Prepositions after "hit"

hit by, on, with, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases hit by is used

Treasures has been hit by cops.

I was hit by this tsunami of demands.

Some parts of China were hit by floods.

Visitor arrivals continued to grow up to 1988 when the country was hit by Hurricane Gilbert.

When hit by UV light, the bond between the nitrogens rearranges, contracting the side chain.

We discovered that particular spruce died because it had been hit by lightning at some point.

When Mara ran away from Clara, she is almost hit by a car but Derrick Gonzales (Diego Loyzaga) pushed Mara to save her.

He also created the Tennessee Valley Authority to deal with areas worst hit by drought across the ' dust bowl ' states.

Jerusalem, the Holy City, was hit by M-75's twice without inflicting any damage as they landed on the outskirts of town.

His contract had been terminated by his Dubai-based construction company after the project was hit by the economic crisis.

In 15% of cases hit on is used

Rajneesh did not hit on all the women there.

It just hits on some pretty intense emotions.

You're hitting on all cylinders these days.

The definition of ' hitting on or being hit on ' was the same for both girls and guys.

So, why don't you hit on her right away? The main reason is this: picking up women is lame.

I was telling Sara, here, that you're a good looking guy, and that she should go hit on you.

Three Israelis were killed today by a direct rocket hit on their family home in the Gaza border town of Kiryat Malakhi.

My mother is scarily like Livia Soprano, with serious mental health issues, &; my only sister hit on every guy I dated.

That hit on Jay appeared to be an intent to injure type hit, but I guess it is ok since he does not play for the Saints.

She hit on three of my biggest pet peeves as far as home features go: Wood paneling, fluorescent lighting and gold-plating.

In 13% of cases hit with is used

It has been hit with a fine of $4.

Even Davout gets hit with this stick.

He gets hit with right hands constantly.

The deputy ordered them to knock it off and they weren't hit with any additional charges.

This week I turned up in Quebec and found myself an instant hit with my nephew and niece.

As he turned he was hit with a metal pipe or something similar on the top of his shoulder.

You are extremely fortunate (far more than you know) that you were not hit with the ' keep taking the pills ' injunction.

Seminole County, Florida authorities say they were tailing a burglary suspect in the chopper when they got hit with a laser.

They are not doing that, they might get hit with the stupid stick now and again but right now they're showing plenty of heart.

If NZ does get hit with the virilent form of Birdflu, eggs from small backyard poultry flocks sounds safer than from battery farms.

In 12% of cases hit in is used

One person was hit in an adjacent theater.

I got hit in the shoulder and Johan got hit in the arm.

When the crisis hit in California I went into overdrive.

FIRST, A TESTIMONIAL FROM WILL CARLIN About five years ago I was hit in the eye by a squash ball.

People watching say, ' Jeez, why can't he hit in the fairway? ' There's definitely that element to it.

This is how to look at PP and not just hitting in the air and swinging the bat when missing the ball.

Long range rocket and missile storage sites have been hit in substantial number, along with tunnels and launching sites.

First Ben Connolly hit in a wicked free kick following a foul on Nick Allen only for Tattersall to bring off a fine save.

You can get a shield power-up to prevent this, but the best course of action is to simply not get hit in the first place.

People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an Education, and now we've got these knuckleheads walking around.

In 4% of cases hit at is used

Also finding reverse is hard to hit at times.

Social diseases don't wait until a person is 18, they can hit at any age.

In state capital the services were hit at Sadar Hospital and Doranda hospital.

Per Ardua Ad Astra Phantom's comments are 99% to the point and accurate, this one hits at 100%.

The military was being hit at its vitals, as strategists like to explain an offensive by an adversary.

She was involved in an auto accident on the 405 freeway and was hit at 84 MPH, as she was stopped in traffic.

If the height of the storm hits at low water we'll really be lucky as this breakwater will provide us some decent shelter.

The sword hit at the tree as the result of his mistake strike and stuck on there, rendering Leoric with the disarm condition.

The other multiples and the ANA were all getting hit at their various positions as well, so we knew that we were going to have to ride this out.

A team could also decide to go with a poor fielder who can hit at a certain position and carry an excellent fielder at the same position on the bench.

In 4% of cases hit for is used

Foxx is 4-for-5 while hitting for the cycle.

I'd assuming I'd get hit for certain taxes and BIK etc.

Another guy who can't hit for average and you figure his HR total will drop in Citifield.

Switch hitter, in the prime of his career, plus fielder, hits for power, fairly high OBP.

He scored easily as Purdue's linemen pulled and couldn't find anyone to hit for about 25 yards.

The biggest part of the tax hit for middle-income Americans would come from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the payroll tax cut.

Nevertheless, the ball is hit for a home run, demonstrating in dramatic fashion that the batter's grip plays no role in the ball-bat collision.

