Prepositions after "hold"

hold in, at, by, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases hold in is used

Most of that money is now held in G.

I am a clever woman held in bondage.

The first race would be held in 1973.

The top lids are held in place with small aluminium angle pieces riveted to the plywood.

So far, the races have been held in Chicago, New York and this weekend in San Francisco.

The world's longest lunch events will be held in 19 regions across Victoria on March 12.

A conference was held in Paris in September and sixteen nations in Western Europe agreed on a four year recovery plan.

That's net profit in the billions of dollars, for a phone that has to be held in a specific way to even get reception.

The 2nd Regional Convention was held in Colombo in October 1977 and Stanly Arnold was re-elected as Regional Director.

Virola) presented during the East Asian Actuarial Congress held in Shangri-la Hotel, Manila, Philippines, October 2003.

In 14% of cases hold at is used

Meetings will be held at 7pm on the.

Little Big Town ' s Tornado holds at No.

To be held at the Clare Golf Club from 9.

That night, as regional conference, the first of such kind, was held at the Lee Theatre.

Our next event is the CLA GameFair, this year being held at Belvoir Castle 20-22nd July.

Assumptions valid at the data link layer do not necessarily hold at the transport Layer.

The World Men's Team Championships were held at the Ahorn Sport Park on 9 ASB SquashCourts and one ASB ShowGlassCourt.

The music library, which stores thousands of LPs as well as recordings of all the music performances held at the NCPA.

The show was held at the masterpiece building itself -- the architectural opus, Avant at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The courses were held at the Combined Training Centre Largs on the west coast of Scotland from July 1943 to March 1944.

In 14% of cases hold by is used

Generally held by Tribal Culture.

A bit of turn and well held by Dhoni.

The Seventh District seat, once held by David R.

Transferring the cash will reduce the value of the derivative asset held by the Treasury.

Our book signing events were held by our publisher, Suncolor group and the British Council.

And each held by the arguments, most of them only according to Han and Tang Wei literature.

The owner of the land was the fourth defendant, whose entire shareholding was held by the first and second defendants.

My diary is peppered with meetings held by the Education Ministry, community and principals ' groups and the minister.

Of course being the Guardian, the blog fails to mention that the overwhelming portion of the debt is held by Americans.

The incorporation of private companies such as Kantipur Publications broke the monopoly held by government owned media.

In 11% of cases hold on is used

Voting will be held on weekends.

Markets were also held on the forum.

Well hold on that's possibly not true.

The Next proceeding date of Professor Gulan Azam will be held on 29July: Witness Absent.

Council Midsummer Gala Dinner in Ireland held on Friday, June 29, 2012 at Dublin Castle.

Held on May 3rd, it has been recognized in 1994 by the United Nations as an official day.

It may be recalled that in 1988, elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies were held on two different dates.

The Yar'Adua Administration In the presidential election, held on 21 April 2007, Yar'Adua won with 70% of the vote (24.

They are held in place by long threaded rods that pass right through the posts and are held on the inside by wing nuts.

President Barack Obama has been reelected, and the Republicans have held on to control of the House of Representatives.

In 6% of cases hold for is used

Hold for a few seconds and return.

I will be holding for a bit now.

Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat each side.

If you get an important call from an employer while driving, ask them to hold for a minute.

Amos Ntshabele, Radiographer at Lonmin Regular wellness events are held for Lonmin employees.

You will need to provide a valid non-provisional national driver's licence which has been held for at least one year.

Strathakis ' barrel became stuck behind the Falls and was held for twenty-two hours before being released in an eddy.

But it's so great to see how far they took all the promise that EP held for improvement and made something incredible.

Lewis was held for several months before being exchanged for the wives of British officials captured by the Americans.

In 5% of cases hold onto is used

You are more than the pain that you hold onto.

So a part of me thinks I should hold onto them.

Afraid what I'd missing by holding onto comfort.

Some of the best lines made me pause for a moment just to hold onto them a little longer.

For starters, the visitors are more likely to hold onto the ball and use it more effectively.

You will hold onto your rights only as long as you are willing and capable of defending them.

Holding onto this belief, these respondents believe that an individual's success or failure is of their own making.

The show's also held onto star players John Bishop and Andrew Flintoff, along with Jamie Redknapp and Georgie Thompson.

The price of holding onto old beliefs -- even those that provide us with a false sense of security -- is our freedom.

In 4% of cases hold to is used

I hold to Keats's side of the argument.

Americana I will maintain holding to the dream.

It's just a different place than they've held to date.

It is the only forensic and independent biography and a real attempt to hold to account.

Heaven forbid, though, that the municipality should be held to standards of ordinary care.

I guarantee that they are doing everything that they can to be held to very high standards.

