Prepositions after "hop"

hop on, in, into, onto or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases hop on is used

Now imagine hopping on a bicycle and moving at 10 mph.

Hop on Facebook for two minutes and you'll see what I mean.

Without hesitation, we hopped on the wagon and off we went.

We headed down to the dive shop, got our gear ready, hopped on the boat and away we were.

There is simply not a lot of maneuvering room once you hop on the vertical portion of a compound graph.

There are breathtaking shots that make you want to hop on a plane after the film is over and go there yourself.

First stop would be Adelaide, where I'd wait a couple of days before hopping on the train to Perth, the Indian-Pacific.

Visitors to the region can enjoy staying at a community run eco-lodge or hop on the back of a camel led by a Samburu warrior.

Come Friday nights, I would often find myself hopping on a train to visit various people around the country or on the phone.

One thing I can say is that I always remember to say hello and goodbye whether I hop on a plane or a bus, it's simple good manners.

In 13% of cases hop in is used

So, we hopped in a station wagon and drove to Montreal.

You can hop in the mint loving train with this super stellar mint essential oil.

That's when I convinced a good bud (Dave Munshaw) to hop in the truck and head West.

Whenever you need some pain relief, hop in the tub, and you'll soon find you're feeling better.

Don't walk home alone Find a friend walking the same direction as you and if that isn't possible, then hop in a taxi.

Though I've only ever taken the bus in the hotel -> station direction, as we normally hop in a taxi at the station.

Try to look for several of the websites on-line which will supply the best vouchers within the merchants which you shop in your town.

By the time I get to the apartment, I'd still hungry and needing to grab something before I hop in the car to take Rose to the park for her walk.

One reason there are so many gigantic commercial arterials around is that people must hop in their cars to ferry kids to school or buy a quart of milk.

Following his judicial defeat, Uba reportedly hopped in his multi-million dollar Gulf Stream private jet and flew to see Obasanjo in Ota to bemoan his ordeal.

In 10% of cases hop into is used

About an hour ago I hopped into a taxi in St.

Hopped into an auto rickshaw and headed back to our hotel.

I accidentally hopped into the website after I was looking into that fundraiser gala.

I hop into the backseat of her car and she talks on her cell phone for the next few minutes.

Once Carole hopped into her car and tried to start the engine, a weird noise came out of it.

What's more, we all hop into our little gas guzzlers to make the weekly / bi-weekly / monthly grocery runs on our own.

After the game, he was so mad at himself he hopped into his Beemer, burnt away and got himself a speeding ticket on the PH.

We hopped into the sheriff's car, and with the aid of his siren arrived in Guilford only a couple of minutes after the others.

This was so till one day, I hopped into one of the Danfos, a popular Lagos type of commercial bus alongside all of my worries.

The first vehicle that passes by stops, and I hop into the back of a converted army jeep being driven by a Mosuo man wearing a cowboy hat with a girl of about seven riding shotgun.

In 9% of cases hop onto is used

So I decided to hop onto the Instagram post bandwagon.

Harry held out his arm and Errol feebly hopped onto it.

Once you have the driving permit, you can hop onto the beach at the northern end and drive back to Diamond Head campsite over the sand.

If you are managing a small business with limited advertising budgets, you better hop onto the social media platform fast as your consumers are getting younger and tech-savvy.

After asking a friendly looking guard with limited English where to go, and him frantically pointing, we ran down the platform, double confirmed with a lady in a kiosk and hopped onto car #3.

In 7% of cases hop to is used

So they hopped to it with a passion.

It's too personal to suddenly hop to another character.

Well, that's hardly a reason they can't hop to it and stand on their own foot.

So there's genuine value in hopping to Verizon to take a subsidized iPhone.

Data is sent across one of these 22 MHz channels without hopping to other channels.

I told him I was hopping to Calgary to see my sister and told him a bit about my trip so far.

Do you really think the forces carrying Obama and Boehner are different? You want the virus to reproduce itself to death before it can hop to the next host.

We spent the next couple of months together hopping to different musical/Sufi circles in Istanbul, and went down to Konya together for the annual celebration of Rumi's passing.

In 7% of cases hop from is used

We hopped from one place to another.

One does not have to hop from the bottom to the top.

Don't go hopping from one dealership to another trying to get approved.

When we were growing up, we used to hop from house to house to sample the varying cooking skills of our moms.

Somehow this shifted the balance for freight hopping from being a relaxed way to travel, to being a more furtive endeavor.

Mrs Jarvis took her time, but come it did leading to a final scream as Paul released himself from the chair and stood unable to do anything but hop from foot to foot as he held his rear.

In 3% of cases hop out is used

Duane pried the bag free and hopped out of the crate.

Ultimately, BP looks like it's hopping out of bed with TNK-BP's Russian plutocrats and into bed with the Kremlin's.

Drive the Cabot Trail: Enjoying the spectacular views is only one part of the drive, make sure you hop out of the car at least twice to experience the trails.

It's also a good idea to make sure your driver's side window will roll down otherwise you will have no choice but to hop out of the car when the officer pulls you over.

In 2% of cases hop across is used

But in Syria it's very easy -- you just take a flight to Istanbul, then another flight to southern Turkey and then you hop across the border.

In 2% of cases hop over is used

Some of the boys saw him coming and hopped over the stream, but the rest of us felt we had every right to kick football in our free time.

In 2% of cases hop around is used

We do hop around the links - easy enough to do - so wee general round-up would be perfect.

My friend and I had planned to do some serious island hopping around Thailand, but that never happened.

You do mostly hop around one another's blogs from Mr Linky anyway during the week so I think that could work - with occasional treats thrown in.

In 2% of cases hop aboard is used

Explore the Rio Grande Hop aboard a bamboo raft to explore the Rio Grande for a thrilling trip through banana and sugar cane plantations.

In 1% of cases hop by is used

However, if you want to tour more, then go Sabah island hopping by going to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and finding a boat.

In 1% of cases hop between is used

That is, if you can track him down -- Ginters covers an enormous region, and spends much of his time hopping between cities in the East.

In 1% of cases hop along is used

So this was my only sharp shot out of about half a dozen attempts as it hopped along the wire.

In 1% of cases hop with is used

To our great surprise and happiness, the pub at Lynch's was hopping with all sorts of folk - kids, young adults, older adults, maybe even a dog.

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