The slider has some things going for it, like reasonably high groundball rate and reasonable control, but it's also been hit for a home run too often.

Even the successful Saeed Ajmal was hit for two sixes as Australian openers hit nine sixes in the space of 19 balls, bringing the second fifty off just 15 balls.

In 3% of cases hit from is used

In late October, a munitions factory in Sudan was hit from the air.

Fraser hits from the heart and sings from somewhere very personal.

He explained she was hit from the rear at a very high speed and had some major injuries.

So, this arithmetic exercise gets us essential zero hit from jumping over the fiscal cliff.

Some years ago I was hit from behind by a car and bounced off with sufficient force to write off the car.

The promotional video for the invisible helmet shows a cyclist getting hit from behind by a car over and over again.

Carlos Kohu Martin took over and also took four strikeouts while giving up no walks or hits from the seven batters he faced.

With a little help from Maverick Sabre on the hook, the single looks set to be the first commercial hit from the Stonebridge.

Internal links are a free way to advertise to current customers and to help get you more hits from other advertising avenues.

In the fifth set there just wasn't a whole lot the Spaniard could do in the face of a barrage of power hitting from the Czech.

In 2% of cases hit like is used

I forget what Gardner hit like lol).

Regardless if said story was fact or fiction, 50's buzz hit like a bomb.

They made up for it by signing Chris Frank who hits like a runaway Mack Truck.

Blkhrts Each song from Blkhrts ' live show at City Hall hit like a concussive burst.

Given that climate, even surefire hits like Paramount's Star Trek spin-off couldn't generate interest from the major channels.

Shoulder charges are almost impossible to pull of now with out been charged and one on one hits like Bird on Cronk are penalised.

Also, Evan's dark fog hits about 2000% damage, while the new mage hyper skills hit like 1200%X8 or something like that for like 10000% damage.

Hit like you mean it, and win a **** game! Understand my thought on this though, and its sincere, nobody in a position of power, puts any value in belligerence.

In 2% of cases hit to is used

And he could hit to any corner that took his fancy.

Because if you watch it, he purposefully goes with the pitch to hit to the completely vacated left side of the infield.

The number of scores (hits to the database) is limited to 10, and the alignments of these against the query sequence is limited to 10 also.

The Humble ' Starchitect ' For someone with millions of Google hits to his name, Ott ostensibly maintains quite the humble outlook toward his profession.

Hao month was only the news, how happy heart, However, just months and Li Ying Hao indulge in their happiness when a palace intrigue is hit to them quietly.

The high speed of this program is achieved by using the observed pattern of word hits to identify potential matches before attempting the more time consuming optimised search.

In 2% of cases hit upon is used

And you hit upon about half of the reason for it.

I never dreamed that I would hit upon what I did hit upon.

However, in spring of 2011, the author hit upon a way forward.

To combat this, Greek engineers and scientists hit upon an ingenious remedy.

Rod, I think you've inadvertently hit upon the problem with Morally Therapeutic Deism here.

It seems incredible that the ancient Hindus could hit upon this idea thousands of years ago.

McAfee resolved the problem himself, but hit upon the idea of creating software that could detect malicious software and remove it automatically.

For example, a number of people once hit upon the idea of borrowing money in Japanese Yen once when interest rates over there were only a few percent.

Ann Farmer Woodford Green, Essex The Eurosceptic vote SIR -- Ed Miliband, the leader of the Opposition, might have hit upon the only way that he could win the next election.

Recently there was a very interesting case I hit upon, which got me wondering how memory allocation was managed by the workhorse of memory allocation, the malloc() function.

In 1% of cases hit during is used

A few more hit during dinner but I thought nothing more of them.

However, we fit in the tight spots at the various malls and so on that we hit during the week.

Health care and social service programs perhaps hardest hit during the recession will also be in line pushing for new support.

Know Where You Are Going It's a good idea to map out your trip ahead of time especially if you have several spots you want to hit during vacation.

Army Corps of Engineers ' North Springfield flood control dam, is better prepared for Sandy, said Town Manager Robert Forguites, noting Irene hit during the weekend.

On the way to the frontline, I could see what was hit during those morning airstrikes which I had witnessed, it were some tanks and military vehicles which were still burning.

In 1% of cases hit out is used

My left handed opponent was hitting out of the back corner.

Yes, it's a terrible break to hit a nice drive only to then be hitting out of a divot.

So, how do you hit out of a divot hole? The Basics Hit down at the back of the ball and dig it out.

In 1% of cases hit over is used

Not being able to hit over the infield is a symptom.

Detroit reliever Phil Coke allowed only one New York hit over the final two innings.

When the full weight of this crisis hits over the next couple of years millions of African people in America will be plunged even more deeply into poverty.

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