Prepositions after "heavy"

heavy on, with, for, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases heavy on is used

His body was heavy on his feet.

You're heavy on the apocalypse.

A bit heavy on the cheese though.

Go heavy on the praise in an honest, meaningful way and don't make her feel criticized.

The steering on the Meriva went heavy on a frequent and random basis; very frightening.

This is not particularly fast though but is thickset, chugging and heavy on the melody.

Working through an anthropological framework, heavy on the reader in parts, Thiranagama has in fact provided a stark.

Your mortality weighs a lot heavier on you than you can comprehend and find it coming through in your subconscious.

Some manufacturers serving the printing and publishing industries have long been heavy on the sustainability message.

In 17% of cases heavy with is used

My eyes are heavy with alcohol.

And I don't mean heavy with fat.

It was a moment heavy with emotion.

Conventional Pulls: 3x5 Do these heavy with a form you believe your comfortable with.

Mango and coconut trees in the villages dotting the countryside were heavy with fruit.

I mean heavy with heavy metals -- like mercury! Unfortunately, toxic mercury problems.

While there will be a few showers in the north and west, some heavy with the risk of hail, for many it will be dry.

You're happy she's happy or at least heavy with the status symbols someone as beautiful as she is told she deserves.

Although, at times, it was heavy with a drama-student earnestness it was still sharp, refreshing and actually funny.

It seems to me that we never had a problem with global warming until the government became top heavy with Democrats.

In 15% of cases heavy for is used

But it's not too heavy for you.

Engine too heavy for the wings.

It seems to heavy for the wings.

LOL She looks beautiful but that hair comes across as TOO much and a lil heavy for me.

Sam is pretty heavy for a chick, and the log challenge was endurance, not brute force.

Another complains that the bag is too heavy for his cat to carry during the evacuation.

Pls people of God help me in prayer before i forgo my faith bcos the problems are gettiing so heavy for me to carry.

In Use The first thing I notice when unboxing this beast is that its rather heavy for a controller with only 49 keys.

Eggplant that are smooth, shiny and heavy for their size are most likely to be the freshest and have the least seeds.

I'd getting into the rest of The Mars Volta's stuff but earlier Mastodon is perhaps a little too heavy for my liking.

In 14% of cases heavy in is used

My words hung heavy in the air.

The burned bus looms heavy in Mr.

The sled looked heavy in her arms.

The place was a labyrinth and the acrid smell of oil and welding hung heavy in the air.

We talk our heads off and come out feeling heavy in the stomach and light in the heart.

But if you are especially heavy in weight, you must think about getting a longer board.

He lets the trash pile up and he lets his mail get so heavy in the mail box until the mail man brings it to his door.

It can be a bit heavy in places, but if you are going to invest it's good to have an understanding of what't involved.

Interestingly, however, the ice is so heavy in West Antarctica that it has pushed the actual continent below sea level.

His cologne soaks the air, musky and cheap, and the scent is so heavy in my lungs it makes me want to tear my skin off.

In 4% of cases heavy at is used

Rough seas were heavy at night.

Workloads are heavy at many uni.

Volume was heavy at more than 1.

He will represent Russia in the over 91Kg class -- the heaviest at the London Games.

This does not exclude the use of Bupivacaine Heavy at term for obstetrical anaesthesia.

But this time round, the device has a 4-inch display that also makes it heavier at 131.

I confessed, that I might obtain absolution; but now that falsehood lies heavier at my heart than all my other sins.

Ever since I've reached my maximum height, I've always hovered around 43kg to the heaviest at 46kg, no matter what.

So what do the children have to say in anticipation of next season's full-contact games? Oscar, the heaviest at 29.

The rain came shortly thereafter, quite heavy at times, and a bolt or two of lightning -- the real issue -- was spotted.

In 3% of cases heavy of is used

The most overrated heavy of all time.

It is the heaviest of all the parrots.

It was the tightest and heaviest of times.

Estwing claw hammer, the ' Mighty Estwing ' the heaviest of all carpenter's hammers.

It will resist all kinds of weather and protect your roof from the heaviest of rains.

Last year, I had to get a taxi home from town - my bag was THAT full and heavy of products.

Shortly after the engagement began the Alliance being the heaviest of the ships was immobilized for the lack of wind.

It is also the heaviest of the three laptops here, with the Envy 4 being just slightly more portable than the other two.

Radon Gas Pollution: Radon is a completely odorless, tasteless and colorless gas, and is the heaviest of all known gasses.

All of this extra construction made Britannic the heaviest of the Olympic-class liners, weighing in at nearly 50,000 tons.

