Prepositions after "helpless"

helpless in, against, at, with or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases helpless in is used

We are helpless in this matter.

Ppl are helpless in taht regard.

But I am helpless in this matter.

Two hot steamy affairs and I was helpless in doing anything about catching this one.

When I lost my dear mother, I can tell you I have never felt so helpless in my life.

A young girl who's out there somewhere, helpless in the hands of a drooling lunatic.

Helpless in Coram Unhappy, spending time with in-laws that you don't get along with can be very difficult for sure.

There's Bernie, a widow, and Aileen, who seems helpless in the face of her teenage daughter's growing independence.

It's not like they would be helpless in defending themselves against thugs like you who want to steal their wealth.

A few years back, I found myself pushed against a corner, trapped and helpless in a confinement of my own creation.

In 10% of cases helpless against is used

But, I feel helpless against it.

But I was helpless against the tide.

Men are rendered helpless against such attacks.

Batsmen's like Pollard, Bravo were helpless against his smart and quick changes.

There are few things worst than feeling helpless against a loved one's suffering.

The physicians of the time were helpless against this powerful agent of influenza.

She couldn't help herself, and began to sob, feeling alone and helpless against the gravity of the situation.

Jayawardene was left helpless against a ripper that made him play the ball into the safe hands of Alistair Cook.

The tiny countries of Europe are very helpless against large countries like the US, China, India and even Brazil.

Was Cotto overrated? Mayweather had a split-decision win over Golden Boy, who was utterly helpless against Pacman.

In 6% of cases helpless at is used

I really feel lost and helpless at times.

Many faces will look helpless at that day.

Peking Man is quite helpless at the unfolding of events.

Believe me, he is probably fighting it every minute, but feels helpless at the same time.

At every stage we have to be aware that both they and we are helpless at the mercy of Allah (S.

I was overwhelmed by emotions and felt so helpless at not knowing how to deal with him tantrums.

I still feel overwhelmed and helpless at the enormity of the problem and even worse, the self-centredness of politicians.

The dialectician leaves it to his opponent to prove that he is no idiot: he makes one furious and helpless at the same time.

He immediately said that it would not work, as such a doctor would be helpless at a place where there was not even a pharmacy.

When kids are angry because they are helpless at certain situations, parents can render a helping hand to relieve them from it.

In 5% of cases helpless with is used

Was pretty much helpless with all five goals conceded.

Nobody likes to be with someone who feels so helpless with the thing she do.

You are practically clueless and helpless with out this realm of virtual world.

When my ghusl will take place and I will lie there helpless with my book of deeds, shut.

When I played tennis, I won by walkovers because my opponents were helpless with laughter.

Generally: (i) The Tomboy has been helpless with giggles several times during this podcast.

That being said, Oliver's talent to make me laugh also seems to grow each year, and I am often helpless with it.

You have a wayward teenager that you have no idea what to do with and you feel helpless with knowing what to do 10.

We are a bitter, twisted nation that often treats our young, old, dispossessed and helpless with contempt and abuse.

HA HA HA -- 6 Oct -- 7 Oct A show that's been turning audiences of all ages helpless with laughter for over 10 years.

In 5% of cases helpless as is used

Helpless as an ant under a big foot.

I was helpless as a poor kid at that time.

You feel helpless as a parent because you can't fix it.

Helpless as drone attacks are carried out in Pakistan and as Guantanamo remains open.

Helpless as a sheep, the sinner knows he is lost but can not find his way back to God.

These are not helpless as the liberals think nor are they as lazy as the conservatives think.

He is helpless as the part which is supposed to be made available to him is not coming from okhla, new delhi branch.

How he had been completely helpless as a baby, and if his mother had not brought him up, he would never have become king.

The keeper was helpless as the ball flew through the air but the effort crashed off the outside of the post and went behind.

Rashida Khanum is of the opinion that like nature women are considered as weak and helpless as well as a means of reproduction.

In 5% of cases helpless before is used

I was helpless before the muses.

But as it is, man is helpless before nature.

However, they were helpless before Allah's decree.

On earth will be anxiety among the nations, helpless before the raging sea surf.

All this doesn't mean that we should despair and look helpless before the enemy.

Security agencies, unfortunately, are helpless before the barrage of cases surfacing.

We stand helpless before them because our civilization has essentially globalized only the surface of our lives.

The most unfortunate part is that even the present Prime Minister finds himself helpless before the party High Command.

