Prepositions after "harmful"

harmful to, for, in, by or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases harmful to is used

Tea, as it is, is harmful to health.

It is, IMHO, harmful to the ' cause '.

Why It is Harmful to Overuse Antibiotics.

Fact: This is absolutely funny advice and is harmful to the patients in the long run.

It's an admission that the violent games like the above you list are HARMFUL to kids.

Passing laws to regulate zoos and wildlife exhibits is not harmful to the zoo industry.

It seems they are contaminated by different chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment they end up in.

He should not sleep on his face and abdomen because it is the sleep of the Satan and is harmful to the self and body.

Activities that are dangerous, harmful to the health or that may affect the morals of minors fall into this category.

In 14% of cases harmful for is used

It harmful for the other people.

Thats soooo harmful for your body.

It is also harmful for a person? s health.

What's important here is that they are harmful for us and for the planet as a whole.

Well sometimes few people buy big sugary soda that's really harmful for their health.

A constant fanaticism to be in power might churn out to be harmful for an individual.

Experiencing Cho Aniki is cheaper than getting drunk, but it may be more harmful for your long term mental health.

Regular application of this is against the principles of agile as well as harmful for the velocity of the project.

Environmentalists are opposing the proposed plant claiming it will be harmful for the Sundarbans and local ecology.

Stone pelting is harmful for the local people as well - our stone pelting Kashmiri brothers should stop doing this.

In 5% of cases harmful in is used

It is much less harmful in your credit.

Slander and gossip are very harmful in society.

Many people see nothing harmful in these things.

Shampoo, toothpaste, and soap are made of chemicals and they are harmful in long term.

Even acts which are harmful in any way to others should be avoided on an Uposatha day.

Using spammy techniques to fulfill short term goals is always harmful in the long run.

Go ahead and swallow the baking soda, it has an alkaline affect on the body and not at all harmful in small amounts.

There is nothing harmful in doing this and most products today have eliminated the problems of yesterday's products.

The conflict between the harmonising of the body in asana and the mental disturbance will be harmful in the long run.

In 1% of cases harmful by is used

If this is a 6-7 year deal, it won't be *that* harmful by 2020.

These bacteria are usually killed by heat or made less harmful by cold.

The danger While dog meat is not harmful by itself and indeed is a delicacy in some cultures, Dr.

Erp information market as it is harmful by its user that it focuses in using tools of the using step.

But these opportunistic viruses remain harmful by nature and continue to cause diseases for the host.

Food allergies are an immune system response to certain foods that are believed to be harmful by the body.

There is real life evidence it is not! As for Notgonnasay it points out that second hand smoke is not harmful by example.

Nothing wrong with it either but too many let it become harmful by refusing to see the bigger pic beyond their own borders.

Note that the MSDS safely information for the compound warns that the solid is harmful by inhalation, ingestion and skin absorption.

Geopathic stress GS is caused by the Earth's natural radiation being made harmful by underground streams, certain minerals, faults etc.

In 1% of cases harmful of is used

One the other side of the coin, I guess the argument concern harmful of foreign aid is still valid.

The man upon pondering decided to consume the alcohol, taking it to be least harmful of the three sins.

And the greatest and most harmful of all human shortcomings are his ignorance (of one's faults) and transgression.

This is one of the most pervasive and harmful of all radfem attacks on our community and is constantly used to exclude us.

Eventually, pot was classified among the most harmful of drugs, meaning it had no usefulness and a high potential for addiction.

In such cases it would be better -- or at times obligatory -- to remain silent, so as to choose the less harmful of two matters.

The most harmful of the gases and agents that are emitted are particulate matter, carbon dioxide, polycyclic organic matter, and formaldehyde.

Next, we'll need to constantly dispel the myths surrounding these diseases, the most harmful of which is their inevitability and our impotence.

That's where you are most powerful, that's where your compass and radar are, and that's where you truly sense is the outer vibration harmful of not.

This case might be one of the less harmful of examples but the rudeness of some of these interviewers is worthy of a punch in the face half the time.

In 1% of cases harmful on is used

Tobacco is harmful on two counts.

But its definitely not a bad or harmful on at all.

The gas developed from tablets is harmful on lungs.

There are some for women that are vitamin e and aloe only so there is nothing harmful on them.

FT: Belief in god is harmful on many different levels, even if it were to inspire technological immortality.

Even if there is a case for the fact that GMOs are harmful on a long-term scale, questioning results waters them down.

There is nothing wrong with weed, its a plant and there is no facts that can tell you that it is harmful on your body or brain.

Some back ground that will not be harmful on the contrary, but will be a huge advantage for me as a contestant in the next pageant.

Yet, the fact remains that, given Bangladesh's deltaic conditions and the future trends mentioned above, embankments are harmful on four counts.

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