Prepositions after "high"

high in, on, for, of or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases high in is used

It disappeared high in the sky.

Ann and Westwood High in Trelawny.

It is high in the south in Taurus.

The terminal station can pass the order to the high in the clouds to employ and control.

So, let's say you are right that inflation will be significantly higher in the future.

If the crescent is higher in the sky, there is no natural way to define left or right.

The Moon's low position in the sky will also give the well-known illusion that it is larger than when high in the sky.

He said previous investigations measured daily fluctuations in testosterone levels, which are higher in the morning.

In Europe the higher interest rates are supposed to offset the inflation caused by the increase in money and credit.

If price does not close above the 2008 high in coming months, then likely we're in for at least a short term pullback.

In 14% of cases high on is used

Peter's Junior High on Munden Dr.

Y'all are the highest on earth.

Civil Society MEQ: How high on the U.

Industrially speaking, electronic and electric appliance are highest on the list (46.

Beware the high on 8 and 9 may be there as the default state to leave I2C in idle state.

Washington DC ranks the highest on all three measures of income inequality in the US.

These studies would rank harm from healthcare high on the list of all causes of death for the countries being studied.

Consider that Canada and Australia are regularly far higher on the livability scales, as are certain Euro countries.

The three categories you score highest on hold deep truths about who you are and what you should do with your life.

Those high on digital intensity but low on transformation management intensity can be classed as digital fashionistas.

In 10% of cases high for is used

The high for the year was US $6.

High for Christmas and New Years.

Blend on HIGH for about 1 minute.

The contrast is too high for the film to be able to reproduce the full range of shades.

Taxes are going to go higher for the wealthy, no matter what kind of deal is reached.

She played basketball at Immaculate High for two years and remained a huge Huskies fan.

Yet those figures were a complete joke 120% by 2020, and even 120% is eyewateringly high for any country like Greece.

I love the fact that Nigerians are very hard working and are always aiming higher for the very best things in life.

Groundwater levels at Rockley in the Upper Kennet catchment are now the highest for the end of October since 1968.

With the stakes increasingly high for all parties concerned, rhetoric alone will not stabilize the financial markets.

In 8% of cases high of is used

High of 30 Celsius is expected.

The shot flew high of its mark.

Its just too high of a percent.

On the inflation adjusted basis, gold prices are 30% below their all time high of 1980s.

Normally, only sopranos, the highest of the four standard singing voices, will trill.

The fall wasn't as severe in June, but it was still coming off a 2012 high of over 4400.

That's just too high of a hurdle with little up side margin to get to 51% with minority voters alienated from the GOP.

This occurs when the seller charges the consumer the higher of two or more prices displayed in respect of a product.

It is probably not healthy to eat foods with too high of a saturated fat level, especially if you are not working out.

In 4% of cases high at is used

Oil prices were at a high at Rs.

The pair hit a 3-week high at 1.

The cost would be higher at S$30.

Sadly, demand is extremely high at the moment and there isn't a bottomless pot of money.

Coach Baek runs him through drills and literally sets the bar high at Tae-joon's record.

Changqing Temple Pagoda stands high at the foot of Xigan Hill along the Lianjiang River.

Wife has a solid law firm job offer and I'd sitting on a pile of cash, so risk tolerance is pretty high at the moment.

As far as I'd aware there's no evidence that the earth's magnetic field is any higher at these sites than elsewhere.

The probability that confidentiality would be assured also appeared higher at private relative to public facilities.

If the theory is correct the atmospheric pressure at sea level should be less at the poles and higher at the equator.

In 3% of cases high with is used

That ranks pretty high with me.

I'd aiming high with this label.

The USA is the highest with 42.

We headed into the engine room, which is 3 storeys high with ladders leading you down.

Do you dispute that? All else the same, constant is higher with higher surface temp.

The risk of food poisoning from eggs is highest with raw and lightly cooked dishes.

When he held a great feast, he built huge pyramidal wooden scaffoldings which he loaded high with food of all sorts.

Even open tender projects are awarded to Malays even if their prices are higher with blatantly inferior materials.

Contribution of Sikhs towards the Indian Defense Services is the highest with respect to their 2% population size.

Although he set a career high with 30 points in 77 games last season, he played in just three of 10 postseason games.

In 3% of cases high among is used

Panic ran high among the people.

This is particularly high among girls.

This support was much higher among U.

