Prepositions after "hire"

"hire by", "hire in" or "hire for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases hire by is used

Andrio, was not hired by the Ministry of Education.

In short, it isn't easy to get hired by hagwons here.

Davis, former chief counsel to president Clinton, who was hired by Mr.

Bleeker was initially hired by Linda Lee to write a bio script for a movie about Bruce.

This is the reason why a professional patent attorney is hired by various inventors nowadays.

Stanley had been hired by the New York Herald newspaper to track down the missing Livingstone.

When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape.

There were reports in the press of naval officers being shadowed by detectives hired by the Department of the Air Force.

In 1879, at the age of 25, Taylor was hired by a government telegraph contractor to relieve the local operator in Hay River.

Career prospects look good- you might just get hired by a rich auntie who has no idea what her ' bideshi ' son is talking about.

In 15% of cases hire for is used

Looking to hire for a custom logo.

There is a safe that can also be hired for the length of your stay.

A better first step for MSFT would be to stop hiring for rapid growth.

Maybe, with only 6 months experience doing the accounts, you won't be hired for any of those.

It is self-catering, but Teica, our live-out housekeeper and cook can be hired for an extra charge.

Check the ads to see if the consultant regularly hires for roles like the one your interested in (or similar).

A common rule of trade was that individual merchants had to live above the compartment they had hired for their cargo.

Addressing a news briefing Islamabad he said that consultants have been hired for three months to ensure the transparent auction of the 3G technology.

The product or invention to be patented is first represented to the United States Patent Office by the patent attorney hired for the patenting purpose.

They are also willing to pay a fee to the person(s) they hire for each album they get (which must be in excellent condition, both cover and playing surface).

In 13% of cases hire in is used

At one time, all of you old people were hired in this way.

We do not currently have an available position, but from time to time we do hire in this area.

Among the green shoots indicating faster expansion: stronger housing demand and hiring in the U.

Most of us questioned Brown being hired in 2011 mainly because Brian Shaw was the more logical fit.

The cost of hiring in the private sector which is the net contributor to the economy is to remain punishing.

When he was hired in 2010 for The Avengers, Whedon was given a pass at the scripts for Thor and Captain America.

From December the number of hosted tours would double to 22 a day and 32 more staff had been hired in anticipation.

Van der Vis, hired in 2009, last year laid out a turnaround plan that included makeovers of existing stores and new ones in China.

The probability of being hired in a business you know nothing about, by someone who doesn't know you, at a decent salary, isn't very high.

Computer Technician/Installer (CURRENTLY HIRING) We do not currently have an available position, but from time to time we do hire in this area.

In 9% of cases hire as is used

She was a paid employee hired as P.

I was hired as the reporter/photographer for the Olds Gazette.

Often hired as a cameraperson, Roth also shot part of the Food.

JamPearl Engineering &; Construction was hired as the main subcontractors by Daito Kogyo Co Ltd.

The summer after high school, he was hired as an extra for Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College.

John Browett, who was hired as the company?? s retail chief just seven months ago after serving as CEO of U.

It is not clear if former Pittsburgh Penguins GM Craig Patrick, hired as a senior adviser to Howson season, would have.

Bhamu settled on a nearby farm where she was hired as a labourer, but several years later, that farm was also taken over.

Know how to Twitter? Get hired as a Guru! This bragging is more of a problem for those who were brought up in more sedate times.

He has worked at Postal Corporation since 1985 when he was hired as a management trainee at the defunct Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corporation.

In 8% of cases hire from is used

Kettles or Toasters can be hired from reception.

He can either own a rickshaw or hire from his master.

Agencies would be happy to hire from specialist schools than just hiring generalist MBAs.

These days it is very common to see a job where the company is already considering hiring from within.

Twenty years ago, recruiting was concentrated in a handful of top schools; today, big company recruiters may hire from dozens.

The open deck bus hired from the Sri Lanka Transport Board will give passengers a panoramic view of the city of Colombo, old and new.

Where ever possible we always try to hire from within and promote according to initiative and competence backed up by supplemental training.

Can you help me break this spell, and bind her and the person she hired from harming us ever again? Thank you for any information you can give.

What we would recommend for you to hire from are the local companies themselves because these are as trustworthy as the international companies too.

Among the eminent lawyers in the Board, one foreign expert from Zambia has protested loudly that he was hired from retirement for a job that was supposed to end on October 25 2012.

In 6% of cases hire at is used

These can typically be hired at the temples.

I recently talked to Reisha, a hired Snagajob member who was hired at Kohl's during a group interview.

Immediately after graduation, I was hired at a nearby university for an open position with their IT team.

Still, a crappy job beats no job, so I bit the bullet, called the hiring manager, and got hired at the Resume Stain.

FishbowlNY Two New Editorial Hires at Reuters - Posted December 2, 2011 Duff Wilson and Megan Twohey are joining Reuters expanding Global Enterprise Team.

In 3% of cases hire on is used

Companies usually go to colleges and universities looking for young recruits to hire on entry level.

Wall Street firms, for example, now hire on the basis of youth and brains, not experience and character.

The minister said that 45 new doctors have been hired on contract to meet the shortage of doctors in G-B.

We're back to 60 employees and continuing to hire on the engineering and development side, product management and client success.

In 2% of cases hire into is used

Being hired into these kinds of jobs resulted in an overall improvement in mental health.

I do believe it helped me to get hired into my current job (if for no other reason than the ongoing confidence boost it gives me).

Till we are hired into the service of God, we are standing all the day idle: a sinful state, though a state of drudgery to Satan, may be called a state of idleness.

In 2% of cases hire to is used

Three months ago I was hired to scope out a global intranet for a London-based global media company.

Anyway, according to Quincy, Juxie was hired to Katarock's management team in an effort to bring more hype and popularity to the sound system.

In 1% of cases hire away is used

Like many of the employees at Tesla and SpaceX, Passin was hired away from an established rival -- Toyota in his case.

In 1% of cases hire during is used

They first gave 59 female undergrads the same harassment story to read, but asked a third of them to first reflect on the motivation to get hired during a job interview.

In 1% of cases hire out is used

An example is the hiring out of means of transport.

In 1% of cases hire through is used

What MNC's are hiring through rigorous tests &; procedures is purely W.

In 1% of cases hire via is used

Only 26% have hired via Facebook.

I agee 100%: SA was hired via Selig to cut payroll and keep the Wilpons as owners during claw back suit of Madoff trustees through Picard.

In 1% of cases hire within is used

Zynga has about 2,000 employees, 92% of which have been hired within the last two years.

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