNG would be settled in the new price which might hover in the range of Rs5-6 per kg.

Comedy duo Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins hover in the background, interviewing contestants about soggy bottoms and burned crusts.

Another story spoke of three angelic beings seen by the British, hovering in the air over German lines, providing a source of deep inspiration for them.

Washington was as much in the dark as anybody with regard to the great wealth that was hovering in the air and seemingly on the point of tumbling into the family pocket.

It is said that white T-shirt can make people recalled the 50 s, a youth time permanent hover in the bosom The earlier T-shirt's style is large; it is match with skirts, shorts or jeans.

In 8% of cases hover above is used

As Benjamin said, our drones hover above their skies.

Like a dragonfly hovering above the surface of a pond, his criticism skims across a subject rather than diving in.

Like a dragonfly hovering above the surface of a pond, Dyer's criticism skims across a subject rather than diving in.

The genie is firmly hovering above the bottle and granting the wishes of the majority as revolution is becoming reality.

So, before we've even set foot on the field every August, we are always subjected to some sort of misty cloud hovering above our heads.

Tourists from the United States, Australia and Japan will find it much cheaper to holiday elsewhere as the kiwi continues to hover above US80c.

I would usually believe that you make your own luck, but at that race bad luck was haunting me like a storm cloud hovering above my head all day.

From a man hovering above the clouds in a wingsuit to another performing an impressive back flip off a cliff, the plucky photographer really has seen it all.

So if in the future you are unfortunate enough to find yourself caught up in a terrorist attack or natural disaster and see a robot hovering above your head, take.

In 8% of cases hover on is used

Book Description Publication Date: May 11, 2010 In 1850, America hovered on the brink of disunion.

Fortunately, the entire set of living arrangements known as industrial civilization hovers on the brink.

Here if you hover on adjustment, bottom left, the above menu will appear and click on resize, bottom row, second from left.

It's a good series to read when you are down, like Mushishi, which also hovers on the verge of being horror but then turns in a more gentle direction.

In 7% of cases hover at is used

The price points of larger screened phones and tablets hover at around the same level.

A lone hawk is circling the top minaret of the Taj Mahal, stopping for a moment to hover at its pinnacle.

With 2010 growth estimates hovering at around 8%, India remains one of the fastest growing, dynamic economies in the world.

Started at 235lbs, now with an additional 4lbs loss this week I have passed the bicentennial barrier and am currently hovering at 199lbs.

And a penny dropped as gentle, merry Andre with his whole life ahead of him, Andre who died pointlessly for an obscene ideology, hovered at my elbow.

Ortega's wealth has surged even as Spain suffers from a financial crisis that has sent borrowing costs spiraling and unemployment hovering at above 20 percent.

Arizona State (5-1, 3-0) also likes to hike it fast, often hovering at the line of scrimmage, waiting for the official to put the ball down to get off its next play.

At the time, Apple's market-share for their Macintosh brand of computers hovered at about three percent, and Microsoft had just taken a US$150 million stake in Apple.

The lush land, sprawled across 3 acres, is surrounded by lotus and rose gardens on either side; the fleet of houseboats hovers at the edge as the water of the Dal glides slowly along them.

In 5% of cases hover between is used

Today, it hovers between 40,000 and 41,500.

Iran briefly hovered between a workers ' revolution and counter- revolution.

It seems that the PCI of these two countries has hovered between 200 to 400 dollars.

They are divided from one another by oath; blood-guilt hovers between them; he owes a duty to his line.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, most marriages ended as the children grew up, with the average life expectancy of men and women hovering between 40 and 50 years.

It hovers between two literary styles: the incomparable prose of Jane Austen and that of Deresiewicz, a contemporary American writer using the sometimes jarring idiom of his time and place.

In 4% of cases hover for is used

The aircraft in question was said to have hovered for hours before landing in Lagos.

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In 3% of cases hover near is used

That was even a period, where Liverpool were hovering near the relegation zone.

Once invoked by music and other ritual paraphernalia (rum with blood, candles, leaves) the spirits are said to hover near the dancing booth.

In 2% of cases hover like is used

Debt hovers like a carrion bird over a dying beast, with annual rates of 20% or more compounded monthly, month in and month out.

The curiosity of the outside world far exceeded their critical faculties and publishers hovered like benevolent vultures on the still foetus of the African Muse.

In 1% of cases hover from is used

And as she hovered from flower to flower, with her earnest and youthful countenance and graceful motions, you could not have imagined a fitter handmaid for the goddess of the garden.

Needles pricked into the head aided by rollers hovering from all sides to integrate those keratinous fibres that were sourced either from the local barber or from the offerings at Tirumala.

In 1% of cases hover down is used

It basically looks like a fat man with a wheel stuck to his belly hovering down the road.

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