The poem's use of these images suggests the narrator feels small and helpless before forces she can't hope to reign in.

If you would care to hear the story? There are your pyjamas, Some of our greatest and wisest stand helpless before the task.

In 4% of cases helpless on is used

I feel helpless on how to remedy this.

No remorse for the helpless on the football field.

Meanwhile their victims remain lying helpless on the floor.

Moses PBUH will also be helpless on this day and will shy away after recalling his sin.

Assistant Secretary Teresita Inciong agreed DepEd was not completely helpless on this issue.

From now on, I will sit helpless on the sidelines reading your story as you spin your blarney.

After another round of rapes (they often brought more guys in ), they brought Daddy in as I lay helpless on the bed.

Ah Heng fell on the ground and the Caucasian man kept kicking Ah Heng on his face (while he was lying helpless on the floor).

But he was helpless on Ibrahimovic's next two as Sweden's leading man ended up with four on a night when England threw away a winning position.

As you lay helpless on your stomach, panic sets in and so does humiliation as you realize that you are about to tap out before the entire world.

In 4% of cases helpless for is used

I have felt helpless for the past month.

Mercifully, I wasn't totally helpless for very long.

But what can we do? We have been helpless for many many years.

Turned out to have some obscure deletion rendering it helpless for its entire life.

In short, feeling helpless for patients is unbearable for healthcare professionals.

Everyone has confronted unexpected, negative situations and felt helpless for a while.

Infantry soldiers are at a constant battle with the enemy, and can sometimes find themselves to be helpless for days.

A man whose loved once looked on helpless for him to be condemned and disdained to death only to rise up to his praise.

He watches news about nuclear saber rattling, financial meltdowns, mega-storms rendering populations helpless for days.

He was helpless and possibly temporarily helpless for not being able to provide a temporary operating office to the new department.

In 3% of cases helpless without is used

I am helpless without your mercy.

You are helpless without the Holy Spirit.

You are helpless without them, you are bound to them.

Everyone is helpless without the state, the great protector, builder, and innovator.

Now I forgive you -- can't you forgive FREDO -- he's so sweet and helpless without you.

It was during that time that the Chief Minister was helpless without any power, not now.

Great actors needed very little machinery; the men and women on the pay rolls of the Jewish managers are helpless without machinery.

Human bonds and relationships, with each other and with material world, grow so strong that humans feel extremely helpless without them.

Ultimately though, the conversation has got to be about solutions, and it's a terrible mistake to think that Somalis are helpless without western aid.

As a woman living in a male dominated world, although mentally and emotionally stronger than we can ever imagine, is virtually helpless without a man providing for her.

In 3% of cases helpless to is used

We are helpless to the government.

Shift outlooks from helpless to hopeful.

I have changed from feeling helpless to hopeful.

We recall in thought the day of our baptism, when we were carried helpless to the sacred font.

Do not market but answer queries! Creating over-inflated statements is helpless to your enterprise.

She moves to give him one but he traps him with his legs and she is caught there, helpless to an angry.

Population in this country is becoming more helpless to the whims of irresponsibility of the US government each day.

Amazing how this huge creature that can stamp a human to death in seconds, seems so helpless to its ' conditioning '.

I clearly understand that now a large number of people feel helpless to a great extent; they did not feel so earlier.

They were bare and vulnerable under the watch of the whole community; helpless to an inevitable end that was before them.

In 3% of cases helpless by is used

Like when I was hopeless, helpless by human, and sad.

Most people become helpless by what is going to be discussed now.

Bit by bit, governance structure rendered helpless by its politicization.

And moreover our countries women are more helpless by education and proper treatment.

It's not all-mighty but it'll help the totally helpless by giving them a small start somewhere.

He did not make the person helpless by writing this down, but wrote down what the servant was going to do.

The key thing in all of this though is that you shouldn't render yourself helpless by behaving like someone else's property.

Consumers have never been more at risk of being left helpless by the bewilderment of information and choices they face every day.

I don't know whether you call it abuse but remember to this day constantly concerned, feeling afraid and helpless by my catholic friends.

If a woman is rendered helpless by her disease, and if the only helpful treatment to her can be given by a male doctor, she can refer to him.

In 2% of cases helpless about is used

Then you feel so helpless about it.

My parents were helpless about the situation.

I myself feel helpless about saving the environment.

At this point I was heart broken by his story but felt helpless about what to do.

I'd mad about this, because I feel helpless about all the negative possibilities.

