Prepositions after "hide"

"hide in", "hide from" or "hide behind"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases hide in is used

It's all hidden in the wording.

The notes he hides in your purse.

No wonder I was hiding in a hedge.

Amalilio as well as the company's board of directors could possibly be hiding in Cebu.

Hidden in plain view There are three different Dubais, all swirling around each other.

So Dhamma is the truth that lies hidden in all things; it is the within of all things.

It was so loud that Radar had went hiding in the supply tent under the pretence of getting more paper for his report.

Thereby only, they have wrote all the realizations and understandings they got as songs with meanings hidden in them.

There's a lot of talk now about how Savile was hiding in plain sight, how there was always something creepy about him.

The hardest part of digging out the seven actual, workable principles of quality was that they were hidden in plain sight.

In 20% of cases hide behind is used

One girl hides behind the others.

I see you hiding behind those bushes.

The Jew will hide behind stones or trees.

His hair is brown and untamed, and his eyes are hiding behind circular sunglasses.

He evaded more spells as he fled, turning sharply to hide behind a parked Mini-Cooper.

My cable management could be better but most of it is hidden behind the stand and sub.

Adding injury to insult, the paper is hidden behind a pay wall, and the raw data are probably even better hidden.

Instead, the government took the cowardly step of hiding behind the fourth ' expert group ' on abortion since 1992.

Hiding behind a pseudonym in order anonymously to spew vitriolic rhetoric around the room is, however, unacceptable.

This important step was taken by the courts with respect to Pinochet, who could not hide behind his official position.

In 18% of cases hide from is used

When I hide from it, I feel dead.

Nishkam All Osho people hide from the truth.

He was hiding from Iv Gotti and Murder Inc.

Past, blood and tears of this life tie him down, do not hide from this can not escape.

Mara can't hide from Clara anymore and so she asked what Clara is doing in Isla Verde.

Many such cats spend a great deal of their time hiding from the world either under the bed or on top of the wardrobe.

Sundaram Moorthy (foreground of the picture) and other cobblers work at a makeshift stall hidden from the public by a wall.

They hide themselves and they are also hidden from your view by the thickness of trees and undergrowth or by mist and cloud.

I can't say that I'd entirely comfortable with all of the conclusions to which that leads, but I'd not hiding from them either.

In 6% of cases hide under is used

The microorganisms hide under the clay and avoid the UV.

They were hiding under trees or any safe place they could find.

He spent the nights fending off the creatures that hid under my bed in the dead of night.

Hide under a big pile of clothes and throw random objects at people when they walk by 57.

All further articles on this side-issue will be hidden under the editorial guideline Disruptive.

Okay Fried pork bits (intestine, I believe ): This is hiding under that pork skin in the picture.

Usually, the customer brings a small amount of money say N10, which they hide under a scrap of cloth.

His daughter was hiding under a bed when she heard him crying as the gunmen thrashed him with sticks.

Did you mean the post above? As I am not hiding under a bridge either, In fact i'd in everybody's face.

A cousin of hers, who had been in love with her for years, hid under her bed while she was going for alms.

In 4% of cases hide by is used

Dhamma is hidden by the without.

Conspiracies are hidden by definition, not in the open.

Above this rose the terraces of a gay villa, half hidden by trees.

You have to jump on the dad's car, then quickly hide by the bush to the left of the door.

The dead were within the Council House, or hidden by the swarming people, or carried away.

We know only about the without; we don't get to know about the within which is hidden by the without.

Her tiny body usually hidden by formal business suits, seemed at home in tonight's low hanging jeans and halter top.

Why should it be like this? Simply because this thing called Dhamma has to do with the within but is hidden by the without.

Very often hidden by clothing, a person may not notice how badly their arms may look until they get extremely fat or flabby.

I also think the fact that his face is almost completely hidden by the camera has the effect of alienating potential models.

In 3% of cases hide for is used

And -- even better -- you'll do the hiding for them.

It ends up in a dirty cloth, hidden for years in a small cabin.

Chung, who was on the run, came out of hiding for this meeting.

He went into hiding for few years and later joined a rebel group.

The 70-year-old prime suspect kept the paintings hidden for years.

It's rugged country all right and little wonder that some wrecks remained hidden for years after crashing.

Cant face the bulldogs embarrassment so hides for a week then gets straight back into writing pro bulldogs propaganda.

Her younger sister, who hid for hours beneath the skirt of her dead mother, returned to the UK yesterday in the care of relatives.

John Hart's New Jersey farm was looted in the course of the Revolutionary War, and he did have to remain in hiding for a while afterwards.

Would American people have been happy to know that Bin Laden was just weakened, sick and in hiding for the rest of his days? Of course not.

In 2% of cases hide at is used

It would have been a massacre if the soldiers killed everyone hiding at the gas station.

Then Desiree have told Mara that it was Clara's fault that her project was hidden at that room.

Fearing that Gattu would avenge Ravi, a senior police officer asks him to hide at his friend's (Rajendra Prasad) place in Hyderabad.

Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

You can keep the magnet hidden at fingertips, hold the coin more naturally, get the magnet at the correct distance from the bottom coin quickly and take.

And because men are virtuous, women are therefore the enemies of this virture and must be covered and hidden at all costs for the sake of public morality.

In 2% of cases hide on is used

Some of them were in hiding on Saturday to finish up some code.

I allocated an Action to each button - show panel on click, hide on click.

They climb and hide on a plant or the Christmas tree to carry out their mission.

The SRS is sort of like a beautiful exotic girl who's been hidden on an island.

If someone checks on all users and finds less than NNNNN of them, he knows that other people are hiding on secret channels.

Discovered hiding on the roof of a building, he had been brought down to be taken to what he evidently feared would be his end.

