Prepositions after "hot"

"hot in" or "hot on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases hot in is used

And it get's hot in the jungle.

Cyclocross is very hot in the U.

Don't keep them hot in the oven.

It was stifling hot in the car, but opening the window seemed to only attract mosquitoes.

Walters six years to determine why his home was hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

If you think Higa is hot in his videos, he is definitely 10 times hotter in real life.

It is not a coincidence that the economy ran much hotter in the earlier, less unequal period relative to the latter.

When the Filipinos were returned to their cells, they began arguing about who had looked the hottest in the photos.

With the sheepskin lining you would count on that you ft would get uncomfortably very hot in the incredibly hot months.

It was such a nice morning because the sunrise was superb and then the clouds followed so it wasn't hot in the morning.

In 21% of cases hot on is used

Hot on the heels of ' Spaced '.

It comes hot on the heels of the U.

Hot on the heels of Paddy and Johnny.

Global surface temperature is rising fast; the last decade was the hottest on record.

The TV ad was shot on location in Prague, directed by acclaimed US director Frank Todaro.

It is because of this that black clothes become hotter on a sunny day than white ones.

It should then be no surprise to anyone that the 12 month period June 2009 to May 2010 was the hottest on record v.

The cultural festival comes hot on the heels of the recently concluded Magical Kenya Travel Expo that ran between Sept.

Series 3 / Episode 4 Gene Hunt and the team are hot on the tail of a van they believe contains a large amount of drugs.

In 12% of cases hot for is used

It's getting far too hot for me.

A bit too hot for me in the sun.

The Prayers were too Hot for Him.

Busting hot for the clothes you might want to identify Perch someplace else to consider.

Tom Huddlestone fired a shot at Almunia which was just too hot for the Spaniard to hold.

The dude sees a hot chick at the subway and (the deluded fool) thinks she's hot for him.

Sudden changes in direction and excellent handling proved to be too hot for the Joes and we rattled up 53 points to 3.

If you are in the house of God now and you are hot for the Lord, He will use you and if you are cold, He will use you.

The next few months, then should be particularly hot for the company; they expect important results from these updates.

Other Answers (1) For the final weighing of the crucible, if it is hot then it must also be hot for the initial weighing.

In 6% of cases hot with is used

My tears turned hot with anger.

Serve hot with lentils and rice.

Serve hot with sauce or ketchup.

Guangzhou's spring is humid and rainy; summer is a little hot with occasional typhoons.

The whole place became very hot with the brilliance of Light coming out of His two eyes.

I had brought a light jacket and soon I had to take it off as it was too hot with it on.

I finished the whole pint in one sitting! Especially when I thought of sprinkling some vinegar made hot with peppers.

I just remember how much the runner in me hates them, but to be honest I think I look younger and hotter with them.

February and March are the warmest months and the weather can become extremely hot with temps rising to 33C most days.

Say your going to build a block of flats at Surfers Paradise and the phone will ring hot with people wanting to invest.

In 5% of cases hot at is used

I was feeling so hot at that time.

It's still sweltering hot at Thump.

She looked crazily hot at this event.

While we are good at adding things to our list, we are not so hot at crossing things off.

DC is awful this year, and they have as hot at one of the worst 5 seasons on MLS history.

Ibanez got hot at the right time in part because he finally got rested at the right time.

First, the valley of Knife Creek was now barren, level and filled with a loose, sandy ash which was still hot at depth.

This is to do what so many young men have done for centuries when things get a bit too hot at home, and run away to sea.

Seeing that I still have a shot at a sub3 time, albeit slower than last year, I dashed to the finish line for my finish.

Which genre is hot at the time of our release Where our books get placed in stores What stores carry our books Publicity.

In 5% of cases hot to is used

That's still hot, hot, hot to me.

Won Bin is just too hot to not watch.

Goes from Boiling Hot to Bitter Cold.

Actually, 60 degrees may not even be hot to people in Hawaii, but it might be to Eskimos.

If your baby is sweating or her tummy feels hot to the touch, take off some of the bedding.

Being with someone who makes me want to be funnier and pushes me to be funnier is hot to me.

Source(s): Earth could well end up comparably hot to Venus, but human activity will probably have little to do with it.

Other designs use wooden handles that require a thorough washing, and those with metal handles become hot to the touch.

Convection is the transfer of heat through a substance from a hotter to a cooler region by the flow of the substance.

Conduction is the transfer of heat through a substance from a hotter to a cooler region without the substance moving.