An epic saga of stupidity is on display here and we people are helpless about it.

If the children had original ideas, they were very helpless about translating them into English which could be understood.

I feel for you Tim, I really do and I also feel pretty damn helpless about how best to be of use to you and to assist you.

I love movies that keep you guessing like that! Marie Rotter I like the point you made about feeling helpless about the past.

Krista Bowers said later that watching companies win leases for about $2 an acre made her feel helpless about her government.

In 1% of cases helpless during is used

Many people are helpless during emergencies.

I know he felt helpless during the birth of the boys.

They may compensate for feeling helpless during the crisis of the abuse by blaming themselves for what happened.

Many fearful flyers may have witnessed or experienced air sickness themselves but were helpless during this time.

I was helpless during the conflict, but now I have the chance to make a difference in the lives of others who have suffered so much.

Dr Rotich conceded that the EAC was helpless during the 2008 post-election violence in Kenya because the regional economic bloc had not developed a mechanism for intervention.

In 1% of cases helpless from is used

The person who is helpless from developing manners, how can he teach others respect.

Gim was rescued and hidden by an old woman; he was on the island of the robbers but was helpless from his injuries.

In 1% of cases helpless due is used

Besides, the civil administration is helpless due to political interference.

Many times I had been totally helpless due to this phone that it stopped working during long travels.

It is reported that the conductors who have shown their disapproval too have been helpless due to the power of that group.

The skinheads are desperate to get I, but are helpless due to the warning of the local police authorities, especially Sargent Grant.

With 4 laps remaining Webber drove past the Ferrari driver with a DRS+ KERS enabled move as Alonso was left helpless due to a quickly degrading rear tyre on his Prancing Horse.

In 1% of cases helpless like is used

You will also be helpless like me.

Feel helpless like your life is completely in the hands of your doctor.

It brought tears to my eyes as we once had a neighbour who was in a similar situation and we felt helpless like you.

I can't go home feeling helpless like that, I asked the roving guard, a thing which I don't normally do because of past encounters.

Maybe if you could try and look at things from Matt's point of view you would see he probably feels a bit helpless like my Ben did.

I felt defenseless and helpless like an orphan who was deprived of the security and peace provided to him by his father's presence.

In 1% of cases helpless of is used

The most innocent and helpless of us all.

One feels helpless of not knowing the cause of it.

The fasting updates the sense of responsibility to the helpless of the society.

The World of Matter with its various strata remains inactive and helpless of itself.

Most significant of all, the most helpless of all classes had learned the lesson of its power and in the.

It is gross sexual violence of the worst kind perpetrated on the most vulnerable and helpless of all, newborns.

You allowed an article to be published that advocates dispassionate violence against the most helpless of all human beings.

The human child is the most helpless of all creatures and such helplessness provides the best opportunity for his learning.

She set the highest example of compassion and active love towards others helping those who were the most helpless of all - children.

With death almost imminent, my friend asks me in the most hapless and helpless of voices to write a good obituary of him in case he gets killed, like Rustam Marri.

In 1% of cases helpless because is used

I feel helpless because of what had happened.

Soon it was morning, but we were helpless because of our eyes.

Some parents may feel helpless because of the lack of professional help around.

He often thought of Rachel's suffering, but he felt helpless because of his vow.

To those of you who are desperate, sorrowful and feel helpless because of the abyss of sin you are in just ask and I will forgive you.

In 1% of cases helpless under is used

Incorrupt Police officers are helpless under any government in SL.

He was helpless under the charm and wit of a beautiful young woman.

These youth were helpless under the law with the police making their own story.

Now I'd no longer drowning and helpless under the weight of the many things that I have to do.

Those trapped could be heard shouting and screaming for assistance as they lay helpless under the debris.

At times he becomes so totally helpless under the violent attacks of his lower nature that it seems as if all hope of progress is doomed to failure.

If he had worked in a morgue, he would know that formaldehyde is a very poor knock-out chemical; you can find much more effective means of rendering someone helpless under your kitchen sink.

In 1% of cases helpless after is used

Some women became utterly helpless after the death of their husbands.

I'd bitter and found my self helpless after doing all the things that can make me snooze.

The (NP) is totally helpless after SHTF, will have to rely totally on charity of those prepared to live.

Anyone who becomes helpless after 3 days needs to spend a week or two hungry and cold to get a dose of reality.

Orphans who are helpless after both or one of their parents die of HIV-Aids or other causes are forced to face the harsh reality of unbearable slum life.

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