The gut reaction is to start with the new stuff, which will be immediately accessible to players via a portal hidden on the perimeter of Ash Lake.

These guys made it blatantly easy and obvious by linking and then relinking to the same file hidden on various file locker sites (gee, I thought file lockers were only for legal stuff.

Yeah this is definitely a chance for Gilmore to get a bit of credibility back on the left, and having made much of the early running, he now has to push through and not let Kenny hide on this.

In 2% of cases hide to is used

It was hidden to them how much oil was in the salad.

The Truth is? Hidden to the Blind, but he who has the Mental Eye Sees the? Truth.

The original book, written long ago, existed - but now its sight is hidden to the searcher and to the thinker.

However, the rock itself may have been used to build the Long Walk, where, presumably, it lies hidden to this day.

I prefer hidden to auto for those just in case scenarios so a scroll bar is not generated by accident (which auto will do).

These things are hidden to us, but they were not hidden to those who attained enlightenment, in particular the Buddha himself.

This is one of the most common signs you can see - highlighting their so-called successful top picks but hiding to death their mistakes.

But right after the death of the fathers, no one seemed to know the exact truth and in a short while this manna seemed to have become hidden to the people.

In 2% of cases hide within is used

It's beautiful to be a sea hidden within an infinite drop.

The aim being to reveal the perfect spirit that lies hidden within.

This is the story of a struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, sura and asura hidden within us.

Activities relevant to political reform are quietly hidden within broader governance and development initiatives.

Senate through the chair about changes to the Senate Rules hidden within the 2700 page Reid-Obama health care takeover bill.

Rather, he takes up one of his leaves, and slowly let the substance hidden within it run over my wound, as a stream of green liquid.

Our desire to connect with the perfect arises from our deeper desire to know our true self -- to know the perfect soul that lies hidden within each of us.

With the help of a psychic, Annie finds herself looking into the world of the supernatural for the answers to a mystery that seems to be hidden within the house.

In 1% of cases hide among is used

Focusing only on the war and his duty, he has no idea that his own daughter is hidden among his ranks.

Her handmaiden, hiding among the trees, saw what happened and carried the news to the young woman's father.

Atleast red light people are not hypocrite, they are sitting openly and doing disgusting things but people like you are hiding among nobles and using the other human beings to advance your cause.

In 1% of cases hide away is used

Safely hidden away from the prying eyes of regulators and citizens.

A womb like existence where you can hide away from everything, even yourself.

These addiction dens are hidden away from the prying eyes of photographers and the public.

To keep it inside, even though you might cry on your own, hidden away from everyone, because you don't want them to know.

I tended to isolate myself and hide away from everyone, allowing myself to ' grieve ' over the situation I found myself in and heal.

Until as recently as a decade ago many of the island's handicapped simply never left their compounds -- perhaps loved at home, but hidden away from the public eye.

The only problem might be when Takahe are nesting however they are usually hidden away from the public places or else a doc ranger warns people not to go in an area.

In 1% of cases hide beneath is used

Cut to: Suk-jin hiding beneath a TV stand.

The whole process is hidden beneath the surface of our reality.

Hidden beneath the tough appearances are beautiful, gentle and kind spirits.

Patience is required to spot the tiny dwellers hidden beneath the small enclaves.

Sold in cartons of 10 packs, each white and black pack contains 20 long cigarettes hidden beneath a crisp gold foil.

Lion fish hide beneath the reef, Moorish Idols dart through the corals and Clown Fish dance possessively around anemones.

The 60-year-old witness said he was hiding beneath a bush from where he saw Quader Mollah firing on the people at Alubdi.

It however turned out that his rebellious thinking that was hidden beneath the sophisticated repartee was too strong to be contained.

In 1% of cases hide during is used

The Colmar Treasure, hidden during the Black Death, was discovered here in 1863.

Suddenly, I felt an impulsion to find the place where I was hidden during the war.

There is nowhere to hide during this process, no castle or kingdom be it underground or on the surface.

Although spoken traditions can be very strong, writing down history and culture further protects them, and allows them to be kept hidden during the reign of an unfriendly nation.

In 1% of cases hide inside is used

Here everyone is a actor but we need to find out hidden inside actor.

We continued on to look inside churches and the amazing architecture that is hidden inside the walls of building's.

Hidden inside skin folds, they can shoot these tentacles out to catch unsuspecting prey, and they are very good at it.

They were still grieving over what had happened and hiding inside the house because they were afraid of the Jewish religious leaders.

Hidden inside Cruelty Towers is ten stars, each star is worth a meal for camp and she would have ten minutes to find as many stars as she could.

As our people say, the thing you thought would take you to Sokoto-a state in Northern Nigeria-could as well be hiding inside your sokoto(trouser).

The lights are turned on by a switch on a plastic battery case which is hidden inside the costume but is easily reached by the wearer of the costume.

In 1% of cases hide with is used

She could hide with the colonists, or she could give herself up, go into stasis and hope for the best.

Her father survived while her brother was hidden with another family which also saved four children.

When you spot the KING, you don't tell anyone, then when no one is looking, you slip in and hide with the King.

They also gave me the telephone number of Annie, another child hidden with me, who was the same age as my sister.

What are we going to leave for them? Are we going to end up like the way Valdez went? Lots of things were hidden with Valdez.

Gilbert recalls: when we fi rst had to go into hiding, I was hidden with George Smeyer and my sister was hidden with his sister.

Our lives are hidden with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3) and therefore it is no longer we who live, but Christ who lives in us (Galatians 2:20).

He ends up looking just as bad as the author of the original article and the whole thing leaves one with the impression that the SWP have something to hide with regards to their Northern policy.

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