Prepositions after "horrify"

"horrify at" or "horrify by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases horrify at is used

King Vasudev was horrified at this cruelty and fell on his knees.

I'd horrified at the thought of the deficits run by the STM pre-Opus.

I was horrified at filling out a form for everything small and insignificant.

CD - UK Because I'd horrified at the thought of Blair ever again being in power.

Other MA folks with an appreciation of where the money is coming from are horrified at the runaway costs.

Oh, and it funnels the watter back into the sink, so no more wet counter! My very frugal fiance was horrified at the price tag.

The rest of the country was horrified at the actions of Rhode Island (whether this was because of class or fear of inflation, etc.

Gazidis/Kroenke would probably be horrified at a Napoli game - all that shouting! (Maybe that's why they were interested in Arsenal.

I'd sure they're in the majority really but if I was one of them I'd be horrified at the caricature that's always portrayed of the county.

In 38% of cases horrify by is used

Many Southerners were horrified by the extent of the act.

I never told my husband what I did - he'd be horrified by my dishonesty.

The man (half dutch by the way) I am horrified by what I have read, to tears.

Horrified by the 1905 Revolution, the bourgeoisie had become more conservative and suspicious of the workers.

I am horrified by the lack of understanding of economics by so many people (scientists, politicans and lay public).

Olga says: August 14, 2012 I am horrified by this immigration rules, there is nothing in common with immigration control.

When SunSense ambassador and TV presenter Carrie Bickmore had her face screened for sun damage she was horrified by the results.

This causes me great discomfort because I am not at all racist, I am horrified by the death and assaults on Indian students and I sympathise with them.

PhDJobseeker 22 August, 2012 As a recent PhD (unfortunately currently unemployed) I was completely horrified by these adverts and was delighted to see them removed.

In 5% of cases horrify of is used

Happy Excorcising! Advertisers are eager to make it more effective, governments want to regulate it, and web users are generally horrified of its potential.

In 3% of cases horrify in is used

They are included in order to shock and horrify in an attempt to spur people into action.

In 2% of cases horrify during is used

He's horrified during some of Jax's new actions and above all else, we consider he understands how deleterious it would be to a bar if Clay's secrets were exposed.

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