In 4% of cases hot off is used

Hot off the press: rebel graf hats.

Your 5pm round-up Hot off the press at 5.

Here are the current ones hot off the press.

Monday, December 3, 2012 Something Old Not everything worth reading is hot off the press.

I remembered them to be hot off the oven, smaller in size, crispy, almost crumbly in nature.

The Bundesliga side, on the other hand, are hot off their 2-1 win away to Borussia Dortmund.

Well, here it is, hot off the presses - the hardback UK edition of The Woman Who Died a Lot, or TWWDAL, as we call it.

EXCLUSIVE: Hot off the 2012 Sundance Film Festival premiere of his film The First Time, Jon Kasdan has signed with WME.

He's undefeated with a 7-0 record and he's coming hot off a win over one of South Korea's best fighters, Bae Young Kwon.

Oh the thrill of it! I remember grabbing a paper hot off the news stand, dashing away into a corner and then reading every.

In 3% of cases hot from is used

He was that hot from beyond the arc.

Lets use the warm and hot from below.

Chestnuts: Buy hot from a street vendor.

I took a batch of these, still hot from the oven, across the road to my friend's house.

We continued to kiss; my skin felt like it was on fire and I felt hot from head to toe.

In addition, she said she is part of a medley video with a song called Hot From Mi Born.

It's sweet, it's delicious and it's best eaten hot from the oven on the street while queuing up to get just one more.

These photons, still hot from the Big Bang, could never fully interact with the atoms and are still cooling even now.

It was wood-fired and hot from the hand-built brick oven at a cart called Pyro Pizza, and it cost all of seven bucks.

Serve either hot from the oven with plenty of salted butter or split, toasted and topped with lots more salted butter.

In 3% of cases hot under is used

I just got a little hot under the collar.

You peel them while they are hot under warm water.

Not apposite here, but I was hot under the collar.

Hot under the collar: If you're hot under the collar, you're feeling angry or bothered.

Hot under the collar: If you're hot under the collar, you're feeling angry or bothered.

They even made independent lawmaker Bob Katter hot under his trademark wide-brimmed hat.

With that in mind, let us examine the three evils of Madonna that are getting everyone hot under the collar: Politics.

This is a subject that gets people (including me) very hot under the collar, and misunderstandings need to be avoided.

One tradesman was actually beginning to get hot under the collar by our demands, as he thought we were being excessive.

They get hot under the collar about profit without realising that it is business profits which finance public spending.

In 2% of cases hot by is used

It was kept hot by throwing more rocks in.

It was probably too hot by the time we got there.

Bottomline - it is total YMMV, not hot by any means.

Many of us, myself included were chased hard and and hot by the ACs we got involved with.

It was very cold at night but hot by day, when they hid out and slept in shepherd's huts.

Shimmering hot by +8C By a temperature of around +8C the air was shimmering from the heat.

For example, getting a woman all hot by caressing and kissing her body, but then not having sex, makes her want it more.

We are close to death, but still we sit, unchanging and apathetic, while the water around us gets hotter by the minute.

They are not just gorgeous, they have a certain aura of motherhood about them that keeps them looking hotter by the day.

It was still early morning (people started arriving between 8:30-10) but it was blazing hot by the time we arrived in camp.

In 2% of cases hot during is used

It gets mighty hot during summer.

A big group shot during our break.

It is very hot during the summer months.

It is humid and hot in Dar Es Salaam, hot during the day and cool at night in Arusha.

Most (all?) house have a large, raised storage tank which gets very hot during the day.

The sun was so hot during our stay on this island and the water wasn't even refreshing.

The weather can get intolerably hot during the summer months, and prolonged exposure to the sun can be fatal for some.

Teamed with a top bun and a baggy tucked in t-shirt, this look is easy and casual and won't be too hot during the day.

My only dislikes were: room was terribly hot during the night, and as curtains were thick opening windows did nothing.

On safari in Namibia, a good pair of light but closed shoes is necessary, as the ground gets quite hot during the day.

In 2% of cases hot of is used

His coach is on the hottest of seats.

Arencibia has been ridiculously hot of late.

Kerry were the hottest of hot favourites.

When Finisar went public in November 1999 our IPO was one of the hottest of all time.

Sure, it's a great track, on a good album - but the hottest of the last 100 years? PS.

Kingston was the hottest of the hot spots -- and not so much for dancing, but gunshots.