Again on the citizens of Utica offering to surrender to them they did not accept, but held to their treaty engagements.

If the G20 held to its commitments in Pittsburgh we could make up some real ground in the fight against climate change.

They were held to a higher standard of conduct and piety and even barred from remarrying after the demise of the prophet.

Kevin Durant, the NBA's leading scorer in the regular season, was held to a postseason-low 11 points on 3 of 14 shooting.

In 1% of cases hold off is used

These mortgages are held off balance sheet.

Holding off Woods on Sunday will only add to his pedigree.

Gave Linfield the 10-point lead, which was just enough to hold off the Lutes.

Sam Schultz, of Missoula, Montana, narrowly held off the rest of the field to secure the victory.

Reigning world champion Blanka Vlasic of Croatia held off Anna Chicherova of Russia to win the high jump.

In the men's 400 hurdles, Dai Greene held off 2005 world champion Bershawn Jackson in the home straight to.

If you can hold off the robotic attack long enough you'll be rewarded with various Virtua Tennis 4 goodies for you Home personal spaces.

The US had an excellent game plan -- start off extremely strong, execute baton change well, and give Bailey a lead to try to hold off Bolt.

Services managed three points over Andhra by virtue of a first-innings lead in round one, and then held off Himachal last week for one more.

Vineeth had another chance in the 40th minute as Ranti held off the two central defenders allowing him all the space as he had a free header from a James cross.

In 1% of cases hold within is used

Each of these buys held within them a Manchester United gene.

For the first 8 months of the year, the rate held within a narrow range of 8.

This would mean an election would be held within 60 days of Mubarak's resignation.

In both these countries the religion has strong holds within the country population.

The transitional leadership has said a vote will be held within eight months of liberation.

It is the ultimate, the transcendent experience, the essence of the universe that is held within you.

These differing views held within the Latino group are another indication of the multifaceted nature of the American Dream.

The election of the next Vice-President is to be held within 60 days of the expiry of the term of office of the outgoing Vice-President.

Under the said Rule, information that Members furnish has to be in respect of their pecuniary interests, whether held within the country or outside.

Allowing for this 2,500 withdrawal, and the 2,000 tax rebate, the individual then has 7,500 held within the pension for a net contribution of 3,500.

In 1% of cases hold with is used

Roman clothes were held with pins and brooches.

During the visit to Syria, a meeting was held with H.

The pose should be held with the legs and spine straight.

Grandparents are memories that will never be forgotten, but instead held with great pride.

Note that the majority of Germany's gold reserves is supposedly held with the Fed Reserve Bank of NY.

On 29 June, meetings were held with with participants who attended AUICK's workshops since 2005 from Chennai.

Discussions have been held with the Maryland Business Round Table for Education based in Baltimore is excited about our approach.

We will simply have all PEPs converted into shares and held with the parent company shares until you contact us with instructions.

Moreover, the structure is assumed to contain an interface? C on which unilateral contact conditions hold with zero tangential forces.

In 1% of cases hold up is used

Ambition is held up to her as a vice - to a boy it is held up as a virtue.

The thread appears as a continuous vertical line when the note is held up to the light.

That explanation held up until Heebe filed a lawsuit that identified First Assistant U.

She had a white linen coif to hold up her famously thick and long black hair beneath her headdress.

Not sure if this show can hold up to all the high hopes they have been trying to raise in the viewers.

Watermark A clearly defined lion watermark is hardly noticeable until the note is held up to the light.

See Through Feature Identical shape or patterns on the front and back of the note match up (register) when the note is held up to the light.

They are also allowed to hold up to 100 per cent equity in civil aviation companies, where foreign equity is otherwise limited to 49 percent.

This was held up to the sun to provide it with nourishment, before it was cast into a basin of Copal placed in a position to enable the blood and incense to ascend to the gods.

Laws that don't hold up to international standards The government will continue to find itself in a spot as long as we have local laws that don't hold up to international standards.

In 1% of cases hold under is used

The symposium was held under the.

The test is held under the aegis of the ECK.

Rumsfeld, was also filling a post he had held under Mr.

As things stand now, the 10th parliamentary elections will be held under a partisan government.

Newton showed that Kepler ' s first and second law could not both hold under Descartes ' theory.

The conferences are held under absolute secrecy and tight security, with no media coverage allowed.

But the main opposition party the BNP has threatened to boycott if the polls are not held under a caretaker government.

More than two classes are held simultaneously in some classrooms and some of the classes are held under trees in the garden.

The conferences held under Lula's administration dealt with 40 different themes, 28 of which were discussed for the first time.

In 1% of cases hold over is used

These will be held over the next three weeks.

The investigation was being held over his head to force him to join the conspiracy.