In 2% of cases heavy by is used

Rain will turn heavy by the end of the day.

Nothing is heavy by itself, nothing is light.

Her eyelids were getting heavier by the minute.

Make the plate or bowl heavier by adding a piece of fruit or something with some weight.

It is too expensive for most people and deemed to be too heavy by a decent number of folks.

He turned back to his window nook with a heart made heavier by this condition of alienage.

He walked and walked, And slept and slept With his suitcase heavy by his side Which made him glad, secure and satisfied.

None of the other tablets of this size even come close to the level of fit and finish and most will feel heavy by comparison.

The 1-in-20-year heavy downpour is expected to be between 10 and 25 percent heavier by the end of the century than it is now.

Persistent light to moderate rainfall during Monday will get heavier by evening especially in these areas and again will persist.

In 2% of cases heavy as is used

Each day is heavy as a driving test.

The rain got heavier as the day wore on.

He tongue felt big and heavy as a doorknob.

He is waiting! Voice of Conrad: Cold, blue eyes, glance as trenchant and heavy as an axe.

A twenty dollar gold coin is twice as large, and twice as heavy as a ten dollar gold coin.

The colossal squid pictured is almost twice as heavy as the largest giant squid discovered.

The Black Glutinous Rice Balls was filled with an utterly dense yam paste, which I found much too heavy as a dessert.

The bromine atoms are very heavy -- about 80 times as heavy as a hydrogen atom, or 7 times as heavy as a carbon atom.

It was said that he had carefully cut away the props so that they would not support anything so heavy as a policeman.

This did not deter jockeys and horses as they saw the ground turn from good to soft, becoming heavy as the day went on.

In 2% of cases heavy to is used

They should be heavy to the feel.

But it was equally as big as heavy to me.

This really heavy to me, I just wrote an email to dr.

In portrait orientation, the device is heavier to the side where the phone is docked.

From heaviest to lightest, the order of the words is: FRUB, XIXU, car, bicycle, NULO.

Until the load became too heavy to the point where it became unbearable for me to carry.

Lee Marvin went from playing the heavy to playing the tough guy heroe, so it's nice to see how his career started off.

It's as well balanced as Cascadian IPAs get (aka so heavy to the Hops side of the scale the bottle almost falls over).

We are targeting late 2012 to bring Falcon Heavy to Vandenberg for vehicle to pad integration tests and 2013 for liftoff.

Make your bag visually pleasing Add interesting images and photos that aren't too heavy to amp up the appeal of your blog.

In 1% of cases heavy during is used

The crowd was heavier during the evenings.

Rainfall is heavy during June/July and September/October.

Rainfall is heavy during June/July, and September/October.

This did not always happen because traffic was at its heaviest during that hour.

Avoid picking up anything too heavy during the waiting period (greater than 15 lbs.

It's going to mess with flow of cars through there, which is very heavy during rush hours.

Make sure you and your group stays on sidewalks, walks facing traffic and avoid the road, as car traffic can be heavy during Halloween.

This easy solution will make the head of the club feel heavy during the swing, which allows you to focus more on the fundamentals of your swing.

Leinster tomorrow: After a dry and fairly bright start, cloud will thicken with spells of rain moving in from the north, some of which will be heavy during the afternoon.

Snow is expected to be the heaviest during the day Saturday, with areas near the Turtle Mountains and east of Riding Mountain National Park receiving as much as 40 centimetres.

In 1% of cases heavy from is used

Legs were heavy from yesterday.

It's heavy, hanging so heavy from my hand.

I would be heavy from Day 1 to Day 7 and then they would stop.

Centrifuge A device used for separating heavier from lighter parts of a mixture, e.

The road, which was very heavy from the late rains, runs through an undulating valley.

He said that in the morning his legs had felt heavy from his efforts on the previous two stages.

The air remains heavy from last night's downpour, which likely put an end to the growling, screaming cacophony below.

I watched them leave for a minute before making my way back up the tower, my legs and my heart heavy from the exhaustion.

This entire week has slugged by so, so slowly that my entire body literally feels heavy from the weight of this entire week.

By the time you?? re walking down a red carpet, a kilo heavier from all the diamonds, all your life is basically one big gift.

In 1% of cases heavy after is used

It is not heavy after all cause The Lord carry it with us.

Yum! It gets pretty heavy after a while and the taste is the same.

It can get a little heavy after long bouts of reading (old age probably).

Working alone can be a relief in some ways, but all those hats start to get heavy after a while.

The cake just crumbles into the sauce eventually, and is less healthy and too heavy after a meal.