AIDS case rates have been consistently higher among men than women in Jamaica (Fig.

Socialist consciousness is far higher among the powerful, industrial working class.

You can be sure that levels of volunteerism are higher among practising Christians.

With the exception of biomedical research, basic research generally does not rank high among a nation's priorities.

The number of M &A; deals in the energy and mining industry was still the highest among all industries involved.

Daily Facebook use is also disproportionately higher among BC adults with teens living in the household (58%) vs.

Your eCPM is still lower than that of Infolinks and therefore it still ranks higher among most of the publishers.

In 3% of cases high up is used

Press the ball high up the pitch.

It was a very high up business firm.

Some should be higher up the list.

First, there was the shape without the ball -- which was positive and high up the pitch.

If the Open Air Cinema were on 12 months a year it would rank even higher up the list.

If I ever had to choose my ten favorite evil female badasses, she'd be high up the list.

Man City's full backs (Richards is in shot) are high up the pitch leaving just Kompany and Lescott inside City's half.

And Portugal's big four clubs, while no longer among Europe's elite, are still pretty high up the continental ranking.

The leaves are remote, darkish green or full green in colour and they gradually increase in size higher up the stem.

The central banks, those who create the power, are as high up the economic ladder and the power structure as I can see.

In 3% of cases high above is used

The sun rose high above the sky.

Allah has a throne high above all ranks.

High above the ring watch them balancing.

In one tent, high above the music stages, The Great Divine is performing an exorcism.

We want to lift his name High above ours and be sure that we are walking in his will.

He brought in a dream in which he was standing on a sheer cliff high above the ocean.

High above him on a window of stained glass, a golden band wrapped Escher-like enigmas around the Four Evangelists.

The divide between these valleys is now a steep ridge that rises high above the deeply-incised Landsborough valley.

It's in those moments, high above the never-ending ocean we get a glimpse of the guts it took to be Amelia Earhart.

In 2% of cases high by is used

I wasn't getting high by myself.

We were on such a high by the end.

The bar has been set high by Kate.

The capital cost of public sector irrigation schemes in Nigeria is high by any standard.

It's a big call for everyone concerned and emotions are running high by the sound of it.

I think the motivation to finish off the divorce paper work will be pretty high by then.

The motto of company is to rise high by maintaining a dignified relation with customers through refreshing services 2.

The ENIAC was so large that it took up a room ten feet high by about ten feet wide and several hundred feet in length.

I also just from having lived on the thirty eighth floor in a one point which is in high by these folks comparison but.

In terms of the other significant taxes - VAT and excise duties - our rates are already high by international standards.

In 2% of cases high to is used

But even that seemed high to me.

Net gearing spiked higher to 0.

From high to basal is abender inch.

Sponsors will be ranked on this page in order from highest to lowest donation amount.

From the highest to the lowest crawling animal, they all seem to know their remedies.

This is one of the reasons why the 18% figure appears remarkably high to some observers.

Apple's iPhone price is too high to command a large share outside the US (where carrier subsidies distort the market).

Ask for each person to order the dots vertically from highest to lowest on their name tag or assessment instrument.

High Season / Low Season There is quite a significant difference in price on safaris in Kenya from high to low season.

In 1% of cases high from is used

Cocoa fans would get a high from it.

I am still high from the experience.

Again it looked high from Leguizamon.

The high from the past decade was in 2004 when they implemented a 19 percent increase.

Burst remains very high from some classes, with critical strikes causing big problems.

I'd still on a high from all the shows and can't quite believe there's no show tonight.

It was frustrating not to get a finish but it didn't really bother me as I was on a total high from the days racing.

The band was doing all new material that night and they were on a bit of a high from Brandi's recent Juno Award win.

It'd be too hard not to once the topic comes up! I think I'd still on a high from my homebirth nearly 18 months ago.

In contrast, the number of fishermen is who cross borders are quite high from Indian side is proportionately higher.

In 1% of cases high since is used

It has remained high since then.

This was the highest since 1995.

My detector has been on high since 2008.

Virgin Australia shares were at their highest since February, trading up 2c, or 5.

A further five were neutral, making the proportion of bulls the highest since Aug.

If you think the foreclosure rate was high since 2008, you haven't seen anything yet.

At this pace, the number for the entire year will be the highest since 1959, when 40,000 illnesses were reported.

The turnover, on Monday, stood at Tk 990 crore, the highest since November 23 last year when it was Tk 1,051 crore.