He says that protests were held over these curbs, which only proved as a storm in a teacup.

While the exhibition matches, held over the weekend, may have been the first crawling steps towards the revival, staging high-profile.

Local authority elections, provincial council elections, a Presidential election and a General election have all been held over the past two years.

GoDaddy holds over 50mil domains so business hit a snag not a cliff, however it did set a standard for larger corps to be afraid of they're customers, for that it was a win.

In 1% of cases hold against is used

His breath held against the heat death of the universe.

He was informed that anything he said could be held against him, in accordance with the law.

The simplest form of Trombe wall consists of a glass pane held against a wall with an air space behind it.

If you're known as a sloucher and someone who misses more work than is appropriate, it will be held against you.

After a trial in the Supreme Court, the learned Judges held against the Attorney General and acquitted Gunawardena.

The 1968 Rules, however, failed to displace the upper hand the carriers historically held against the cargo owners.

This is held against one nostril opening (as per instructions below ), head slightly tilted forward over a wash-hand basin.

Severe grievances each held against the other have been reduced; they were a significant barrier to any improvement in relations.

My head is still occupied with white truffle and sea urchins, which I'd sure my loyal readers can understand and won't hold against me.

You can usually also tell by the fact that they get up and leave at the first opportunity, unless held against their will, and indeed, never return.

In 1% of cases hold from is used

The first FC meeting will be held from 6.

The Hong Kong Open will be held from Nov.

Voting will be held from 9am next Monday.

All teachers are in this together and deserve to have their money back that was held from them.

TARKUNDE MEMORIAL NATIONAL PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE, 2013 to be held from 19th to 21st January 2013.

This world renowned 4x 4 off-road event will be held from December 1 -10, 2012 in Malacca, Malaysia.

BACKGROUND INFO The World Brand Congress, hosted by India was held from 4th -- 5th November 2009 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

He made the point during a panel discussion at the 48th Munich Security Conference (MSC) in Germany, held from February 3-5.

Presented in Cantonese, these lectures will be held from 11am to 1pm in the Lecture Hall of the Hong Kong Museum of History.

In 1% of cases hold during is used

This shall be held during the annual scientific congress.

There are two assets to own and hold during such a Crisis.

This is possible because the services are held during week days.

They were held during May (23 &; 24th) instead of our traditional September timeslot.

The 2009 AGM will be held during the second half of September, on a date to be announced.

The First Buddhist Council was held during the 5th century at Rajgaha under the noble support of King Ajatasattu.

If all goes to plan, 15 unconferences will have been held during 2011, in three continents and next year Boorman plans 30.

The Asian Grand Prix Circuit comprises of a series of nine regattas, throughout Asia, held during the year, for the region's fastest boats.

However, at Teagasc's nationwide Talking Timber events held during March, several representatives from Irish sawmills put it bluntly: get your timber certified.

SAWAF, held during Women's Month every year, has a long history of supporting women's arts and creating valuable dialogue, whilst showcasing cutting edge productions.

In 1% of cases hold between is used

Therefore, a run-off was held between the two.

The event holds between 2nd and 4th November 2009 at Lagoon Conference Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

The word hand anchors your hand to this table, your hand is a warm stone I hold between two words.

Although UNOCAL claims it abandoned the pipeline project in December 1998, the series of meetings held between U.

The current cast it aside in an eddy where it floated back upstream and held between two eddies until captured at 4:40 p.

The October 2, 2012, a conference call was held between Tony Olaes ' business partner, Atty Jay Kopelowitz, PinoyWatchDog.

Hips and knees are at 90, trunk is upright and neutral, and lower body motion is reduced with a ball held between the knees.

A conference was held between employers, workers, and English trade unionists to try to resolve the dispute, without success.

What we are left with are a series of gatherings, held between Thanksgiving and New Years, one of which either took place at the St.

At Sasebo, on the 25th, a conference was held between Admirals Joy, Hartman, Higgins, and Andrewes, and other officers of the force.

In 1% of cases hold as is used

It may even be held as an asset.

She was held as a slave, raped, tortured, and her baby was MURDERED.

She is being held as a bail violator from a previous shoplifting charge.

I look forward to the day of Dalit Pandits Days like this make me realise why TNT has held as well as it has.

For example, in 1896, he was kidnapped from the streets of London by agents of the Qing dynasty and held as a prisoner in their legation.

Under Customary Law in the Punjab, a widow has full power over the income of the estate which she holds as a widow and can do with it what she likes.

Every British government since at least the 1940's has held as a core belief that safety of the citizen and the prevention of crime is a matter for the government and the government alone.

South Sudan seceded from Sudan in July last year after voting overwhelmingly for separation in a referendum held as part of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended the decades of civil war.

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