Prepositions after "helpful"

"helpful in", "helpful to" or "helpful for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases helpful in is used

She was not helpful in the least.

The queen's Cranes are helpful in.

This is not helpful in the long run.

Social media is helpful in the sense that it lets us get the message across honestly.

But it isn't helpful in terms of your future, or your relationships with your family.

MRI is a more sensitive test and may be helpful in diagnosing the early stage of AVN.

Community treatment programs have also been found to be helpful in the management of behaviours that lead to crime.

I'd sure they are being super helpful in the process of cleaning up the names of Russian and Belarusian dissidents.

I too use my iPhone to set reminders and time slots throughout the day and find it really helpful in terms of focus.

I have found their actions to be far from helpful in the struggle to obtain quality research for people with autism.

In 28% of cases helpful for is used

Helpful for me to move forward.

It would be very helpful for us.

It is very helpful for the beginners.

I hope you found some of these tricks helpful for the problems you are working with.

The position of the Opposition is very helpful for the Government, as far as I know.

This will be very helpful for the people of underdeveloped and developing countries.

It's mainly because it's been helpful for the places I've worked and I enjoy it as much as I would on my own blog.

These loans are very good and helpful for the emergencies, and it is very easy and simple to get approval with it.

June 05, 2011 22:08 2wild2B-aChild I think it would be VERY HELPFUL for people who are always on the road- like me.

It is helpful for the ringer to know what is happening above their head when the rope is pulled, but not essential.

In 27% of cases helpful to is used

If your trip will be helpful to the U.

He was also very helpful to the youth.

Very helpful to the occasional visitor.

Second, it's not as frightening to authors or as helpful to the anti-OA FUD campaign.

Arvindsingh: Really very helpful to me and I hope this will be helpful to the others.

The answers can be helpful to the person who asks it, and also to whoever answers it.

Good citation style and use demonstrates you know what you're doing and is informative and helpful to the examiner.

I do not think it is helpful to dwell on these problems in a sustained manner; we need to focus on the way forward.

The ability to search both forward and backward from a particular citation would be very helpful to the researcher.

Since Mrs Atika had been very helpful to the headmaster's wife during her pregnancy, Mr Juma is always on her side.

In 3% of cases helpful with is used

Yoga can be very helpful with this.

Her staff were helpful with motorbikes.

Accountants are very helpful with that.

Our server was nice enough, and tried to be helpful with my friend which was great.

Margarita is very prompt &; helpful with all communications - excellent team member.

The community is unbelievably supportive, helpful with advice and emotional support.

Thanks to the front desk staff who were extremely friendly and helpful with restaurant bookings and metro advice.

Twitter communicated well, responded to developer questions privately and was generally helpful with many issues.

Fairway grass cutters were very helpful with locating our wayward shots off the tee! overall, av great days golf.

Foresight Wills were extremely helpful with all of that and I have already recommended them to a number of people.

In 2% of cases helpful at is used

The LED is very helpful at setup.

I can be happy and helpful at times.

A recap is probably helpful at this point.

He's been most helpful at every turn, even if not all my requests have been provided.

When I asked her about if this would be helpful at the lower levels she said it would.

It may be helpful at this point to give you a brief line-up on both sides of the issue.

Psychological treatmet (CBT) would be very helpful at this stage and I do not know of this is available in Nigeria.

Through these interventions, EARL-20B is also helpful at finding services and resources that meet the child's needs.

Here I have shared only the method of preparing kuzhith thailam and it will be helpful at some situation in your life.

You may find these sources very helpful at offering strategies for improving your own ability to remember information.

In 1% of cases helpful as is used

We hope it's helpful as a starting point.

Visual cues can be very helpful as a memory aid.

She also was helpful as a guide on a few occasions.

This can be helpful as the debt issue has been dealt with more comprehensively there.

In the long term, he would have been more helpful as an informant for the resistance.

Conventions are definitely helpful as a way to simplify and sometimes speed up coding.

I don't commit myself to any one form of Western music purely because I find a variety of styles helpful as a writer.

The information here is incredibly helpful as a lot of what I'd doing requires reading and understanding information.

During an asthma attack, caffeine can be particularly helpful as an emergency backup if you've forgotten your inhaler.

It's a source of biologically available sulfur and is also reputed to be helpful as a transdermal solvent in liniments.

In 1% of cases helpful during is used

Very helpful during interviews.

Also helpful during film processing.

Helpful during winter but not in summer.

Health Care Insurance: A healthcare insurance is very helpful during the time of emergencies.

For lots of individuals, a chiropractor visit is just helpful during times of symptoms of pain.

His boss encouraged him to do partial days, and his whole crew was very helpful during that time.

Diverging style may be especially helpful during phases of creating new ideas and broadening the view of groups.

They understand how serious hiring a nanny can be, so a nanny that is helpful during this process is a good one.

This can be particularly helpful during the winter time, when large hats and earmuffs are becoming more popular.

A variety of reasons exist as to why these individuals can be helpful during the purchase or the sale of a property.

In 1% of cases helpful on is used

It is very helpful on the table.

Yet this is helpful on the par-5's.

It is so helpful on multiple levels.

No One On March 12, 2012 at 1:01 pm This guide was helpful on how to create the item.

It's helpful on the technique side, but also just in seeing what's already out there.

However, this kind of mind-set will not be very helpful on your part in the long run.

It was held by the Supreme Court 26 The debates in the Oireachtas on the legislation are not helpful on this point.

The information that I have is that Craig MacKinlay was asked not to be helpful on this one by David Cameron himself.

It can also be helpful on your part to read some customer feedbacks about the quality of their products and services.

The shuttle service was delivered very efficiently by the staff and concierge was helpful on tours and places to visit.

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