Prepositions after "heal"

"heal from", "heal by" or "heal in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases heal from is used

I need to heal from being a healer.

Throughout he describes how this major problem has developed and how to heal from it.

I must write this so that you won't make the same mistake and for me to heal from it.

The strategy is to heal from within, while at the same time, resolve some uncomfortable symptoms.

Meet in groups with people from similar backgrounds, to heal from the emotional hurts of internalized oppression.

People can heal from misinformation they have internalized and help others in their cultural groups heal as well.

Lumps and bumps: Lumps that turn out to be abscesses need to be lanced and flushed in order to heal from the inside out.

Laughing, crying, trembling all help people heal from the hurts of oppression and reclaim their pride, humanity, and power.

Initially, the Centre offered Timorese children a place of stability and play, where they could heal from the trauma of war.

Clayton is continuing to heal from a broken thumb that required surgery and pins after a disastrous crash in Texas back in May.

In 15% of cases heal in is used

I know my heart will heal in this regard.

Jesus also preached and healed in Jerusalem.

Today many of My followers have power to heal in My name.

But I hung on, and after awhile, I began to really heal in my soul.

This is a test that can only be performed once the injury has healed in a couple of months perhaps.

I think that it is the price we all have to pay for living in a technological world, and probably we need to be healed in a different way.

But, it really all depends on you! People heal in different ways, only you know how you feel! I think if you are asking the question, then you are not yet ready to let go of the photos.

In 11% of cases heal by is used

But that rift has been healed by this generation of players.

I simply wanted to know if the old man in the wheelchair was permanently healed by God or if he temporarily thought that he was healed.

Morton Smith argues that Jesus fits easily into the contemporary pattern of miracle-working magicians, healing by ' casting out demons '.

The defect after removal of small or superficial lesions may be closed primarily and sutured, or left to heal by secondary intention (which results in a larger area of scarring).

In 9% of cases heal at is used

Additionally, if you deploy the berCharge but does not target an ally, you are only healed at the normal rate.

In the spawn or if the target was damaged less than 10 seconds ago, then they are healed at the normal rate of 24 health per second.

His initial belief in Jesus ' ability to heal grew into pure faith as he returned home to find his son alive and well - healed at the very hour Jesus had given the word.

In 7% of cases heal of is used

Six months later, this same mother wrote to tell me that she was healed of high blood pressure and no longer bleeding.

In 5% of cases heal with is used

That morning Martin had isolated a new strain of staphylococcus bacteria from the gluteal carbuncle of a patient in the Lower Manhattan Hospital, a carbuncle which was healing with unusual rapidity.

In 4% of cases heal without is used

He told us his left hip/leg was hurt in a previous accident he had and that it could not be healed without surgery.

In 4% of cases heal to is used

Get him down to about 50% health again; he will again become unattackable and move to the coffin room, then he will heal to full health and attack with two bat swarms.

In 2% of cases heal for is used

Recall that installing mustn't be healed for granted.

However, her brain is still recovering, and may continue to heal for years to come.

In 2% of cases heal through is used

You, My brother Melvin, have been given this power by Me and many have been healed through your prayers.

In 2% of cases heal as is used

You need to let the plug sites heal as well as the new insertion sites and potential new donor sites and this may take special post-operative care and extended down-time.

In 2% of cases heal according is used

You must bear in mind that you should heal according to the current situation.

If the guys are of the same health, heal according to the priority list or situation.

In 1% of cases heal before is used

Those with jobs which require heavy lifting or any strain on the chest may need a longer recovery time so that the chest is more fully healed before starting work.

In 1% of cases heal on is used

Many people declare they have healed on their own associated with acne breakouts utilizing an acne breakouts home cure, plus some individuals state it doesn ' capital t work with all of them.

In 1% of cases heal within is used

There are a variety of mouth ulcers, the most common kind are apthous ulcers which usually heal within 7-14 days.

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