Prepositions after "highlight"

"highlight in" or "highlight by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases highlight in is used

It is section 8 highlighted in red.

Bytes 6-7 are the padding highlighted in Figure 3.

These are exactly the kinds of things Battista highlights in her book.

Who can forget the Nation Newspapers sex scandals that were highlighted in this blog.

As we've highlighted in the past, YES, it is unusual for these kinds of negotiations.

I think he has done great considering the presssures that were highlighted in the programme.

Casual Hairstyle Brown highlights in the dark hair with asymmetric layers, drooping on face, renders a carefree look.

September, not July, proved to be the big month for Moore, which was highlighted in a blog on Moore earlier this month.

Parliamentarian Sumanthiran made this statement in Parliament on November 9, though it was not highlighted in the media.

Slide 7 Before concluding, I would like to touch on one other theme that is highlighted in the programme: ' potential game-changers '.

In 32% of cases highlight by is used

This phenomenon was highlighted by the results of this study.

You can use the arrows of the keyboard once the bar is highlighted by a bright rectangle.

Highlighted by 30 Kindle users That? s the thing with secrets? you can? t explain yourself.

The scale of this problem was highlighted by research conducted at Princeton University in 2006.

The problem is only highlighted by the inclusion of two fake teams of female racers in pink cars.

Highlighted by 4 Kindle users ? When there is nothing left to do, and there is nowhere else to go.

Our program will start at 9 in the morning, which will be highlighted by speeches from myself and from Cynthia as well.

Highlighted by 8 Kindle users I grew older and heavier then, my mother? s love bigger than my own small body could hold.

Among the concerns highlighted by Nelson, is the worry that Jamaican prisons are already full and vastly under-resourced.

In 6% of cases highlight on is used

Click on the circle next to each and select Highlighted on Page.

All the above mentioned facts will be highlighted on this day to put an.

Find the post (organized by date ), click on the Circle, and select Highlighted on Page.

I had banked on using the Art Gallery of Ontario's free WiFi (highlighted on its website.

What was highlighted on many of the threads was the obvious disarray and ignorance of the EDL.

We will discuss the nature of the Church and highlight on its invisible as well as visible aspects.

I enjoyed the three seconds of halftime highlights on the big screen, and that was two seconds too much.

Kristi recommends to go to the Admin Panel > Manage > Use Activity Log > click on the Circle of the specific post and select Highlighted on Page.

The episodes essentially highlight on the concept of fusing Music, Dance and Theatre on one stage, the life of Okyeame Kwame as well as happenings related to the event.

WFUMB 2009 Congress Highlights on Youtube This is a short congress highlights DVD which will remind you of the wonderful experience in Sydney over the 5 days of the congress.

In 5% of cases highlight as is used

Fiona is consistently highlighted as a positive role model.

References and Recommended Reading Papers of particular interest, published recently, have been highlighted as: 15.

Human error has been highlighted as a cause for delay or mistakes in a number of major IT systems failures recently.

It has been important that a private residence restored with personal funds has been highlighted as an awardee of a Khazanah grant.

I wanted to know how many people are talking about the role of the Granite companies that I have been highlighting as the lynch pin.

There is a case study relating to Australia were this was highlighted as an issue when one wishes to predict future hydrology in a hot dry land.

Please note that any correction has to be highlighted as a stated erratum, corrigendum or note of clarification and the text can not be amended.

In 5% of cases highlight to is used

We go out in search of people that God highlights to us.

What the authorities have failed to highlight to us is that it is now easy to frame a person.

It highlights to deep suspicion and lack of trust that still remains from the lack of justice on both ends.

You mention psychology and customer service experience - consider the benefits of that combination that you can highlight to an employer.

The officer who gives the caution, however, normally discusses the criminal behaviour and highlights to the child the seriousness of his/her actions.

The range of options on offer highlights to me that whether you are looking for adventure or romance in Tassie, you will find an experience to savour.

Finally, I personally find that all these events further highlights to many of us the level of insecurity that still remains between the two countries.

The deaths occurred after the RSPCA highlighted to the council the port's inadequate facilities, warning of severe problems with animals in an emergency.

This event actually highlighted to the US public the enormous strain frontline troops were experiencing on a daily basis against a supposedly inferior enemy.

In 4% of cases highlight from is used

The review section of the website presents an archive of review highlights from trusted travel giants TripAdvisor and Booking.

With stunning images from photographer Basil Pao, Palin talks about his love of travelling, highlights from his time in Brazil and.

Want to get a quick summary of all the big community highlights from October? Click here! Welcome to The Dead Hamster, a community site for Lionhead Studios.

My post with a link to a report about the tribunal written at the time it was taking place, and the quotes I have highlighted from it, is in support of that.

In 4% of cases highlight with is used

Headings are text highlighted with the H HTML tags.

Use costly ceramic tiles as being a border or highlight with your floors task to save cash.

Currently, the use of CSS allows you to redefine the appearance of text highlighted with these tags.

You would have put it in the newspapers and you would have sent them to your friends, with that part highlighted with yellow marker.

If for example your eyes are your best feature, do smoky eyes or highlight with black liner and then use nude lipstick of light gloss for your lips.

Copyright PTOP Salamandra The white plumage of the head, neck, and body contrasts with the black wing feathers highlighted with a sheen of purple and green iridescence.

Enter the vehicle and climb to the top to talk to the guy who's highlighted with an objective marker, there is a sniper rifle on the wall close to this guy if you are interested.

In 3% of cases highlight for is used

It highlighted for the first time the risk to intravenous drug users and the need to have improved access to condoms.

Syntax Highlighting With syntax highlighting for JSON and CSS in the Web Inspector, it's easier to identify and debug your code.

And let's not write her off without any proof! This week has highlighted for me the poisonous result of Mr Amoral and his followers.

I watch his or her videos once a week, and they really have highlighted for me what kinds of things to watch out for and how dangerous people can be.

In 2% of cases highlight at is used

The partnership is just one of the developments in paediatric treatment highlighted at the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington DC.

In 1% of cases highlight about is used

Aarti also highlights about the infrastructure at the Accelerator and throws more light on the demo day.

In 1% of cases highlight across is used

Some more back of the envelope commentary on next page, PLUS are highlighted across the Forbes network.

When you go back to view your page, you can hover over each individual item and click on the star to remove the highlighting feature, or leave the posts highlighted across both columns.

The potential of an S-1 filing this October will surely also drive up interest in secondary transactions through sites such as SecondMarket and Sharespost, are highlighted across the Forbes network.

In 1% of cases highlight during is used

Examples highlighted during the conference included the innovative ViaMilano Program operated by SEA Aeroporti di Milano.

But raising income taxes on the wealthy to help shrink the deficit was exactly what Obama highlighted during his first post-election news conference on Wednesday.

In 1% of cases highlight throughout is used

Katsu and Koichi's differences are highlighted throughout the film effectively, and this is usually where the humor arises.

In 1% of cases highlight within is used

Made the decision on what you would like o highlight within the room, i.

The use of physics in technology is to be highlighted within this course.

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