Prepositions after "hostile"

hostile to, towards, toward, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases hostile to is used

Segment hostile to the Waorani.

It was often hostile to the Romans.

Many on left are hostile to the BBC.

Most commentary on talk radio is hostile to the changes happening during these times.

The Virginia Cavalier was not less hostile to the Irish than the Massachusetts Puritan.

The purport of his illogical essay on Cicero is no doubt thoroughly hostile to the man.

However, several such as Thomas and James, the half brother of Jesus, were hostile to the news of the Resurrection.

Hostile to Ea 6 are they, Throne bearers of the gods are they, To hem the way they set themselves up in the streets.

Few on the left, notably Trotskyists, were hostile to Australian nationalism because it served capitalist interests.

Rembau continued to be hostile to Tampin; the Ruler of Tampin con- tinued to intrigue for the dignity of Yamtuan Muda.

In 9% of cases hostile towards is used

But she was hostile towards me.

College is hostile towards men.

Mama Elsa was hostile towards Elaine.

It's a shame that so many of the comments are nasty or hostile towards scousers.

The current president, however, is existentially hostile towards suburban living.

One affect abortion has on women is that they become increasingly hostile towards men.

Right-wing tabloid press was hostile towards Muslims and linked Muslims generally with violence and extremism.

From then on, the supporters became hostile towards the former Blackpool goalkeeper who looked shaky all night.

When the interview resumes, Njeri says she does not understand why her mother-in-law is so hostile towards her.

It's there and your dogged determination to minimize or rationalize it is what makes people hostile towards you.

In 3% of cases hostile toward is used

The two countries are not hostile toward each other.

Even so, Okinawans do not act hostile toward the Japanese.

Japan is increasingly hostile toward a rapidly rising China.

It is backed by Syria and is hostile toward Arafat and his supporters within the PLO.

The English colonists in the Carolina colonies were particularly hostile toward Spain.

This is what you get when the city of Seattle is openly hostile toward its Police Dept.

Katrina, a newly admitted is extremely hostile toward a staff member she has just met, without apparent reason.

Reading between the lines, Herbert Rieper became terribly bitter and hostile toward the Hulmes and his daughter.

The Pope is legitimate, but he and most of the other Bishops are hostile toward tradition when push comes to shove.

Being fond of your own way of life and condescending or even hostile toward other cultures is normal for all people.

In 2% of cases hostile in is used

The world is not longer hostile in any way.

There was something hostile in his passivity.

They were irritable and hostile in family affairs.

But the influential culprits managed to ensure that witnesses turned hostile in court.

Interestingly anti-semitism amongst muslims appears more hostile in Western countries.

I don't think the weather instability has ever been as hostile in the last 100 years as it was in the last 12 months.

Whatever questions Abraham may have had from time to time were not the result of his being hostile in mind toward God.

In any case, the strong religious beliefs are not hostile in the least and all residents live in surprising harmony here.

Get these die hard BF3/MW3 fans alone in a face to face conversation, and they are extremely less hostile in their opinions.

In 1% of cases hostile for is used

The environment is hostile for human existence.

You're pretty hostile for really no good reason.

It only makes the situation more hostile for everyone involved.

The court later tried and convicted Zaheera and others who had turned hostile for perjury.

It's easy to do if you make the environment very hostile for anyone who's willing to speak up.

Artificial grass is always advantageous when the weather is very hostile for the natural grass.

From their perspective, making the environment hostile for them would be a good way to discourage any more influx.

They can not escape their factory vats, to them it's like the vacuum of space is to us, just too hostile for life.

Also at a soccer party last sunday, he was shocked when she sat at the same table as him! She has been hostile for the last 2 years.

Furthermore, a lot of native Quebecois seem to have a chip on their shoulder; they sometimes get quite hostile for no reason I can see.

In 1% of cases hostile of is used

That puts a damper on even the most hostile of aggressors.

As a teen, he is openly hostile of her, often going out of his way to be irritating.

So it's worth remembering that even in the most public of places, and hostile of spaces,.

Abu Lahab died an apostate and was one of the most hostile of all enemies of the Prophet (s.

Nature equips them to get through the most hostile of grounds - but I guess there are limits.

I am hostile of any expansion of nuclear power however thorium/U-233 does look like the most promising.

People are inherently creative, and some will manage to create in even the most hostile of environments.

Religion could never be finally separated even from the most hostile of the hopes; simply because it was the very source of the hopefulness.

St Kilda remains a symbol of the ability of man to survive in the most hostile of environments and it remains a fascination unique among islands.

By act the fool you are addressing those who are wary and hostile of people coming in to ask questions? I usually try to be polite, even on the internet.

In 1% of cases hostile with is used

I'd not being hostile with men, all I'd saying.

They have become more hostile with each passing decade.

To this date the media remains hostile with its own agendas.

He then got very hostile with the clerk after she asked how he was going to pay for it.

She occasionally became angry and hostile with interactions, and I could not gauge when or why.

Walking around the Sydney CBD can be downright hostile with the pace of the traffic light changes.

My role in a house no longer felt so hostile with all the me-being-second feeling and living under others shadow.

The Capture of Pocahontas: In 1612, the Powhatan Indians and the English settlers were becoming more hostile with each other.

Cathay Fortune, a private equity firm founded by Chinese billionaire Yu Yong, and the China-Africa Development fund went hostile with a A$1.

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