This marks Mitchell's fourth consecutive recruiting class ranked in the top 15 and the highest since signing the No.

In 1% of cases high over is used

Raise them up high over your head.

At the bright full moon high overhead.

Raise them way up high over your head.

The blocks were raised high over his head and slammed down with a great deal of force.

The hands were held high over the head, breathing was checked, but there was no crying.

The Genk man blasted his chance high over the bar when really he should have buried it.

I took a shot at one nice wide 8 point on my 3rd day out, but the arrow hit a tree limb and went high over his back.

Tell the police officers who serve the Dixon Circle area that they are terrible because crime is so high over there.

The bright glow of the fire rising high over Jaffna town reflected in clouds and illuminated that unforgettable night.

In France, where tensions run high over immigration, people guesstimate that immigrants make up 24% of the population.

In 1% of cases high into is used

Raising his fist high into the air.

Turned a high into a low pretty darn quick.

Finally, the ball was placed high into the goal.

The path climbs high into the hills to a waterfall paradise and is highly recommended.

Their trails crossed high into the atmosphere, some even beyond the line of buildings.

Michael Ballack hit Chelsea? s first penalty high into the net to Van der Sar? s left.

On a cool, clear summers day, letting go of a helium balloon and watching it drift higher and higher into the sky.

Edwards intercepted before burying the ball high into the far corner from the tightest of angles in the 54th minute.

For someone who tires even less than Djokovic and Murray, the Spaniard will be riding an emotional high into London.

But the Gap of Dunloe is slightly different in that one doesn't have to go very high into the mountains to get to it.

In 1% of cases high during is used

Rates may be higher during peak times.

They will get higher during the month.

Export of Car was real high during this period.

Mortality rates were particularly high during the difficult period of ' seasoning '.

Remember the exposure risk is highest during slaughter, defeathering, butchering.

Bank ROE will be very high during booms and very negative during the subsequent bust.

If at least one vertebral fracture exists, the risk of the new ones is fivefold higher during the initial year 2.

The turn outs were high during the CRC meetings in almost all villages, save a few villages near the refugee camps.

It is common knowledge in Pakistan that production is highest during the winter months and lowest in the summer.

The coach and his staff have focused on keeping the team's confidence high during the rough patch and getting better.

In 1% of cases high due is used

Yes, prices are higher due to ignorance.

He, Glory to Him, is Most High due to His Greatness.

Cure rates are high due to good access to medical care.

Unsurprising, Australia and the United States would score high due to the English language.

Globally, MFIs interest rates are relatively high due to the high cost nature of the business.

Green tea has anti-aging and anti inflamsi good konstrasinya high due to the catechin compounds.

The need for maritime attorneys is always high due to the severity of the injuries that incidents at sea might cause.

Will the food prices we charge them be significantly higher due to the drought conditions we are experiencing? Yes.

I don't know where do we go from here but curious to see if the ratings will be higher due to this ' shock ' or not.

The load within Microsoft servers were too high due to the countless number of people wanting to get the Service Pack.

In 1% of cases high as is used

I wish she could fly high as a kite.

Yeah hold our head high as the underdog.

Was it just me or was Jerimiah high as a kite on Shunning part 1?? He was totally blazed.

Anxiety is high as the words paint the perfect picture and end on such a terrifying note.

Japan's toll in the world war was among the highest as a percentage of its population.

The demand for PHP developer is at an all time high as the demand for superior web development reaches higher summits.

This is more than as high as the most pessimistic projections of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Xstrata Plc rose to a two-month high as the company finished its first production line at its Koniambo nickel project.

The 22-meter Vanguard vehicle was wrecked by a great fiery billow of flames nearly twice as high as the rocket itself.

In 1% of cases high after is used

And even higher after Drew's inning.

It is the second highest after IDU.

And it got higher after Clip's 3 K's.

I've never seen my girlfriend or my best friend jump so high after a goal was scored.

My stock was rather high after Alam Halfa! We heard no more about a September attack.

Australia will try to end 2012 on a high after suffering from injuries all year long.

To the runner-up or is it given to the premier league team that finish the highest after the euro spot postions.

The blood levels of all three parameters were statistically higher after subjects were exposed to passive smoking.

If the movie was great people are much more likely to buy merchandise while they are still on a high after the film.

Patriotism was high after World War II, and the American Way was to be honored and defended during the Cold War years.

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