Yes, online dating sites do see a spike in October, although January and February are the hottest of the hot spots.

Even in the hottest of weather, formal suits had to be worn, and along with them an accompanying serious expression.

In Santa Cruz even the hottest of hotties let all their hair grow out and wear pants under their skirts and dresses.

That would surely have to be the hottest of hot topics in any comics convention based in the home town of DC Thomson.

In 1% of cases hot as is used

She became hot as a fire-cracker.

Wish Jacob was hotter as a wolf.

Vietnam's climate is not just steamy hot as what you are frequently exposed to on movies.

Behind me the door glows red hot as the human soldiers outside attempt to burn through it.

A girl whose heart grows hotter as the night approaches, a girl with that kind of twist.

Sure the air to some degree flows into it, but it is a lot hotter as the small space underneath your 360 traps heat.

Who heir? Whose air? Huggin ' and a-kissin ' Dancin ' and a-lovin ' Wearin ' next to nothin ' ' Cause it's hot as an oven.

Yara Sofia is known for her out-of-this-world outfit creations, sexiness (hot as a man, hot as a woman!) and positive aura.

A great big array of MIRRORS all direct sunlight toward one central location, or ' focus ', which gets very hot as a result.

In 1% of cases hot like is used

Woooooooh I feel hot like fire.

It was not hot like the day before.

Love the UK when it's hot like this.

And although it was hot like vindaloo should be, there wasn't much of a vinegar flavor.

Since there is no atmosphere on the Moon, you wouldn't get hot like you do here on Earth.

It was going to be a high near 70 Sunday and I didn't want to be hot like the day before.

The dust here on the floor of the Great Rift Valley can cover your ankles -- deep like snow, hot like sand on the beach.

He doesn't look so miserable now and his body is no longer hot like before! His saliva-dripping pose is no longer on sight.

Not hot like Heidi Klum, I'd afraid, but like an appendix so red and swollen it practically pulses on the verge of rupture.

The mulled wine sellers must be keeping their fingers crossed for cool damp weather but me I want it sooo hot like last year.

In 1% of cases hot after is used

I feel hot after practicing every time.

This is why bicycle pumps can get hot after use.

Keep food hot after cooking (at 140? F or above).

Within 10 minutes the phone felt warm, hot after 15, and the battery was draining away.

Kari-Rae Bezaire got hot after the break, scoring 13 of her 15 over the closing quarters.

You had to leave it a while to get it very steamy but it was lovely and hot after a while.

I reccomend this 100%, the only downside is the bulb can get very hot after a few hours, so don't leave it on all night.

Consequently, a lot of heat is generated by the circuitry, which means that the outer casing feels hot after a few minutes.

They're tan and white plaid, and even with just two people in the house, they weren't looking so hot after 5 years of daily use.

Funny because you bring up Novak being hot after the tennis match because I have watched a fair amount of motocross over the years.

In 1% of cases hot over is used

Pour boilikng hot over the peaches.

Serve hot over steamed rice or noodles.

Both teams have been hot over the last 10 games.

Serve hot over cooked rice, scattered with chopped spring onion tips and hot sauce, if desired.

A casserole or chafing dish is filled with salad oil and kept piping hot over an alcohol flame.

Serve hot over cooked spaghetti noodles and lots of cheese! Yummy sweet spaghetti And there you have it.

But for now, I just eat it cold over hard boiled eggs or hot over brown rice &; chicken breast with my other veggies.

Seems like only logical then that men can look just like hot over these boots, but society doesn't seem to be allowing it.

New Orleans? defense is tossing out fantasy points like Mardi Gras beads, and Palmer has been blazing hot over his last three games.

In 1% of cases hot about is used

But can never figure whats so hot about mark.

Obviously you feel so hot about this topic while I genuinely do not.

On 13th November, she and Curtis Keeble waxed very hot about the matter.

The steps that anyone has to bear if you are really hot about unaffected is utterly usual.

WHAT's HOT ABOUT Young Paperboyz? these guys always keep the ball of music moving non stop.

However, most backless garments out there are overtly sexy with body hugging forms that I am not hot about.

Phone lines at Hawke's Bay Today have been running hot about the omissions with an unprecedented number of more than 50 calls.

Makola has pushed for us to have statements out on every issue that is hot in the African community, or that the African community should be hot about.

I can name a bazillion people that are hot! Sat, 2012-11-10 14:11 -- Anonymous Close ur legs &; cover up sweetheart theres nothing hot about any part of u.

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