Prepositions after "hook"

"hook on" or "hook up"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases hook on is used

People are still hooked on CoD.

I may be hooked on Tasmanian pepper now.

I have been hooked on to cricket since then.

Dickson, you have really shown that you are being led hooked on the nose by the Jonathans.

So that's the first time I got really hooked on the dub sound, as we understand it in the UK.

The game of Snake was one of the first mobile games that I got hooked on way back in the 1990s.

Niles Van Holts is a lady's man and refuses to be believe in the idea of a true mate but one kiss and Niles is hooked on Irene.

Most smokers know about the dangerous end results of smoking but still can't give up as they happen to be hooked on it which can.

The special feature was a demo of APRS and how it works and inviting people to get hooked on it by Kamal 4S7AB, Arosha 4S7BU and Jaliya 4S7JL.

In 21% of cases hook up is used

He was hooked up to Radin's machine and shown the emotionally charged images.

When I was an undergraduate, I used a 24 hour timer hooked up to an alarm bell.

On one sidewalk, a generator was hooked up to a popcorn maker, spilling a fresh batch into a bowl.

The singer tweeted a picture from inside the hospital, showing her hooked up to an intravenous drip.

It would be very cool to have a Raspberry Pi hooked up to a web cam that is set up to recognize a person's face.

He hooked up volunteers to a modified lie detector, which measured an electrical current across the surface of the skin.

Last year, I suffered a spontaneously collapsed lung, and was hooked up to a vacuum pump in the hospital for a few days.

As this is a USB keyboard, it is pretty much plug-and-play and works as soon as it's hooked up to a computer without installing A-additional software.

Using a wireless enabled laptop hooked up to a powerful home-made antenna, crackers will drive around a city searching for wireless networks they can access.

In 14% of cases hook to is used

About one-third of India's population is hooked to tobacco.

Just as soon as I get the bag, (the ETB, hooked to the LEC).

I once was hooked to chaos theory and then left it after reading a book or two.

ROLES Something defines gender and that is hooked to a brain function we have no control over.

Things to consider are hooking to events which are important to node, it would be possible to.

The Orphanage was difficult emotionally, but after the first week, I was hooked to all the lovely children.

Maybe you will not write it, but you have to be able to read it, because RubyMotion is hooked to the same runtime and Cocoa API.

Man! China being the land of fakes, has even managed to fake US TV series 24! We were pretty much hooked to the show for the next few evenings.

And you know what that means? Your guy is going to be hooked to that TV! Here's how not to sound like a total idiot when you're watching the game with your.

Since 1998, he is hooked to the Internet -- initially as a consumer then as a producer, and since 2006 onward, as an SEO consultant and content marketing strategist.

In 9% of cases hook into is used

Anything you have hooked into here is going to be accessible by your computer.

It's dead easy to get hooked into the big social thing but you really end up losing yourself.

Find ways to get people hooked into coming back to your software in order to satisfy some compulsion Engaged Communities.

Get your book today!) Keeping CSS Out Of Your JavaScript CSS can hook into HTML with a variety of different selectors; this isn? t anything new.

In 3% of cases hook in is used

Well hooked in the mouth, thanks to the circle hook.

He was trying to tell us not to get hooked in ideas but to drop them.

In 2% of cases hook for is used

I've been hooked for a while on secretly giving gifts.

How he and Don deal with that should keep us hooked for the rest of the season.

In 2% of cases hook from is used

Instead I got a taut thriller, albeit one with cheap BBC special effects, which had me hooked from start to finish.

The first thing I ever read on your website was the story of him eating a fish from the sky and was hooked from there.

Paul Brooks Port Kembla Beach late 60s I was hooked from that point on! That was it; my whole life changed and it wasn't just summer surfing, it was full time all year round forever.

In 2% of cases hook onto is used

This is exactly what Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has hooked onto and will not let go despite clear evidence climate change is happening.

In 1% of cases hook with is used

He got hooked with booze, and reportedly even drugs.

Using 2/0 round bends limited gut hooking with most fish returned to the water safe and sound.

In 1% of cases hook underneath is used

According to the police report, I was knocked unconcious and my right foot hooked underneath metal on the side of the train.

In 1% of cases hook through-out is used

This will make you hooked through-out the whole game.

In 1% of cases hook behind is used

In one hand he holds a long-bladed stabbing spear, and more often than not will be seen leaning against it with one leg off the ground hooked behind the other.

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