The springless frozen earth under Bert's feet felt strangely dead and heavy after the buoyant airship.

The texture was pretty good, pretty fluffy on the inside, although it really does get quite heavy after a few pieces.

Do you think there's something besides simply feeling heavy after eating? Try only one slice of pizza instead of three.

Both of these make great alternatives to wheat or white rice noodles that can sometimes make you feel heavy after a meal.

Clear and watery discharge - This occurs at different times of your mentrual cycle and can be particularly heavy after exercising.

In 1% of cases heavy into is used

So aye, I was heavy into this band.

Right now I'd really heavy into One Piece.

It looks like these people are heavy into carbs.

I was heavy into that stuff way before it became socially okay or even cool to do so.

Every one said that she was heavy into black magic before she ever came to the states.

I was heavy into the likes of Artch, Death Mission, Red Harvest, Equinox and Decadence.

They are heavy into putting patients on machines with out any meaningful presence and tend to avoid contact with patients.

We delve heavy into all realms of attraction and dating depending on facts from studies, science, psychology, as well as sociology.

It is likely as I have suggested that the banks heavy into development before the crash are negative 20 or 30% of their deposit base.

At the time I was really heavy into Blog Networks and my anchor text links were probably 40 -- 50% directly linked to my main keyword.

In 1% of cases heavy like is used

So your breakfast could be heavy like a king.

Light and fluffy, not heavy like most cheesecakes.

Would you recommend the Smashbox? Is it heavy like M.

The body of the cake was dense and moist but not overwhelmingly heavy like a mudcake.

Quite popular with the Japanese since it's not as rich and heavy like the baked counterparts.

Not saying it should all be heavy like that but I really like blogs that show the whole picture.

But no, the glory did not pass with him: the sunset, dense and heavy like a red-hot stone block, glared over the town.

Heading straight for a sales call, or worse using something heavier like a personal visit could dangerously backfire.

At the nearby Harbour Street Police Post, where Jackson was based, the grief hung heavy like a storm cloud about to burst.

Or maybe it is just used for visual deterrence? since it is long and heavy like a stick? Re: PLA service women in training.

In 1% of cases heavy over is used

The dust lay heavy over everything.

This Saturday is to prove heavy over their mind.

The dark mood hung even heavier over them here.

This is a moment of sorrow for all Imolites and our hearts are heavy over the sad news.

Even in broad daylight, the spectre of the island's dark past hung heavy over the place.

But whatever happens the sense of anti-climax will still hang heavy over big-spending City.

The legacy of the last 50 years of the 20th century hangs heavy over every thought we have relating to ' success '.

Muslims today do not have that courage that used to make the Muslims in the past heavier over hundreds of enemies.

The showers most frequent and heaviest over the northern half of the country and isolated more towards the southwest.

Well the showers had been dreadfully heavy over the weekend, a right decision for sure, we would have got a right soaking.

In 1% of cases heavy upon is used

Silence sits heavy upon my soul.

For day and night, Your hand was heavy upon me.

We may find these endless days to be heavy upon our souls.

For day and night your hand was heavy upon me; my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer.

God's curse upon a man will pursue him wherever he goes, and lie heavy upon him whatever he does.

For day and night Your hand was heavy upon me; My vitality was turned into the drought of summer.

Despite the fact that both myself and the customer were in the wrong, guilt for the failed encounter laid heavy upon me.

When my Lord Fairfax ran into debt and that he grew heavy upon him, he went to see one of his schoolfellows, one Mr Walpole (a Norfolk gent.

When Bangladesh's openers went out to start their second innings knowing they were already 261 runs in deficit, that pressure must have been heavy upon them.

Gradually his head grew heavier upon her breast, until others in the room began to lament, and Aisha(ra) laid his head on a pillow and joined them in lamentation.

In 1% of cases heavy around is used

I guess I had the heavy around town variant.

Things have gotten a little heavy around here.

The fog hangs heavy around several other chapters as well.

Rainfall is often heavy around April/May and we do not operate safaris at this time.

Traffic was heavy around the vicinity, with even tourist buses pulling up by the roadside.

The air of repression remains heavy around the International Narcotics Control Board, whose chairman, Dr.

You can pull it off with a small holster and a small gun, but expect to look pretty heavy around the hips when you do it.

Make no error, video clip demos are Great issues, specifically if you are promoting some thing inherently heavy around the visuals.

Similar, yes, but heavier around the face, with thinner, greyer hair; and she was pretty sure Simon would never wear a tie like that.

In 2008, Rich Johnson, a brand-new mortgage hanging heavy around his neck, quit his employer of 10 years because he disagreed with its values.

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