Prepositions after "honour"

honour by, with, for, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases honour by is used

You were honoured by the sun that day.

He came to his end full of years, and honoured by the homage of all who knew him best.

He put forth a notification that his Durbar was to be honoured by the presence of Dost Mahomed.

The Housekeeping team is truly honoured by your generous appreciation of being the best in India.

In terms of awards she speaks fondly of being honoured by the JCDC and also of her Order of Distinction award.

It can not hurt thee, for a moment; for a gay thing like he is could never be honoured by even a serious thought from Ione.

Also, though the Regional was barely 5 years old, it was honoured by being requested to host an Area Convention in Sri Lanka.

We are also particularly honoured by the visit of the Vice President since we were amongst the few chosen districts in the region.

On December 8, the 65 year-old Lewis will be honoured by the Gospel Rail Productions organisation for his contribution to Christian music.

The people of India recognize this as a contribution to our national security and fit for being honoured by India's highest award in the future.

In 23% of cases honour with is used

He was honoured with the 1997 Grammy Award for ' Best Musical Show Album ' for his Riverdance record.

Raman has been honoured with a large number of honorary doctorates and memberships of scientific societies.

From the moment I first held my son in my arms, I recognized the unfathomable responsibility and honour with which I had been entrusted.

Sarabhjit Singh spoke to a fully packed hall at the Guru Nanak Darbar, Southall, later that afternoon, where he was honoured with a siropa.

Hmmm, we wonder if Britney or Lindsay will also be honoured like Paris? The thing is, the socialite is being honoured with the Harvard Lampoon ' Woman of the Year ' Award.

About one year before a similar occasion took place at the famous Madame Tussauds where Shah Rukh Khan -- India's most popular actor -- was honoured with his first wax statue.

Devote, then, to the austere friend of your youth, one of these bright summer evenings, and let me boast that my gloomy mansion has been honoured with the presence of the admired Ione.

She has been honoured with the Governor General's Meritorious service award, is a special representative of UNICEF Canada, and acts as co-chair of the Canadian advisory council for Right to Play.

Providing a pervasive remedy that is applicable to every section and every society is an applauding solution and the best part is to ensure that people continue to be honoured with such a facility.

In 17% of cases honour for is used

National Award is the most highest honour for any actor and actress in India.

I've never had most honour for Peter, yet if he would have stopped Alicia's allege that would have changed.

Also a NA might not be Nobel Prize but its the highest honour for an Indian actor, irrespective of its credibility.

They would like dignity and honour for their families - in particular, for the elderly, the women and the children.

British Gallantry Awards by Peter Duckers Since ancient times soldiers have been honoured for gallantry in battle.

The South african ICT company has once again been honoured for its achievement among the country's top Microsoft partners.

The pair was honoured for discovering a key component of cells called G-protein-coupled receptors and mapping how they work.

Venerating the ancestral tablet was, therefore, a way of expressing great respect and honour for one's demised relatives and friends.

I have currently followed the newspaper's intiative to mention hot bloggers, and I must say that I'd truly honoured for the attention (in spite I now blog After Africa).

The actor, who has been the goodwill ambassador for a UNICEF campaign on polio since 2005, was honoured for his contribution to the cause by the Rotary International today.

In 14% of cases honour in is used

Daniel Bernoulli was much honoured in his own lifetime.

Former Guelph great Brienne Stairs was honoured in both 2009 and 2010.

Their rights and privileges are honoured in their own villages and when they are guests in other villages and districts.

Thomson's achievements were honoured in numerous ways, and mark him as among the most accomplished physicists of his era.

As desperately poor as they were, they were shining examples of how to retain your dignity and honour in the face of adversity.

Skinner was honoured in athletics along with Peter Lawless, Ian Clark and Ben Warnock, who all coached Paralympians to success in 2012.

Levant is a member of the tribute committee for the University of Haifa's Mount Carmel Dinner at which Kenney will be honoured in Toronto on Nov.

Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of the Jim Morrison fronted band were honoured in West Hollywood on August 16 with a red carpet tribute to the band at The House Of Blues.

In 8% of cases honour as is used

Recently honoured as an Officer of the Order of Canada, Mr.

That the Vaisnavas should be honoured as the genuine brahmanas is confirmed by the following words of scripture (Srimad Bhagavatam 7.

His double-breasted jacket, cropped pants and cleats were an avant-garde ode to the ' 80s we were pleased to see, and more importantly, enough reason to be honoured as an AskMen style icon.

In 4% of cases honour to is used

Love the club for life! mwakio posted on August 19, 2012: bloggers, let us all give all glory and honour to the Almighty God for having given us victory in the name of Jesus Christ.

In 1% of cases honour after is used

He became only the fourth non-Australian cricketer to get the prestigious Order Of Australia (OOA) honour after West Indian greats Clive Lloyd (1985 ), Garfield Sobers (2003 ), Brian Lara (2009).

In 1% of cases honour among is used

A Fool Desires Undue Fame The fool will desire undue reputation, precedence among monks, authority in the monasteries, honour among families.

In 1% of cases honour because is used

They who are brahmanas by birth are honoured because of ordinary social customs.

In 1% of cases honour during is used

Virat Kohli, V V S Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar will be among the top stars who will be honoured during the ceremony.

In 1% of cases honour like is used

Hmmm, we wonder if Britney or Lindsay will also be honoured like Paris? The thing is, the socialite is being honoured with the Harvard Lampoon ' Woman of the Year ' Award.

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